Falamar + New mod civs don't attack!


Jul 29, 2020
So i was wondering if anyone knew what could be the issue, I have made several new modded civs into the game (about 10 civs and maybe 20-30 leaders) and when balance testing have noticed a issue:

Sometimes the civ will build a huge army but never leave their own borders, this isn't consistent with the new civs, some do and some don't despite most being copy + paste of the older civs with just changes to leader personalities, buildings, units ect.
I noticed in some games (seems pretty random when is happens) that this equally happens to Falamar in the Lanun, he will build armies but never leave his borders. It isn't every game, just weird.

Anyone know what causes this? I imagine its probably some value in the XML which doesn't align or agree with another value (I had a issue where civs would switch constantly between two religions none stop, which needed weight on preference massively moving).

Note: The issues sometimes show with Falamar in the vanilla FFH mod (could be others too?) but again, it's pretty random per game.

EDIT: I noticed a few lines in the XML

I would assume this associates possibly with the cause though comparing all my civs and Falamars, these values seems to universally follow a base value of 100 which seems to align with most/all other leaders.

EDIT2 - seems any extra leader added will just patrol their own borders.
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