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Faction: The New California Republic

Discussion in 'Civ4 Fallout: Tame The Waste (FTTW)' started by Lib.Spi't, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. Lib.Spi't

    Lib.Spi't Overlord of the Wasteland

    Feb 12, 2009
    Discuss NCR



    Security (Culture)
    National Organisation
    Ranger Security Forces
    Population Growth/Immigration
    Strong High End Economy
    Ranged Combat

    Slavery (Strong Anti-Slave Ideology)
    Expensive DOps
    Expensive Economy/City Manintenance
    Slow Economic Development
    Melee Combat

    Unique Qualities:
    Democracy, Liberty, The Rule of Law
    'The Gold Standard'
    'The Rebirth of Wage Labour'
    'Inclusive Tolerance'
    Slavery Outlawed
    Stockmen's Association (Brahmin Barons)
    The Republican Farmer's Committee (Agri-Barons)
    'The Agrarian Limitation Laws' (Anti-Cartel Regulations)
    'Cottage Industries' (Luxury Products For the Wealthy)
    The New California Republic Army and Rangers
    Crimson Caravan Company, The Far Go Traders and The Gun Runners. (Ordinance Industries)
    The Congress
    The Judicial Branch
    Citizenship Training
    Republic Annexation, Territorial Status, Statehood.
    A Ban on Slavery, Gambling, and Prostitution
    A Ban on Open Carry of Weapons (although concealed carry is permitted)
    A Ban on Public Drunkenness or Drug Use
    Shady, Los Angeles, Hub, Maxson, Dayglow (5 States)
    Marshals and Police (Security)
    The New California Republic Rangers
    Followers of the Apocalypse
    The Office of Science and Industry
    Ranger Stations (Foxtrot)
    NCR Troopers
    1st Reconnaissance Battalion (1st Recon) Sniper/Skirmishers.
    Heavy Infantry Units (Scavenged Power Armour)
    Medical Corps
    Logistics Corps
    Field Preparations Division (Engineers)
    NCR Military Police
    Truck Repair Depot
    Sattelite Communications

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