FA: Foreign Demands Policy


Sep 14, 2001
Wellington New Zealand
Somtimes our silly neighbours like to send us ultimatiums. What should we do about them? Discuss, if we come to a agreement no need to poll.

I say we give into them. But i think setting a mark of where to stop like "no more than 1 tech". We don't need early wars, and if we do, we should choose the time so we are military ready. I always look at it like this "if another team offered us what they demand would we declare war on them."
Give in to demands to our the 2 or 3 closest rivals, but anyone beyond that should be far away enough to not be a threat, so we shouldn't give those guys anything.
I proposed the entire discussion about the AI Foreign Policy problems such as border violation and tributes on a single thread, but I will talk about it separately here.

I agree with greekguy at this point. If a rival on the other side of the globe demands us tribute, we won't give him anything but insults. But we are trying to avoid an early serious war, so we should develop good relations with our closest neighbors and forget about the others until a later stage in the game, when we would certainly have conquered all of our original neighbors. With a wise Foreign Policy, we can avoid several unecessary and expensive wars.
Demands must be met. Unfortunately. If they have the resources and they are next to us we have to give in. Nothing like seeing some German swordsmen chewing away our archers is there? But if they are ar away we might reconsider. It will give us time to prepare but we also have to be wary as they might have embassies with the nations closer to us.
Nobody said:
we are not conquering the world, this is a 5 city game

Well, saying "conquering", I meant destroying them.

It seems that Nobody never understands me :) .
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