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Failed Trader [IMPLEMENTED]


Civ4Col Modder
Jan 24, 2011
Stuttgart, Germany
Hi guys,

we have a "Failed Missionary" feature but for some reason we do not have a "Failed Trader" feature. :hmm:
When thinking about that, it is actually a bit inconsistent ... :think:

Would you like to create a "Failed Trader" Unit?
(Maybe a rundown shabby version of the current Expert Trader.)

I can then easily implement a feature from it with little effort, more or reusing almost 1:1 "Failed Missionary" code.
Balancing of the Unit in XML will be different of course ... but the general concept idea is mostly the same.

Basically instead of completely losing the Unit when it fails to establish a Trade Post,
you will at least get a weak Unit that you can later on train again or use for something else.

Maybe we can then even attach a Python Event to that Unit. :dunno:
(If somebody comes up with an interesting small story that may fit into an event.)


Other ideas?
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What about the possibility that the trader/missionary "got sick and died" or "Negotiation was not successfull and he was killed by leader's son", similar to the scout being attacked by natives at treasure spot? :)
However, I'm not sure if we need that.
Currently he is completely dead if he fails to establish the Trade Post.
I would like to have a less severe outcome when he fails - just like we did for Missionaries.

Maybe the event could be changed a little bit so that the trader can be used again after some turns?
Really hard to code compared to what I suggest above.
Also what I suggest above is already a less severe outcome as now.
Failing should stil have consequence.
the appearance of a disappointed merchant, on the one hand, looks logical. if it doesn't happen often.
on the other hand, what will he specialize in while working in the colony? a disillusioned missionary makes good crosses. but the merchant?
the appearance of a disappointed merchant, on the one hand, looks logical. if it doesn't happen often.
Again, it is just supposed to happen when the Expert Trader is failing to establish a "Trade Post".
Currently in such a case the game logic would simply delete the Unit.

he specialize in while working in the colony?
Nothing special, he is just working like the "Failed Missionary".
(Maybe a small bonus in some of the Yields, but we can see.)

--> He may become an Expert again by LbD
--> He may become an Expert again by Education


The rest is small balancing we can do once implemented.
I did not try to come up with all the details before I start to implement.
Failed Missionary has a bonus to crosses. what bonus will the merchant have?
I do not know yet and will decide once I actually implement. :)
(But maybe something like "Artisan Equipment" and "Field Worker Tools".)

Balancing is normally a very small issue to solve.
It will most likely be changed anyways after alpha testing.
Don't know if that would be possible or too much effort, but maybe there is a way to have him produce trade goods somewhere to restart his business. Then once he produces enough (by himself, not buying the goods in Europe) he could go back out and try again
Thinking about it, what I just proposed actually sounds pretty boring...

What do you think about this guy? Would that graphic fit?

Ok, I have implemented the new unit. However, it was obviously long time ago that I implemented a new unit for WTP. I'm very confused about the Text files. Which one would I need to use? The ones with UTF in the middle UTF or at the end?

Furthermore it might confuse player who want to get the newest version from GIT if there is a unit with no function. I have therefore only implemented the ART_DEF_UNIT.xml entry.
I have implemented the Failed Native Trader in XML in my lunch break.
The DLL logic for the feature is cucrrently still missing - will do it with the next commit once I am done.

@Mr. ZorG
Russian texts still have to be written.
I did just English and German.

I can see that the failed trader would gain +1 to study, just as the failed missionary. Got me thinking, I dont think I can place my failed missionary in a school. Am I missing something? In any case, I will have to double check once I am able to play some more.

I regards to what the failed trader can do, would it be totally off have him gain +1 on yields from the market? I think it fits thematicly, perhaps more so than health and law yield.
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