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Nov 22, 2005

Fall Further Version 051 for Fall from Heaven 2

The purpose of this Modmod was initially to add additional, distinct civilizations to Fall from Heaven 2, whilst maintaining balance, variety and flavour. Each civilization has a distinct playstyle, some unique artwork, flavourful civilopedia entries and a few tricks up their sleeves. Since Version 030, some interface and other feature additions have also been included. This trend will continue as other modders release mod-components into the community.

1. Install Fall Further using the Setup Program linked below.
2. Install any relevant patches linked below (the most recent will contain all previous patches)

Installation is now independent from Fall from Heaven 2. It does not require a specific version or patch, or even for FfH2 to be installed at all.

Main Download Here - Version 051
Patch C

DLL Source - for modders
For the DLL source and detail of changes, see this thread.
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Nov 22, 2005
Current Version Changelog

Version 051

Fall Further Patch C (rev 673-729) - Breaks Save Games

New/Changed Features

  1. New Button Art for Orcish racial promotion
  2. Chislev Mounted units can now gain Orc Slaying
  3. Added "Obscured Line of Sight" mechanic. Archery units in a tile containing Forest, Ancient Forest, or Jungle, recieve no defensive bonus from it, and a penalty to ranged attacks/first strikes.Units with any of the following promotions are immune to this effect
    • Woodsman I
    • Woodsman II
    • Elven (Wood Elf)
    • Elven (Dark Elf)
    • Giantkin
    • Flying
    • Natural Habitat (see below)
  4. Wall Defender now gives +1 Ranged Strength, and +10% Ranged attack damage limit.
  5. Archery units can now gain Wall Defender if the city contains Summoned Walls of Stone, from the Earth I spell.
  6. Rogue (Austrin Scout UU) Gains +25% withdrawal chance
  7. Rogue, Explorer, Tracker, given Adventurer as free promo, to solve issues with the trait not quite working.
  8. Trackers can now carry a hawk
  9. Added CIV4GameText_Promotions.xml for promotion related text keys.
  10. Bhall will no longer spawn Gretchin (for now, might bring them back in future). They are only for the Clan of Embers now
  11. Skeletons get +20% vs Archery units
  12. Skeletons get Free Unit promotion
  13. Barbarian Goblin archers get no defensive bonuses
  14. Pyre zombie penalty vs archers reduced to 15% (from 40%)
  15. Building Glory Everlasting now lowers the armageddon counter significantly.
  16. All Tier IV Priests now have Medic III, and can cast Heal. Full list of units affected
    • Runekeeper
    • High Priest of Leaves
    • High Priest of Winter
    • Prior
    • Luridus
    • Profane
    • Speaker (the Overlords priest)
    • Doomgiver
  17. Maximum awakened spawns for Scions of Patria Increased
  18. Awakened spawn rate decay decreased. Will diminish slower.
  19. Softened difficulty modifiers for Awakened spawning.
  20. Added slightly new Doomsayer art. He has a new helmet-less head. Doomgiver is unchanged.
  21. Ira will now gradually lose strength over time if they're not killing things. They have a 33% chance per turn to lose 1 strength point.
  22. Merged in new FFH Art by seZereth:
    • Elohim Scout
    • Elohim Hunter
    • Elohim Adept
    • Elohim Mage
    • Elohim Axeman
    • Elohim Champion
    • Elohim Archer
    • Elohim Horseman
    • Elohim Chariot
    • Elohim Longbowman
    • Elohim Horsearcher
    • Balseraph Chariot
  23. Only living units can be poisoned now.
  24. "Which Leader?" text for Temple of the Gift, Imperial Cenotaph, Korinna, and the Risen Emperor.
  25. "In a Bright Land" story added for the leaders Risen Emperor and Korinna (Parts I and III), Awakened (Part II), and Cathedral of Rebirth (Part IV). (Korinna's former leader text moved to Martyrs of Patria.)
  26. Reborn discount number-of-buildings fix. (odalrick)
  27. New Scion World Spell: The Breach. (All python heavy-lifting by odalrick.)
  28. Added "Natural Habitat" promotion. Autoaquired/Mustmaintain by lizardmen in jungles. Gives:
    • +5% Heal rate
    • +1 first strike
    • +10% withdrawal chance
    • +55 workrate
    • Immune to Obscured Line of Sight
  29. Reduced Lizardman jungle combat bonuses slightly, to 20%
  30. Illian Temples of the Hand now give +2 :culture: and +1 :gold: as well as having a massive AI weight. Lose the +20% :culture:. This should ensure the AI builds them ASAP
  31. Added Trollkin racial promotion. Given to trolls instead of Giantkin. It has the same effects as giantkin, and trolls will still get the Giantkin age bonuses, plus:
    • Heals while moving
    • +10% heal rate
    • -75% fire resistance (trolls are massively weak to fire)
  32. Removed troll "Regeneration" mechanic. This is now incorporated into their racial promotion.
  33. Dwarves can now learn Giant Slaying
  34. Changed button art for Stoneskin promotion, to match the Stoneskin spell
  35. Jotnar Commander now uses Vala art.
  36. Hippus Commander uses Magnadine art
  37. Reduced Workrate of Lizardman Labourer by 40, to partially offset Natural Habitat. Makes them more dependant on their home terrain
  38. Also added 25% withdrawal rate. Cowardly slaves will drop tools and run at the first sign of trouble.
  39. Boosted Orc Slaying combat bonus, from 20% to 30%
  40. Clan of Embers palace now gives Chaos mana instead of Nature mana.
  41. Warrens cost reduced to 100
  42. Warrens now only duplicates living units
  43. Warrens now gives "Undisciplined" promotion to any units duplicated with it
    • -20% strength
    • 20% miuscast chance
    • 10% less ranged damage cap
    • recieves 50% more collateral damage
    • 1% chance to become barbarian
    • 2% chance to wear off
    • Automatically removed when the unit reaches lv4
  44. Alchemy Lab and Meditation Hall(Khadi alchemy lab UB) cost reduced to 120
  45. Ogre given it's own unitclass, moved to iron working.
  46. Ogre Stats adjusted: 8/6, 1 move, +25% vs archery
  47. Ogre Warchief changed unitclass to immortal, and unitcombat to commander, moved to divine essence.
  48. Ogre warchief Stats changed as follows: 14/10 str, 1 move, Immortal
  49. Ogre Warchief pedia updated.
  50. Stoneskin ogre changed to Phalanx and Mythril working.
  51. Stoneskin ogre Stat changes:16str, +25% vs archery, 1 move.
  52. In addition, all ogres gain:
    • ranged strength 3, cap 50%
    • Collateral damage on attack: 20% strength, 80% limit, 4 targets.
    • City Bombard rate 5%
  53. Enhanced Pedia design by Xienwolf, Filter and Sort dropdown menus. Designed to be modder friendly so more filters/sorts can be easily added, not to include every filter/sort which any player may desire (as that would be HUNDREDS...). It includes the same screens as the previous pedia plus a few more (by way of filtering the main screen)
  54. New Beast of Agares art by WarKirby and seZereth


  1. Fixed OnUnitKilled python event not triggering when a unit dies. This fixes Angel/Manes spawning, the Soul Forge, and Mokka's Cauldron
  2. Fix for UnitInfos modular loading (Defense value and Asset/Power values)
  3. Stackable Promotions now remove properly
  4. Fixed fireballs increasing supply costs infinitely upon death.
  5. TXT_KEYs added/changed.
    • Full details 051 Patch Cycle post
    • 40.
    • Armored Cav tech
    • FUR_NO_DEAL Cualli diplo
    • Promotion help: Warden
    • Spell pedia: Stoneskin
    • Spell help: Charm Person
    • DoM text: Grigori, Malakim
    • Unit Strat: Anubite, Ogre Warchief
    • Fixed Archos Devour Mate TXT_KEY
  6. Take Root: Removed erroneous "Cause War" tag.
  7. Gretchin and Engineer Corps are now properly blocked from worker promotions
  8. Commanders authorised for hundreds of promotions and spell effects.
  9. Changed all references of getNumRealBuilding to getNumBuilding in CvEventManager.py. This fixes the Amurites' free spells from Wizard's Halls not working with Catacomb Libralus.
  10. Button art fixes:
    • Take Traveller's Cloak spell
    • Compelling Jewel promo
    • Use Potion of Restoration spell
    • Take/Use Healing Potion spells
    • Use Newt's Draught spell
    • Commander Defense promotions
    • Dural Tactician unit
    • Fixed Broken Art:
    • Fixed Hippus War Chariot art
    • Fixed Balseraph Galley art
    • Fixed Grigori horsearcher Art
    • Fixed battlemage art
  11. Added iPrereqGlobalCounter 70 to Bane Divine and Glory Everlasting. They will now actually require the armageddon counter to be 70 before they can be built.
  12. Fixed incorrect type and txt key for Commander Defense III, which made it unuseable.
  13. Fixed a minor bug in Kahdi elemental spawning
  14. Fixed the Civilopedia failing at Longbowman, or when capturing longbowmen, while playing as the Austrin. Longbowmen that the Austrin capture from enemies, will now have Recurve archer Graphics.
  15. Fix for Dural Courthouse UB - Great Hall may now be built.
  16. Tower Shield Event - Shock promotion changed to Cover.
  17. Barbarians can no longer trigger Foxford
  18. Added a few debug spells for modders. Several spells to control the AC within a game, and a spell to place every unit in existence, for art testing. To activate them, give yourself the Never tech through worldbuilder.
  19. The Peace Spell (corlindale and seven pines) now correctly halves the AC
  20. Malignant Flora can no longer end up in cities.
  21. Removed references to "Scions Sympathisers" in spellinterface
  22. Fixed a syntax error in RandomEventInterface
  23. Fixed Dural Schools of Cernunnos and Fallen One being unbuildable

Patch B: (Rev 656-673) -- Breaks Savegames
  1. Immortal units will stop fighting after being reborn instead of running across the world to get instantly killed their second time
  2. Fixed python error (maybe) for all python attempts to create a Treasure Chest with equipment in it (Scorched Staff and Lair Exploration mostly)
  3. Units now display if they have a damage cap right beside their strength (Ranged and normal)
  4. Cleric listed for Bannor to use, College of Theo and various Schools listed for Dural use
  5. Egrass can now build all 21 Manas
  6. Treasure Chests will not be deleted automatically when a hostile unit is standing on them
  7. You can now pick up the Dragon's Horde (building form) properly
  8. INSERT key no longer causes a CtD when pressed. Functionality changed to zoom to Capital city instead of just selecting the nearest city
  9. Loki can no longer Entertain nor Disrupt Barbarian Cities (they kinda don't care...)
  10. Austrin cannot found cities in the water
  11. Reagents, Deer, Marble, Pig, Gems and Incense are no longer flagged for normalizing start locations
  12. Brigit (Held) is no longer used, now the Ring of Carcer itself provides Brigit
  13. Fixed Art Define for Clan of Embers Archmage
  14. Command IV button now says IV instead of III
  15. Summons no longer allowed to have a Commander, Animals and Beasts authorized to though.

Features & Balance:
  1. Added Deadly Mishap mechanic to Wierd Wracked
    • Miscast chance and eventual damage to the unit
  2. Doomgivers rebalanced, along with Archon's Rule
  3. Commander Unitcombat added to some promotions where applicable. More probably still need doing
  4. Rust renamed to Corrode, no longer removes Mithril Weapons
  5. Units now display damage caps on Ranged and Normal damage if unable to kill
  6. Gretchin UU added for Clan of Embers. Very cheap but VERY slow worker
  7. Added Goblinoid Racial Promotion and applied it to various Goblins in the game
  8. New model for Ring of Carcer
  9. Mud Golems & Default and Elven Workers have Combat Animations now
  10. Losha Valas now uses a Shortsword animation instead of a Maceman animation
  11. Some Game Loading Hints updated to be appropriate to Fall Further (more to follow, including some removals)

Patch A (Rev 656)

  1. Button for Dancing Bear building is correctly linked now
  2. Join and Leave Commander spells are marked as Abilities
  3. Bannor can build Clerics
  4. Dural can build their unique Buildings, and College (Library Replacement) renamed to Hall of Tomes
  5. Number of buildings required for Altar/Tower victories properly display
  6. Kidnap is an Ability
  7. Icon used for Great General in GP Bar changed (from Globe (050) to Spy (051) to Defense symbol (after next patch))
  8. Fixed a screen-crash when Dural generate points toward a Tactician and any other Great Person at the same time in the city closest to a new Great Person birth
  9. Fixed an issue with StackEffect Command Promotions not properly updating on movement/joining/leaving/death
  10. BCoC Rank controlling Effect Promotions are now MustMaintain
  11. Broken Art:
    • Calabim Palace
    • Luchuirp Palace
    • Adularia Chamber
    • Dwarven Smithy
    • Necropolis
    • Shrine to Kylorin
    • Kylorin Cult
    • Wizard's Hall
    • Shrouded Woods
    • Amurite Archer unit
    • Malakim Archer unit
    • Seraph Unit
    • Gibbon Goetia Popup image
  12. Fix for CtD without error messages when any unit leaves Haunted Lands
  13. Removed the possibility of a General following one of his own Followers
  14. Now you REALLY cannot work plots outside of allowed city radius
  15. Improved output in OOS Logger, now tells you WHICH tiles are being worked by each city
  16. Join/Leave Commander can be used even if you have cast another spell. Only restricted from joining/leaving if you have finished all of your attacks for the turn.
  17. Couple of GameText typo's fixed
New Features
  1. Included "MountainCoast" and "PerfectWorld2" map scripts
  2. Elohim now get Verdandi (doviello phalanx UU) As Phalanx UU.
  3. Khazad and Luchuirp now share the same palace art

Release (Rev 633)
1 Modular Loading updated - modules are now able to do a lot more (see ModModders thread for details)
2 Improved Gamefont layout - many more available slots for resources, religions and guilds
3 Scrolling civic screen - less limiting regarding number of civics/categories
4 Enabled CombatXP vs Civilized players to generate Great Commanders
5 Great Commanders now have a choice between creating a Command Post or Recruiting troops - neither will kill the commander
6 Great Commanders are now able to lead other units (initially 3) and provide promotions to all their followers in range
7 Great Commanders gain XP when their followers do. Less gain if the follower is a much higher/lower level than the commander
8 Added "Command Limit I and II" promotions - allows commander to control additional units
9 Added "Command Range I and II" promotions - increases the range at which commanders apply their promotions to followers
10 Added "Commander Defense I and II" promotions - increases defensive strength of commander
11 Added "Great Leader" - increases the rate at which followers gain XP by 50%
12 Added "Field Medic I and II" - increases the rate followers heal at (I) and allows followers to heal whilst moving (II)
13 Added "Battle Command I, II and III" - increases the strength of followers and unlocks several other promotions
14 Added "Battlefield Tactics" - provides free Tactics promotions to followers
15 Added "Tactical Knowledge - Battleline" - allows Melee followers to adopt Battleline formation (bonus vs Melee)
16 Added "Tactical Knowledge - Block" - allows Melee followers to adopt Block formation (bonus vs Mounted)
17 Added "Tactical Knowledge - Loose" - allows Melee followers to adopt Loose formation (bonus vs Archer)
18 Added "Artillery Master" and "Siege Tactics" - improves effectiveness of Siege unit followers
19 Added "Garrison Commander" and "Archery Commander" - improves effectiveness of Archer unit followers
20 Added "Scouting I, II and II" - allows Recon units additional line of sight (I), improved movement (II) and ability to see invisible units (III)
21 Added "Religious Leader" - improves strength of Disciple followers
22 Added "Arcane Mentor" - significantly improves rate at which Adept followers gain passive XP
23 Added "Captain" Bannor UU for Commander - starts with Leadership and Battle Command I, can gain higher level of Commander Defense than other civs
24 Donal Lugh now can command 3 units, granting Battle Command 1 (+% strength) and Leadership (faster XP), with a command range of 1 (cannot gain further commander promotions)
25 Added "Warchief" Chislev UU for Commander - stronger than other commanders and can attack, starts "Tactical Knowledge - Battleline" and has a greater Base/Max limit to number of followers
26 Added "Tactician" Dural UU for Commander - starts with Command Limit I, Command Range I, Battlefield Tactics
27 Improved display of Unique Units/Buildings in Civ-screen of pedia
28 Added Blighted Forest - early game units who approach too closely will be forced away (can be overcome with Iron Working tech OR Mines of Gal Dur wonder)
29 Blighted forests tend to have more animals that other forests
30 Added Diakonos - tricksy blighted fawns who confuse all who approach (nearby units may become blind and wander for a short time)
31 Added "Dark Forests" game option - enables the Blighted Forest and Diakonos (one will be present at random) - considered a challenge mode.
32 Number of Scion Reborn units created when capturing/razing cities reduced.
33 Scion Haunted Lands will spontaneously appear, based on the number of relevant units owned and the type of terrain
34 Haunted Lands Concept pedia entry updated to reflect above
35 Arawn's Dust can now destroy camps
36 Fed creepers do not cause war when "taking root"
37 Martyr's of Patria are now free units
38 Rooted Creepers stats boosted
39 Scions spawing/training improved in OCC games
40 Blocked an exploit involving Korinna in Hauntform and blitz
41 Scion palace War Weariness increased to 35 from 25
42 Scion Building Graphics updated
43 Vacant Mausoleum and Imperial Centaph now properly blocked from Risen Emperor
44 Temple of the Gift now properly blocked from Korinna
45 Assigned Field of the Horselords to Hippus correctly
46 Assigned Shrouded Woods to Svartalfar correctly
47 Mother's "Devour Mate" icon and pedia fixed
48 Dunespeak no longer provides free maintenance
49 Bedouin village removed
50 Malakim flood plains don't provide a hammer
51 Malakim desert no longer provides a bonus commerce
52 Infirmary removed Diseased
53 Cualli Priests of Agruonn and Shadow Priests of Agruonn gain Medic 2
54 Miquiztli loses "Chosen of Aeron"
55 Prereq for Master Outfitter moved to Hunter's Hall instead of Hunting Lodge
56 Additional pedia explanation for each Master-building
57 Chaos and Fire Mana add +50% each to production of Pax Diabolis
58 Gnoslings now gain strength when certain types of mana are controlled - only one point for the first of each relevant type (one shot affinity)
59 Khazad gain +1 commerce from mines
60 Scorch now correctly affects swamp again
61 Go for the eyes!
62 Undead units are less resistant to Unholy and less vulnerable to Holy damage types
63 Ranged attacks are not allowed against targets you won't damage
64 AI won't try to heal within range of a ranged attacker
65 Barbarians of different Civs won't share a tile anymore
66 Werewolf Promotion now controls generation of new werewolves,
67 Werewolf is now a promotion state, not a unit (except for lair results). Werewolf units retain original appearance.
68 Added "Inspiring Statue" - Dural UB Monument
69 Added "College" - Dural UB Library
70 Added "Fayre" - Dural UB Market
71 Added "Exposition" - Dural UB Carnival
72 Added "Great Hall" - Dural UB Courthouse
73 Added "Council" - Dural UB Elder Council
74 Added "Apothecary" - Dural UB Herbalist
75 Added "College of Theology" - Dural only, allows construction of several additional "schools", based on religions present in city
76 Tech Trading available at Writing
77 Improved AI teching, especially with regard to accessing later game heroes
78 Improved AI construction choices
79 Improved AI awareness of economy
80 Increased palace commerce from +8 to +12 (helps non-REXing civs such as the Khazad to stay competitive early game)
81 Ranged combat now provides diminishing returns (good XP at low level, reduced somewhat every 5XP after that)
82 Twincast is available to all Adept units of Level 10 or greater
83 Duin gains Cannibalize
84 Diseased Corpses and Moroi never obsolete
85 Lizard work rates increased (still slow, but not as slow as they were)
86 Three Stooges correctly gain Giantkin
87 Strength of Force Bolt spell increased 50%
88 AI now more likely to build workers and is smarter about using them
89 Added "Caste System" process - allows you to create Culture, Research and Wealth, each equal to 50% of your production (requires Caste System civic)
90 Added "Wealth (Improved)" process - requires Taxation, converts Production to Wealth at 100% rate
91 Added "Research (Improved)" process - requires Academy in city, converts Production to Research at 100% rate
92 Added "Culture (Improved)" process - requires Liberty Civic, converts Production to Culture at 100% rate
93 Dropped items are now held in treasure chests (first step toward the AI being smart about equipment and an extension of the current system)
94 Austrin gain CivTrait "Wanderer" - all recon units gain "Adventurer" promotion
95 Austrin Recurve archer gains "Ignore Terrain Cost" and "Woodsman II"
96 Jotnar "Traditions" civic NumCitiesMaintenance significantly reduced (more rebalancing to come based on work in FF+)
97 Highlander UU for Austrin added (Axeman)
98 Dwarven Defender UU for Khazad added (Champion) - has Heavy promotion and can learn City Garrison
99 Wizards Hall UB is now buildable correctly
100 Fixed Soldiers of Kilmorph artwork
101 Pegasus riders now Receive No Defenseive Bonus
102 Pegasus units are now Flying whilst unmounted as well as after mounting
103 Guerilla I now 20% Hills Attack, 30% Hills Defense
104 Guerilla II now 25% Hills Attack, 30% Hills Defense, Double Move in Hills
105 Fixed Amurite UU Archmage
106 Fixed Govannon's Teach ability with Creation/Force/Dimensional spheres
107 Fixed Jotnar Arcane units not being able to build Creation/Force/Dimensional nodes
108 Many German translations added (thanks to Lac)
109 Quack quack!
110 Centaur Charger and Centaur Guard now receive defensive bonuses
111 Insane/Trait changes work properly
112 Boar Riders are now 2 move, 4 strength, +25% vs Melee and Archery
113 AllowPromotion/DenyPromotion entries in UnitInfo's fixed (for modmodders - no in game effect)
114 Chislev Immortal model optimized (was a little ungainly)
115 Improved Alazkan Pedia/Popup text (thanks to Killerclowns)
116 Scion Workers are now Engineer Corpse (no aptitude, no free XP, +25% base workrate)
117 Workboats are now correctly used by the AI
118 Fixed Orcish Berserker Art
119 New Orcish Champion art added
120 Rantine temporarily borrows the (fairly rare) Orc Paladin art
121 Removed redundant "Continue" entry on Esus constellation event
122 New artwork for Griffon
123 New artwork for Austrin Champion
124 New artwork for Austrin Recurve Archer
125 New artwork for Pegasus and Pegasus riding units
126 Infernal warriors are now "Warrior Manes" instead of Skeletons
127 New artwork for Cualli Assassin
128 New artwork for Mercurian Seraph
129 Fixed "Multiple Blights in one Game" issue
130 AI Worker construction improved, they should keep more workers on hand.
131 Great Commander GPP producing buildings now generally increase Great Commander emergence rate instead
132 Basilica produces Great Prophet points instead of Great Commander
133 National Epic still produces +1GPP, but is now untyped
134 Lumbermills can now be built in Ancient Forests
135 Commander promotions have their own pedia section
136 Baron Duin Halfnorn now has some command limit
137 Baron gets Pack Alpha promotion. Keeps werewolves following him under control
138 Springing a desert with a Bedouin Sit/Camp/Gathering will replace the improvement with a Cottage (disruption to their way of life)
139 Message for Degrading promotions is now quicker and silent
140 Added a ton of new button images for the various comander promotions
141 XP required to level up is now capped at 25. This means that beyond lv13, xp required to level up no longer increases. So reaching higher levels will be easier.
142 Prereq NOT Minion and Python Help fields added to spell infos and put to immediate work with the Join Commander spell.
143 Arawn's Dust has delayed effect. Creeper visible and may be attacked as Hidden Nationality unit during delay.
144 New mechanism for spawning units from Goblin Forts, now they can spawn any of the Scorpion Clan unit types.
145 Improvment Spawn Limitations are now controlled only by ImprovementInfos.xml, number of such units in the area is no longer considered at all.
146 Added Bannor Only spell for converting a level 10 unit into a Captain. (Called Advancement)
147 Dwarven Slinger can now upgrade to Arquebus
148 Made Margalard/Gurid/Leviathan appear in all games with high probability.
149 Crusader art now has Shield of Junil emblazoned on shield/clothing, insead of christian cross.
150 Compatible with BtS 3.19.
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Nov 22, 2005
Version 050

Patch N (will break save games)
1. Fixes prereq problem that could cause non-Jotnar units to become Giantkin.
2. Fixes Recon-Mission related CtD (had to revert some changes to ranged unit AI - hopefully the next version will have them acting smartly again)
3. Malakim Oasis bonus set to +1 (as intended, had merged Malakim+'s bonus of +2 over the original change)
4. Desert Stealth spells added for Dervish (allows unit to become invisible in Desert only)
5. Bedouins can build roads properly.
6. Feral TXT_KEY added.


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Nov 22, 2005
(Reserved for when the changelog gets stupidly long again)


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Nov 22, 2005
Patch O - Download
1. Resolved issue with Feats/Options
2. Functionality of Nox Nocts/Chosen of Esus invisibility reworked - you may now choose to become visible at will whilst under the effect.
3. Ship crew mechanic switched to use Exclusive Promotions mechanic
4. Weapon Tier mechanic switched to use Exclusive Promotions mechanic
5. XP cap "removed" for fighting animals of other civilizations (100 XP cap still applies for barbarian animals)
6. "All Unique Features" game option added
7. Mana-Surge "Anti-ritual" ritual added
8. Default barbarian first-spawn time based on number of cities (as with base FfH)
9. "Barbarian World" game option ignores the number of player cities when spawning barbarians (Raging + Barbarian World is nasty)


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Nov 22, 2005
Contrary to the rumours - Patch N never existed. Honest. Nothing to see here, move along please, <jedi mind trick>these aren't the patches you're looking for</jedi mind trick> - oh, and help yourself to Patch O on the way out.

(The download labeled as Patch N was "lacking")


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Nov 22, 2005
[to_xp]Gekko;7316305 said:
I started a game with patch N, is patch O savegame compatible ? :D

Should be - it just fixes cosmetic issues in any case...


I mean... "IMPOSSIBLE! There is no Patch N and there never was!"


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Nov 22, 2005
What was wrong with patch N?

Apart from its non-existence?

Couple of changed files weren't included by the automated script I use to pull out/bundle patches. Needed to tweak the script to take them into account. As there had already been 44 unique IPs downloading the N patch, I altered the letter to avoid confusion between "Partial N" and "Full N"


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Dec 8, 2001
God kills a puppy every day we go without a new version of FF.... Save the puppies! Release a new version! :goodjob:

What does God do to people who, unprovoked, bump the download thread and get other people's hopes up, hmm?


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Nov 22, 2005
What does God do to people who, unprovoked, bump the download thread and get other people's hopes up, hmm?

Heh - and there was me thinking that people were posting in here because I sneakily updated the changelog earlier to include the current checked in changes...


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May 23, 2008
Crestview FL
What does God do to people who, unprovoked, bump the download thread and get other people's hopes up, hmm?

Most likely something horrible... I'm waiting for the plague to strike lol.

Edit: Woot! Been waiting for a changelog... Like the new +health buildings. :D


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Dec 8, 2001
Heh - and there was me thinking that people were posting in here because I sneakily updated the changelog earlier to include the current checked in changes...

Too sneaky.

Nice list! Glad you took some good stuff from MaxAstro. Skirmisher for J. Throwers is a good call - hadn't occurred to me at all.

I think "Sewers" a particularly good addition. I like encouraging differentiation/specialization between cities.


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May 23, 2008
Crestview FL
Too sneaky.

Nice list! Glad you took some good stuff from MaxAstro. Skirmisher for J. Throwers is a good call - hadn't occurred to me at all.

I think "Sewers" a particularly good addition. I like encouraging differentiation/specialization between cities.

Agreed, especially seeing as the City of Slums was changed to add unhealth.


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Dec 16, 2005
Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
awesome! although I'm not really sure what you mean by "old FF style exploration" and "Kael style exploration" tbh :D

it's nice to know that ice mana is still buildable btw ;)


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Nov 22, 2005
[to_xp]Gekko;7419995 said:
awesome! although I'm not really sure what you mean by "old FF style exploration" and "Kael style exploration" tbh :D

it's nice to know that ice mana is still buildable btw ;)

Basically the "FF Style" is the one that FF has always had - with our magic items, monsters and other random results.

"Kael Style" is what is in 034 - which may be better than what we had, or not, or just different. There's no problem with running the two systems alongside each other for the moment - and it actually gives us a wider range of results depending on which lairs you explore. They'll probably be reworked and unified at some point in 043 (sounds like good material for a patch of its own), but this way is quick and gives us chance to see which parts of each should be kept in the reworked system.
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