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[GS] Exploring the Power mechanic (for mods)

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by rattatatouille, Dec 22, 2018.

  1. rattatatouille

    rattatatouille Warlord

    Jan 26, 2018
    One of Gathering Storm's new mechanics is the Power mechanic, wherein a Power Plant grants Power to each city within its radius. Powered buildings have their yields increased (e.g. a Research Lab grants 3 Science when unpowered, but 8 (!) Science when powered).

    Aside from that, Power ties into the resource consumption mechanic introduced in Gathering Storm. Powering X cities requires a certain amount of fuel (Coal/Oil/Uranium) or renewable energy sources.

    As far as modding goes, I'm thinking of tying this into my District Overhaul mod. In that mod, Tier 2 buildings generally give per-pop bonuses while Tier 3 buildings give per-district bonuses.

    In R&F, for instance, the Research Lab provides +2 Science per district built in its city (in addition to a base yield of 3 Science). In Gathering Storm, I am thinking of either lowering the unpowered bonus to +1 Science per district built and getting a further +2 Science per district when powered, or keeping it as it is and still getting +2 Science per district, for a total of +3 and +4 powered bonus respectively.

    Other possibilities, assuming that the Powered state is a modifier which we can check for are the following:

    Land units produced in a city with a powered Military Academy receive a free promotion. Similarly for naval units with a Seaport and air units with an airport.
    Spaceports must be powered in order to work, adding another factor for the science victory.
    Powered Broadcast Centers increase their city's Tourism output (by 50%?)
    Powered Stock Exchanges increase the yield of trade routes originating and ending in their city.
    Powered Temples/Religious Buildings increase their religious pressure and/or receive a discount on religious units.
    Powered Stadiums provide additional amenities.
    Powered Neighborhoods provide additional housing.

    Overall the Power mechanic has a lot of potential in my point of view.

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