Fall From heaven 2: How do i re-enable espionage


Jun 27, 2018
Hello Civfanatics!
So I have been messing around with the Fall from heaven 2 game files in my free time throughout the year. After fighting off the warmongering Elohim so many times, Ive become obsessed with raining artillery shells upon their cities. My goal is to re-add the industrial to modern eras, along with many BTS mechanics to Fall from heaven 2. While i have put back in a few units and techs (riflemen, grenadiers printing press etc....) I currently, however, i do not even know where to start regarding the espionage system. My question is, how do I re-add the BTS espionage system into FFH2?

Thank you in advance!
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i know this is fkcking old but i have no clue dude, did you do it? how? sorry for the necro
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