Faerun Scenario Problem


Apr 27, 2012
Island of Cebu
Had installed and played Faerun Scenario V.5 and all was great. Had to reinstall due to another problem and Faerun V.6 was available so downloaded and installed. But now it doesn't give me any options of choosing who I want to play as a Civ or what difficulty level I want. (See pic included of screen.) Have reinstalled both Civ 5 Version and the scenario several times but same results. All other scenarios and Mods work great. And if you click on Start Game the game works perfectly and no problems at all. Just can't choose difficulty or who I want to play as a Civ like I did in Version 5. Is this happening to others here or is it just me? Would appreciate any help coz I love this scenario. Have played it 3 times but want to be able to choose options. Thanks for any help.

btw I am running Windows 7 with 3.3 Ghz processor with 8 gigs of Ram. Civ 5 runs great even on Huge scenarios and maps.
Wrong forum, you should post in the section for mods. The likely cause is that your version is too far out of date though. Which leaves you with the option of buying the game or finding a more recent update somewhere else.
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