F18 Hornet with Bomb Animation (15-4-2006)

William GBTW

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Jan 4, 2006
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The F18 Hornet! I don't know who originally made these
It didn't include a bomb animation so I added on; this is part of my project of adding bomb drop animations to all fighters/bombers. Credit goes to whoever made this unit and the bomb animation was made by Firaxis; all I did was put together this lovely readme, edit the .ini and add the bombing animation. The .GIF preview is slow at the hand because I'm not good at doing FLIC to GIF. I'm just showing the bomb animation. I found this in my ACW deluxe; BeBro made it (without bombdrops). Updated readme.txt


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BeBro made the Hornet. This is the bomb animation of the regular jet fighter and the F-15.
Btw, you can just use the regular Bombing animation by putting this line in the ini: VICTORY=..\Jet Fighter\JetFighterBomb.flc
In this way, you would save disk space and your time. ;)
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