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Fall Further Plus

Discussion in 'Rise from Erebus Modmod' started by Valkrionn, May 4, 2009.

  1. Valkrionn

    Valkrionn The Hamster King

    May 23, 2008
    Crestview FL
    This mod contains my Malakim/DovielloPlus mods, Wild Mana, Minor Leaders, the Mechanos by Ahwaric and the Legion of D'tesh by Mailbox.

    Installation: Make sure you are running off of FfH 041, then install FF, FF patch N, FFPlus, and finally any FFPlus patch.

    1. Wasteland is no longer Hell Terrain, and is removed by Spring.
    2. Dwarven Commanders gain Ranged Attack as with normal commanders. The Khazad are all around better with forts. :lol:
    3. Undead promotion now blocks all disease.
    4. Hallowing of the Elohim fixed.
    5. Malakim Archer art fixed.
    6. Defender and Protective traits merged.
    7. Expert Miner renamed Veinhunter.
    8. Thanatos (leader) gains Agnostic.
    9. Thanatos (hero) gains Angel.

    Patch C:

    1. Fort Commanders
      • Forts, and all fort replacements/upgrades, can now be 'claimed'. This creates a Fort Commander, a unit that gains in power over time, and is able to spread your borders first to the fort itself, then to the ring of tiles immediately surrounding it, and then, for the Kuriotates and Khazad, the ring beyond that.
    2. Pioneer unit -
      • Kuriotates Only
      • 60 :hammers:
      • Can 'found' Castles, settling as a Fort Commander with Expanded Influence (first ring of culture).
    3. Adventurer Spawning tweaked again... Should be good now. 4 spawns in 120 turns on normal... Seems reasonable.
    4. Art Fixes -
      • Soldier of Kilmorph art reverted.
      • Warkirby's Austrin Champion brought in.
      • Warkirby's buttons brought in for the Siegesmith and Dwarven Mines.
      • Graveyards now visible.
    5. Blue Marble option removed... Kael removed the art, no point in keeping it.
    6. Hawks temporarily blocked, until I can get a new DLL.
    7. Civilizations put in Alphebetical Order in the Civ Select screen.
      • Only affects the Jotnar, Mechanos, and D'tesh.
    8. Minor Leader Changes -
      • Gimil gains Craftmaster
        • Grants Mobility 1 to all Golem units.
    9. Jotnar Changes -
      • Father Kasghenal loses Financial, gains Conqueror. Have fun being able to build units. :p
      • Uxol the Half-Breed loses Raiders, gains Treacherous. Treacherous now blocks Estranged... Trolls will never revolt.
      • New Leader: Hephaestus - Blacksmith/Minor.
        • Blacksmith - grants 1 :hammers: on tiles with 3 or more, and allows Worker/Melee/Adept/Disciple/Recon units access to all weapon promotions.
      • Barbarians gain Wild Trolls as hunter UUs, rather than Lizardmen. No longer quite as obvious who's attacking you.
    10. Mechanos Changes -
      • Factory yields changed. +15% :hammers:, +15% with Power, +5% with each Refined Mana.
      • Pillar of Creation requires Machinery, up from Construction.
      • Dirigible Fleet:
        • Queen of the Line UU
        • 4 :strength:
        • 5 :move:
        • 450 :hammers:
        • 10 Cargo
        • Can Explore Rival Territory
        • -25% vs Archery Units
        • Refined Mana Affinity
      • All Aircraft gain a -25% vs Archery modifier.
    11. The Legion of D'tesh Changes -
      • New Minor Hero: Thanatos -
        • Angel of Death artwork
        • 5 :strength:
        • 2 :move:
        • 80 :hammers:
        • Hunter stats
        • Starts with Battle-Hardened, as with Lucian.
      • The D'tesh now spread Wastelands, rather than Desert.
        • Still uses scorch, simply creates Wastelands rather than desert based on civ.
        • This will prevent your empire from suddenly becoming Burning Sands.
        • Wastelands are technically Hell Terrain, and increase the plot counter. D'tesh are able to scorch desert and all hell terrains down to Wastelands. This has the side effect of spreading hell out around D'teshi lands once the AC gets high enough... Which I'm fine with.
        • Can be removed with Sanctify, becomes Desert. Removes a 3x3 square of Wastelands... Which is why I'm fine with spreading hell terrain.
      • Gain the Crypt improvement, rather than the graveyard. Pillageable, and new art. Can be told apart from normal graveyards.
      • Now immune to the River of Blood spell.
      • Unique option for the Sickness event... Rather than lose population, you gain a Warrior.
      • The Arawn event now causes 3 turns of Anarchy.
      • New Worldspell: Death's Dominion -
        • Grants the 'Death's Dominion' promotion to all units.
          • 15 turn duration.
          • 100% chance to generate slaves from combat.
    Known Issues:

    • Power icon shows as the Ranged Strength icon... This will be fixed in the next FF release, so I didn't mess with it.

    Version 020 Changelog (minor changes may not be listed):

    • New Technology: Alchemy.
      • For now, this technology is required for the Silver Circle wonder. The Wandering Sage unit it allows is now the Alchemist, and is able to transmute metals into gold.
      • For the Mechanos(see below), this tech allows their Berserker UU and improves the yields of their Refinery improvement.
    • The Rise of the Mechanos!
      • A steam-punk civilization created for Orbis by Ahwaric, the Mechanos are blocked from all mana use, and instead gain a Refinery improvement to be built on Mana. The Refined Mana this grants is used by a UB to grant power to their buildings, and grants extra strength to all Siege Weapons.
      • They are a Siege-heavy civ as with the Khazad, but have gone a different route. Rather than refine their craftmanship, they have gone for bigger and faster. Their Siege machines do not have a city attack bonus, unlike all other siege units, but have a higher combat strength as a result, and are functional in the field as well as at Siege.
      • The majority of their units use guns/machinery of some kind. For example, their Berserker UU is the Grenadier, available at Alchemy.
      • The Mechanos possess 3 heroes: Feris, a longbow(wo)man, Lenora, a zeppelin-pilot Pirate, and Goliath, an end-game unit on par with Eurabatres and the other dragons. They are, however, blocked entirely from the Machinarum hero, Boris.
      • A few details:
        Spoiler Goliath :

        • Goliath:
          1. Melee Unit
          2. 300 Hammers
          3. Requires Alchemy and Mithril Working
          4. 28 :strength:
          5. 9 Ranged :strength:, 50% ranged damage limit
          6. 4 Movement
          7. 1 Range
          8. 2 First Strikes
          9. No Defense Bonus
          10. Ignores Terrain Movement Cost
          11. Starts with :
            • Hero
            • Magic Immune
            • Mechanical
              • Refined Mana Affinity
            • Resident Machine Spirit
              • 20% chance to grant Machine Spirit each turn.
                • 50% chance of wearing off.
                • +1 Movement
                • +1 Range
                • +20% Collateral
                • +1 :strength:
                • Suffers 25% less Collateral

            • Monstrous Creature (From Warkirby's Monstrous Creatures Module)
              • Flat terrain movement cost (can't use roads, but isn't slowed by forests/hills either)
              • Ignores terrain defence on attack
              • Doesn't recieve defensive bonuses
              • Causes Collateral Damage. Up to 6 targets, with no damage limit. Can kill!
              • +25% vs Melee
              • -25% vs Archery units
              • -50% vs Siege Weapons
              • +25% City defence
              • Immune to collateral damage
              • +1 visibility range
              • 50% poison resistance

          12. Can use the Siege Configuration ability.
            • 3 turn delay
            • Grants the Siege Configuration promotion.
              • Changes UnitCombat to Siege
              • -14 Attack :strength:, -7 Defense :strength:
              • +7 Ranged :strength:
              • +50% Ranged Damage Limit, to a total of 100%
              • +90% Collateral Damage
              • +5 Collateral Targets
              • -1 Movement
              • +1 Range
              • +50% City Bombard
              • -2 First Strikes
              • +5 City Defense when stationed in a city.
              • Allows Melee Configuration ability.
                • 3 turn delay.
                • Removes the Siege Configuration promotion.
        Spoiler Vulture :

        • Vulture (Immortal UU):
          1. Melee Unit
          2. 280 Hammers
          3. Requires Divine Essence
          4. 6 Attack :strength:, 9 Defensive :strength:
          5. 5 Ranged :strength:, 50% limit
          6. Refined Mana Affinity
          7. 2 Movement
          8. 1 Range
          9. Starts with Fear, Magic Immune
          10. Not Immortal, directly buildable.
        Spoiler Zeppelin :

        • Zeppelin (Man-o-War UU):
          1. Requires Astronomy and Alchemy
          2. 300 Hammers
          3. 8 :strength:
          4. 9 Ranged :strength:
          5. 5 Movement
          6. 2 Range
          7. 2 Cargo
          8. Move Impassable
          9. Explore Rival Territory
          10. Flat Movement Costs
          11. 30% chance to Withdraw
          12. 10% Bombardment
          13. Refined Mana Affinity
        Spoiler Lenora :

        • Lenora:
          1. Requires Astronomy
          2. 375 Hammers
          3. 13 :strength:
          4. 9 Ranged :strength:
          5. 6 Movement
          6. 2 Range
          7. Move Impassable
          8. Explore Rival Territory
          9. Flat Movement Costs
          10. 40% chance to Withdraw
          11. 10% Bombardment
          12. Refined Mana Affinity
          13. Has the "Letter of Marque" ability.
            1. Grants Hidden Nationality to all Naval units. Have fun with your pirate fleet of Blimps and Zeppelins.

    • New Religion - The Ordo Machinarum.
      • Automatically founded by the Mechanos, this religion does not spread on it's own, and will generally only be adopted by the Mechanos and the Dwarves. Same improvement art as RoK.
      • Hero: Boris. 6 strength, can use weapons. Lacks hero, but is immortal. Requires Writing.
      • Religious Units:
        • Mortar - Requires Mathematics. Strong Siege unit.
        • Steam Tank - Requires Blasting Powder.
        • Adeptus - Priest. Requires Writing/Clock Tower. No other disciple unit, except for Mechanos.
      • Temple - Clock Tower.
      • Shrine - Steamworks.
    • Grigori Adventurer Spawning system!
      • The Adventurer GP points have been removed completely. Instead, they now rely on a Scion-esque spawning sytem, with bonuses for all buildings that originally granted gp points and a bonus for the Apprenticeship civic.
      • With the new system, all adventurers spawn in the capital. This allows me to show a spawn chance, as with the Scions, and it also conveniently drops them off in the city most likely to have training buildings.
    • Master Siegesmith! Available with Construction, but most of the promotions require a more advanced tech or resource.
      • Spoiler :

        These are almost entirely by Milaga, with a few by Vermicious Knid thrown in.

        Only one shot promotion may be selected at a time.
        1. Grapeshot
          • UnitClass Cannon-only
          • 2 extra Collateral Targets.
          • +15% vs Mounted and Melee
          • -50% Bombard rate.
          • Requires Gunpowder
          • 60 Gold
        2. Canister Shot
          • UnitClass Cannon-only
          • +40% Collateral Damage.
          • +1 Strength
          • Requires Gunpowder
          • 60 Gold
        3. Sighted Shot
          • +1 Range
          • -25% Strength
          • 100 Gold
        4. Plague Infested Shot
          • UnitClass Catapult-only
          • Requires Evil
          • Requires Sheaim or Infernal or Balseraphs or Legion of D'Tesh civilization
          • 0.50 Unhealth in enemy cities within 1 tile
          • +10% ranged damage limit
          • +10% collateral damage limit
          • Passes the Diseased promotion to enemy combatants
          • 30 Gold
        5. Blackblood Shot
          • UnitClass Catapult-only
          • Requires Scions of Patria civilization
          • Requires a Spirit Mill in the city
          • +1 ranged attack
          • +5% ranged damage limit
          • +10% collateral damage limit
          • Passes the Blackblood promotion to enemy combatants
          • 50 Gold
        6. Flaming Shot
          • +5% bombard per turn
          • +1 Fire Strength
          • +50% forest attack
          • +50% naval units
          • Requires Smelting
          • 50 Gold
        7. Explosive Shot (designed for civs that can't build cannons)
          • UnitClass Catapult-only
          • +15% bombard per turn
          • +2 Strength
          • +25% city attack
          • +1 ranged attack
          • +5% ranged damage limit
          • Requires Blasting Powder
          • 120 Gold

        General promotions. If they can't be used by cannons/catapults they'll be listed.:

        • Well-Trained
          • Blitz
          • 100 Gold
        • Fine Craftsmanship
          • +10% Strength
          • 0-1 extra first strike
          • Requires Construction
          • Removed if Excellent Craftsmanship or Superior Craftsmanship or Artisan Crafted promotion is taken
          • 30 Gold
        • Excellent Craftsmanship
          • +20% Strength
          • 1 extra first strike
          • Requires Engineering
          • Removed if Fine Craftsmanship or Superior Craftsmanship or Artisan Crafted promotion is taken
          • 40 Gold
        • Superior Craftsmanship
          • +30% Strength
          • 1-2 extra first strikes
          • +20% city attack
          • Requires Mithril Working
          • Removed if Fine Craftsmanship or Excellent Craftsmanship or Artisan Crafted promotion is taken
          • 80 Gold
        • Artisan Crafted
          • Requires Khazad or Luchuirp or Mechanos civilization
          • +40% Strength
          • 2-3 extra first strikes
          • +30% city attack
          • +20% defense
          • Requires Machinery
          • Removed if Fine Craftsmanship or Excellent Craftsmanship or Superior Craftsmanship promotion is taken
          • 120 Gold
        • Improved Machinery
          • Requires Khazad civilization
          • +1 range
          • Requires Optics
          • Requires Trebuchet
          • 50 Gold
        • Artillery
          • Requires Khazad civilization
          • +1 range
          • Requires Astronomy
          • Requires Dwarven Cannon
          • 100 Gold
        • Improved Accuracy
          • +1 ranged attack
          • +10% ranged attack limit
          • Requires Optics
          • 80 Gold
        • Deadeye Crew
          • Requires Khazad or Mechanos civilization
          • +1 ranged attack
          • +10% ranged attack limit
          • 1 first strike
          • Requires Guilds
          • 180 Gold
        • Point Defense System
          • Requires Khazad or Mechanos civilization
          • +100% defensive strength
          • +25% hill defense
          • Requires Iron Working
          • 40 Gold
        • Doubletime Team
          • Requires Khazad or Mechanos or Austrin or Hippus civilization
          • +1Movement
          • +1 terrain cost
          • -50%Strength
          • Requires Horseback Riding
          • 40 Gold
        • Resident Machine Spirit
          • Requires Mechanos civilization
          • Randomly grants the Machine Spirit promotion (20% turn)
          • Requires Arcane Lore
          • 200 Gold
    • Theocracy has been significantly reworked, after an idea by Shatner.
      • +3 :) with the state religion, +1 :mad: per non-state. +10% :gold:, -25% :science:, as well as applying the Zealotry promotion to all Disciple units.
      • Zealotry: 1 :gold: extra support cost, heal while moving, 50% upgrade discount, 20% city attack, and allows a 1-turn Inquisition and the Incite Fervor ability.
      • Incite Fervor - 3 turn casting time, requires the state religion in the city. Reduces pop by 3, causes unhappiness like whipping, and spawns three low-level religious units, depending on your religion. Thinking of allowing the Scions to spawn their Legate UU, and the Mechanos to spawn their Adeptus UU.
    • All of Warkirby's units will be merged in, as well as his Monstrous Creatures mod.... Should make balancing the Mechanos Hero, Goliath, a bit easier.
    • Thanks to Ahwaric, ALL unique units and buildings will now show in the Civilization screen in the Pedia, including those that do not directly replace any others. Heros, special units, etc.
    • Several easter eggs. First person to find them all, will be able to request a new feature. I WILL implement one of their requests, but may work with them to find one we both like. ;)

    Malakim+ - http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=301725
    Doviello+ - http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=317945
    Minor Leaders - http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=322643

    Attached Files:

  2. Valkrionn

    Valkrionn The Hamster King

    May 23, 2008
    Crestview FL
    The FFPlus Team
    1. Valkrionn- The Hamster King
    2. Vermicious Knid- The Mad Tweaker

    Important Contributors (IE, people I've stolen from. ;))
    1. Ahwaric - Creator of the Mechanos, Pedia fixes, lots of art, and probably a few things I'm forgetting. :goodjob:
    2. Mailbox - The Legion of D'tesh
    3. Deon - Original implementation for the Malakim+, and various artwork.
    4. Iceciro - Various pedia entries and stolen ideas. :p
    5. Shatner - Inspiration for the Khazad Auditor UU, and the man behind the Theocracy changes.
    6. The_Coyote - Camel rider artwork.
    7. MrUnderhill - Dervish unit, and the experience share code for the Doviello.
    8. Warkirby - Many, many ideas, the Monstrous Creature changes, and some truly excellent art. :goodjob:
    9. Walter Hawkwood - Buildings imported from Kohan 2.
    10. Deadliver - Bringing up the Wild Mana mod. Without him, it wouldn't exist. :lol:
    11. Milaga - Helped balance the Mechanos, and contributed many ideas.
    12. FlameRaven - Artist on deviantART.
    13. Akira Yamaoka(Silent Hill 4) - Promise(Reprise), Theme(Piano), Never Forgive Me Never Forget Me, Tears of Pain
    14. 9 Inch Nails(Silent Hill 4) - The Frail
    15. Anyone I've missed. :crazyeye:
    Lastly, but certainly not least, I'd like to thank the Fall Further team for making a great mod, and helping me with my (many) questions. :goodjob:
  3. Valkrionn

    Valkrionn The Hamster King

    May 23, 2008
    Crestview FL
    Doviello Plus

    Spoiler :
    In my opinion, the Doviello are far too similiar to the Clan. With that in mind, I have set out to 'improve' them.

    New Gameplay Mechanics:
    Spoiler :
    Animal Spawning: Animals will spawn in each city, modified by the cities population.
    • It is an initial chance of 4%, reduced by .4% for each population point over 1, meaning a city with pop 11 will not spawn any animals. This keeps them to your borders where there are less people, and fits mechanically as it's a built in spawn control.
    • The spawn chance can be increased in two ways: Adopting the Doviello-only Membership civic 'Council of the Wilds' will double the chance, and following the Fellowship of the Leaves will increase it by 50%. Following both will result in an initial chance of 12%, and animals will continue to spawn until pop 31 rather than 11.
    • Initially, all that will spawn are Wolves. As you gain new techs, you'll be able to build a few National Wonders, upon completion of which new animals will be allowed to spawn.

    Kindred Spirits: All units built in a Den city will start with a Kindred Spirit promotion. These promotions are initially weak, but allow a second, more powerful promotion once other requirements are met.
    • Bear - March - Strong (Requires Combat 4).
    • Wolf - 2 First Strikes - 1 Movement (Requires Drill 3).
    • Lion - Courage - Mesmerize Animal (Requires Level 5).
    • Griffin - Extra Sight - Move Impassable (Requires Combat 2/Drill 2).
    • Stag - Magic Resistance/Double movement in Forest - Magic Immune (Requires Combat 5).
    • Mammoth - 20% more xp from combat - Can Ride Mammoths (Requires Level 4).

    Duel System:
    • Doviello units are now able to duel, excluding settlers, naval units, animals and workers. Takes actual combat odds into account, but just as in combat even a unit with 99.5% combat odds can lose.
    • In order to duel, just bring at least two eligible units into a stack. Select the unit you'd like to be the Challenger, and use the 'Issue Challenge' ability, granting the 'Challenger' promotion to the unit, with a 1 turn duration. Then, select the unit you'd like to be the Defender, and use the 'Accept Challenge' ability. The 'Challenger' promotion blocks any other unit from using 'Issue Challenge', and allows 'Accept Challenge'.
    • Before the combat is taken into account, there is a 10% chance for the duel to be a draw, in which case both units are severely injured, and a 3% chance for both units to die. In the event of a tie, each unit gains 10% of the other's xp.
    • If the duel does not end in a tie or death, one unit WILL die. However, the other gains 50% of the killed units xp, with a bonus of 2xp in case they are fresh units.

    Mr. Underhills experience share code:
    • New Doviello units inherit XP from your existing army, but with diminishing returns so as to discourage swarming. Basically, a small, highly promoted pack is better than a swarm, better differentiating the Doviello and the Clan. It works very well combined with the Duel system, and the Scavenger promotion.

    Scavenger promotion - Gained after successful combat with a living enemy.
    • Promotion expires in 5 turns.
    • Unit costs no maintenance.
    • Does not cause War Weariness.
    • Does not cost military support.
    • Heals an extra 5%/5%/5% in Friendly/Neutral/Enemy territory.

    Looting - Any unit with the Doviello version of the 'Winterborn' racial promotion is now able to steal weapons from defeated enemies. At the moment, this includes:
    • Bronze/Iron/Mithril Weapons
    • Enchanted Blade

    Spoiler :

    1. Charadon becomes Aggressive/Warlord, loses Barbarian.
      • Warlord Trait from Fall Flat- doubles the production speed of all training buildings, and increases experience gained from combat for Melee, Recon, and Archery units.
    2. Mahala becomes Neutral, Financial/Ingenuity/Raiders, and gets another makeover. (Courtesy Opera.)
    3. Baron Duin Halfmorn is now a Doviello leader. While he is in game, no civilization can build him. In compensation, the Baron recieves a unique hero, Varulv, at Feral Bond.
      • Evil, Agnostic/Lycanthropic. Favourite civic is slavery, wonder is Form of the Titan, the same as all other Doviello Leaders.
      • Lycanthropic allows units to ignore terrain costs, and allows you to promote to Cannibalism after Combat 2, same as Undead. Yes, this means ALL Doviello units can gain Cannibalism under Duin.

    New/Changed Units:
    Spoiler :

    1. Lucian - Lucian gains 'Battle-Hardened'. Lesser version of Hero.
      • 0.5 experience per turn, to a max of 50.
      • 10% chance to avoid bad lair results. (Hero has 25%)
      • 10% chance to resist spells. (Hero is 20%)
      • Allows Heroic Strength/Defense 1, does NOT allow the second level.
    2. Varulv - New Werewolf hero, available only to Duin. Requires Feral Bond, same stats as the Baron.
      • Can use the Feral Howl ability every 15 turns, enraging all recon units on the tile for 10 turns and allowing them to become Blooded Werewolves if successful in combat.
    3. Bear Rider - horse archer UU. No ranged attack, higher strength.
      • 8:strength: rather than 6, no ranged attack, no defensive strikes. Does not require Archery.
    4. Stag - Stag Copse is able to be constructed at KotE.
      • Starts with Body I and Nature I. Will spawn in Forests for the Animal Civilization.
    5. Elk - Replaces the Stag with Priesthood. Strength 5 Beast.
      • Starts with Body I, Body 2, Nature I, Nature 2, Creation 2, Channeling 2, and Divine. Cannot gain any additional spell spheres, but will ALWAYS gain your state religion, allowing it to act as a priest.
    6. Mammoth - Mammoth Den is available with Horseback Riding.
      • Elephant clone, can be upgraded to Mammoth Rider. Begins with Winterborn, is available to the Animal civilization.
    7. Mammoth Rider artwork brought in.
      • 1:strength: more than War Elephants, Amurite model is available to everyone. Illians and Doviello have unique art. Mammoth Riders have Winterborn.
    8. Lion Pride - 6 :strength:, is formed like a Wolf Pack. Max strength of 12. Can create a Lion Den, reverting to the Animal Civilization.
    9. Sabretooth - 5 :str:, replaces the Lion with Iron Working. Will spawn for the Animal Civilization in Tundra and Snow.
    10. Sabretooth Pride - 8 :str:, is formed like a Wolf Pack. Max strength of 16. Can create a Sabretooth Den, reverting to the Animal Civilization.
    11. Griffon Flight - 6 :strength:, is formed like a Wolf Pack. Max strength of 15. Can create a Griffon Weyr, reverting to the Animal Civilization.
    12. Hippogriff - Same stats as the Griffon. One cargo space. Replaces the Griffon with Stirrups. Can spawn for the Animal Civilization anywhere the Griffon can. Model by Warkirby.
    13. Hippogriff Flight - Same stats as the Griffon Flight. Two cargo. Max strength of 15. Can create a Hippogriff Weyr, reverting to the Animal Civilization.
    14. Bear Pack - 7 :strength:, is formed like a Wolf Pack. Max strength of 18. Can create a Bear Den, reverting to the Animal Civilization.
    15. Cave Bear - Massive 9 :str: Beast. Replaces the Bear with Divine Essence.
    16. Cave Bear Pack - 12 :strength:, is formed like a Wolf Pack. Max strength of 27. Can create a Cave Bear Den, reverting to the Animal Civilization.

    Spells and Civics:
    Spoiler :

    1. Worldspell: Wild Hunt was a great worldspell, but is too powerful with the new spawn system.
      • Call of the Wild: Spawns a new animal for each animal unit you control, and the new unit has a 20% chance to gain any promotion the parent unit possesses.
    2. Civic: 'Council of the Wilds', Doviello-only Membership civic. Grants Heroic Strength 1 to all animal units, and doubles the spawn rate at the cost of not running Undercouncil.
    3. Mezmerize Animal: Now allows the capture of wild animals regardless of your relations with them. This fix also applies to the Animal Kindred ability granted by the 'Mark of the Lion' promotion.

    Resources and Buildings:
    Spoiler :

    1. Bison resource:
      • Northern cows. Visible to everyone. Should break up some of the endless amounts of Arctic Deer. Doviello gain a flavourstart preference for them.
    2. Wolf Den - Rolled into the Doviello Palace.
      • Grants a 'Mark of the Wolf' promotion to all units built in the city.
    3. Lion Den - Available with Mining.
      • Grants a 'Mark of the Lion' promotion to all units built in the city, and allows Lions to spawn.
    4. Bear Den - Available with Smelting.
      • Grants a 'Mark of the Bear' promotion to all units built in the city, and allows Bears to spawn.
    5. Mammoth Den - Available with Horseback Riding.
      • Grants a 'Mark of the Mammoth' promotion to all units built in the city, and allows Mammoths to spawn.
    6. Griffon Weyr - Available with Animal Handling.
      • Grants a 'Mark of the Griffin' promotion to all units built in the city, and allows Griffons to spawn.
    7. Stag Copse - Available with Knowledge of the Ether
      • Grants a 'Mark of the Stag' promotion to all units built in the city, and allows Stags to spawn.

    That SHOULD be all the changes... Can't be sure of course, lots of little things. All changes are documented in a 'Doviello+' Concept section in the 'pedia.

    Malakim Plus
    Spoiler :
    I had greatly enjoyed Deon's Malakim+ mod, as it added a quite a bit of flavor and gave the Malakim an excellent reason to stick to deserts. Dunespeak helps with that but still doesn't allow the Malakim to grow, so I have updated and rereleased his mod. Most of the documentation is copied from the old thread, new will be added as I add to it.
    New or Rebalanced Spells:
    Spoiler :
    Scorch: Mostly part of Fall Further now.

    1. Scorch terraforms all terrain.
      Ice -> Tundra -> Plains -> Desert
      Marsh -> Grass -> Plains -> Desert​
    2. Scorching a Plains tile containing a feature will clear the feature, and has a chance to create scrubs based on the feature.

      • Forest/New Forest- 33% chance
      • Jungle- 25% chance
      • Ancient Forest- 20% chance
      • Burnt Forest- Destroyed, no chance for scrub
      • Haunted Lands- Unaffected.

    3. Casting Scorch while in a flammable feature has a chance to flush out a defender.

      • A forest has a chance of spawning an Animal defender, ranging from a common Wolf to a Satyr.
      • A Jungle has a chance to spawn a Barbarian Goblin or Lizard, ranging from a simple Goblin to a Lizard Ranger or Assassin.
      • A Burnt Forest has a high chance of spawning a Demon Mistform that will last 5 turns.
      • An Ancient Forest will always spawn a Demon Treant that will last 5 turns.

    4. Scorching a riverside plains tile will create a floodplain, but it will take several turns to spawn.
    5. Lightbringers now have access to a unique version of the Scorch spell in order to terraform Malakim lands. Takes 3 turns to cast.

    Lugus' Gift:
    Malakim Adepts can now use the "Lugus' Gift" spell, allowing them to create an Oasis. Can not be cast within 5 tiles of any other Oasis, whether natural or magical. Requires the ring of tiles immediately surrounding it to be desert, coast, or ocean. Requires the sacrifice of the caster.
    Malakim are blocked from casting either Spring or Vitalize within one tile of an Oasis, either natural or magical. Other civilizations are unaffected.

    Spring and Vitalize can now be cast on Floodplains, but they will be destroyed in the process.​
    Desert Knowledge:
    Captured Workers have access to a unique 'Desert Knowledge' spell, converting them to Bedouins. This should fix the issue with them building roads rather than Caravan Routes. Slaves do not have access to the spell, so captured Lizard workers will not convert.​
    Unit and Promotion Changes:
    Spoiler :

    Dervish: Part of Fall Further now.
    Malakim Shadow UU

    • 9/8 Str
    • +1 Fire damage
    • +1 Sun mana affinity
    • 1 move
    • Can become invisible at will in desert.

    Upgrades from lvl 6 Assassin OR lvl 6 Champion after researching Guilds, National limit of 4.

    Spoiler Pedia Entry :
    "Gods Damn the Malakim, and their bastard Dervishes!

    I was part of an expedition deep into Malakim lands... All went well until we camped. The very instant we relaxed, the Dervishes were upon us. They fight like Demons, I tell you!

    Of the entire unit, only I made it out alive... Not because I beat them, no. They wanted me to spread their myth, and spread it I shall." - Unknown Bloodpet

    Spoiler Strategy Entry :
    Unlike the typical Shadow, the Dervish does not require you to worship Esus. In addition, it is stronger, with Fire damage rather than poison and the potential for vast strength gain through a Sun mana affinity. In exchange for this power, the Dervish is tied to the Desert, unable to become invisible in any other terrain, and must be upgraded from a level 6 Assassin or Champion.

    Anubite: Part of Fall Further now.
    Malakim Berserker UU
    Art by Deon, Lore and Stats by Iceciro.

    • 9 Strength(Offense and Defense)
    • 2-5 First Strikes
    • 35% Withdrawl Chance
    • Causes Collateral Damage
    • Access to Bronze/Iron/Mithril weapons.
    • 2 Movement Points.

    Spoiler Pedia Entry :

    Anubites are one of the last vestiges of Malakim civilization from the days before Varn Gosam and the worship of Lugus. Cloaked in the shadows of the harsh desert night, an Anubite is dedicated to two things - the worship of the Malakim's long-forgotten pagan gods, and the defense of her peoples in the most savage manner possible. While other troops may wish to stand and fight, the Anubites charge in with their claw-like blades, carving up enemy units and dissapearing again into the deserts.

    Spoiler Strategic Entry :

    Anubites replace Berserkers for the Malakim. While doing less overall damage they have a much better defensive rating, and have a high withdrawl rate and many first strikes, allowing them to strike repeatedly, wearing down any enemy foolish enough to come near Malakim lands, or lands the Malakim have decided will be theirs soon. Remember that in the deserts, the dunespeak ability gives Anubites the ability to heal on the move and immunity from enemy first strikes, allowing them to strike true and repeatedly.
    Malakim worker UU.

    • Can establish Caravan Route.
    • Can build Bedouin Sit.

    Mounted Units:
    Malakim Horsemen and Knights initially lose all bonuses, and start with one movement. Then, depending on which Stable the city has built, and which Mount resources are available, the unit will have access to one of two promotions.
    Possession of Horses grant access to the Horse Rider/Knight promotion while in a city with a Stable. This restores the traditional 40% bonus vs Archery, increases movement by one, and changes the artstyle to that of a Horse Cavalry unit. It also reduces movement by one inside deserts and blocks access to the Dunespeak promotion.​
    Possession of Camels grant access to the Camel Rider/Knight promotion while in a city with a Camel Stable, which grants a 40% bonus vs Mounted, sets the artstyle to that of the new Camel units, and increases withdrawal rate in desert.​
    Kuriotate UU, does not replace Workboat.

    • National Unit, limit of 1
    • Is not sacrificed when building Fishing Boats.
    • 45 Hammers rather than 30.
    • Unable to explore new territory.
    • Flying.
    • Requires Knowledge of the Ether as well as Fishing

    No more sacrificing one of your precious cities in order to gain seafood!

    Spoiler Pedia Entry :
    "A revolutionary design by the greatest scientific mind amongst the Kuriotates, the most advanced Dwarvish materials available, and constant application of Fire and Air magics... A technology capable of revolutionizing communication, travel, and warfare... Being used to FISH?!?" - Disgruntled Taxpayer.

    Spoiler Strategy Entry :
    The Wyrmfisher requires both Fishing and Knowledge of the Ether, but in return is able to fly and is not sacrificed in order to create Fishing Boats. Keep in mind, this unit is unable to explore new territory; It is intended solely as a method for the Kuriotates to connect Sea Food resources without sacrificing a city's production capabilities.


    • Upkeep discounts removed.
    • Can only see invisible animals, rather than all invisible units.

    Desert Stealth: Part of Fall Further now.

    • +25% workrate in Desert. Balances out the negative on the tile.
    • Invisibility

    Only available to Malakim Workers.

    • +1 Strength/Defense
    • Requires the Disciple unitclass.

    Can only be gained through the 'Mirrored Pylon' building.
    Improvements, Features, Resources, and Buildings:
    Spoiler :
    Resplendent Minaret:
    Grants +1 :), creates a 'Mirrored Pylon' building in every city.
    Mirrored Pylon:
    Allows 1 Priest Specialist, grants the 'Enlightened' promotion to all Disciple units built in the city. Applied to units in the city.

    Spoiler Mirrored Pylon Pedia- Thank you KillerClowns. Added the first line so it makes sense on it's own. :
    What is Enlightenment, my son? There are many definitions, take your pick.

    "The strength needed to do what must be done, no matter the cost to yourself." -From the Code of Junil

    "The wisdom to forgive those who have transgressed, and show mercy to those who have earned it." -From the Empyrean

    "The virtues of the Earthmother: hard work, diligence, perseverance." -From the Tablets of Bambur

    "To see the world as it is, and accept both its glories and terrors as equally necessary." -From the Song of Autumn

    "The knowledge of all the wonderful little dark nooks and crannies in men's hearts... including, of course, your own." -From the Council of Esus

    "To see the world, not covered in all the little lies men tell themselves in order to preserve their precious 'sanity,' but as it truly is." -From the Necronomicon

    "The strength needed to do what must be done, no matter the cost to others." -From the Ashen Veil

    Citadel of Light:
    The Citadel of Light is now a Malakim-only Citadel upgrade. This should actually help the AI as much as the player, as it will build forts everywhere in the desert... Now, those forts will defend themselves.

    • Any enemy unit that comes within one tile will be blasted by a Pillar of Fire. It does an average of 10% damage, with a max of 40%.
    • Human players must have a unit occupying the Citadel. AI players are exempt from this atm.
    • 60% defense, 25% heal rate, and +3 visibility. These stats may change.

    New Camel resource available in deserts. Only visible to the Malakim, and a requirement for their Camel Riders. Malakim gain a flavourstart bonus for Camels. Same yields as the Horse resource.
    Malakim now have Civilization Specific Oasis yields, 5:food: 3:commerce: rather than 3:food: 2:commerce:. Improvements can now be constructed on top of Oases.​
    Bedouin Improvements: Part of Fall Further now.
    Bedouin Sits can be constructed by a Bedouin unit at a cost of 15 :gold: on desert tiles. Can NOT be constructed on Flood Plains. Will upgrade to a Bedouin Camp, then Gathering, and finally Village, in 15/30/60 turns respectively. This is half again the time required for Cottages to upgrade.

    Current Yields:
    Spoiler :
    Bedouin Improvements vs Cottage Improvements

    Cottage- 1:commerce:
    Hamlet- 2:commerce:
    Village- 3:commerce:, +1 at Taxation
    Town- 4:commerce:, +1 at Taxation

    Bedouin Sit- 1:commerce: (Costs 15 :gold:)
    Bedouin Camp- 1:commerce: 1:food:
    Bedouin Gathering- 2:commerce: 2:food:
    Bedouin Village- 3:commerce: 2:food:, +1:food: at Sanitation
    Camel Stable
    The Camel Stable allows a city to make use of Camels rather than Horses.

    It allows Mounted units access to the Camel Rider promotions, and cannot be built in the same city as a Stable.​
    Caravan Route:
    Malakim desert road. Adds 1 :commerce:.

    All roads in Malakim territory will slowly become Caravan Routes.​
    Tech, Trait, and Event Changes:
    Spoiler :
    New Malakim only event.
    Activated once a unit enters the Mirror of Heaven.

    • There is nothing we can do here. (Allows you to leave and come back later, useful if you do not meet the requirements for the last option.)
    • A holy man, inspired by this sacred place, has offered to join our cause. (Gain a Heroic Lightbringer.)
    • Our people will benefit from the relics recovered from this site. (Creates a 'Resplendent Minaret' in your capital, requires 'Good' alignment.)

    'Dunespeakers' Tech:
    Allows construction of the Bedouin improvement line, and reveals the Camel resource.​
    'Merchant' trait: Part of Fall Further now.
    Malakim Civtrait.

    • +1 :health: in each city.
    • +15% :commerce:.
    • +50 Starting Gold.

    Varn's Traits:
    Varn is now Spiritual/Charismatic/Adaptive.
    Originally, Merchant was Varn's permanent trait. With it set to a civtrait now, he regains Spiritual as his permanent trait, and Charismatic becomes his secondary trait to offset the removal of Merchant's happiness bonus.

    Wild Mana
    Spoiler :

    This is an updated version of Orlanth's Crystalized Mana:Conquerable Nodes mod.

    Now part of FFPlus.

    Rather than being found as generic mana crystals that can be developed into whatever type of node you want, you will come across deposits of specific Mana types (ie Air Mana, Life Mana, Spirit Mana etc) and will have to develop your strategies around that. You will still need to research the appropriate tech and have an Adept create a node as usual. If you manage to reach Metamagic II, you can still Dispel any node back into raw mana which can be shaped however you like, making Metamagic a much more important part of the game.

    • All changes, aside from the minor yields granted to the mana, are now handled via the "Wild Mana" game options.
      • Wild Mana - Without this option, none of the others will work. Spawns extra mana, and will convert approximately half of the existing mana to the various types of mana.
      • Feral Mana - Requires Wild Mana. Will convert nearly all mana.
      • Mana Guardians - Will spawn a Held defender on all typed manas. Generally these are strong, but cannot leave the tile.
    • There is more mana overall than the default game; you will have access to a good variety of magics but will be unable to fully bend them to your whim until you reach Sorcery and secure access to a Metamagic node. The abundance of each type scales with the number of civs, and there is also a random component; there will generally be at least one of each mana type somewhere on every map.
    • A fair amount of the original raw "colorless" mana crystals can still be found, which can be freely shaped by the first to bind them to a node. They are distributed evenly over wide areas so you will have a good chance at securing at least one, allowing you some flexibility early on (choose carefully..)
    • The AI has been made more willing to trade most mana resources, for the right price.
    • Mana types will have a 1 in 3 chance to spawn powerful defenders on game start. The defenders are held, but are still pretty nasty. If you want to remove the defenders, open CvEventManager.py in a text editor and search for "Mana Defender", and delete the line it's on.

    Current defenders are as follows:

    1. Wild Air - Air Elemental - Demon Civ
    2. Wild Body - Flesh Golem - Demon Civ
    3. Wild Chaos - Chaos Marauder - Demon Civ
    4. Wild Death - Lich - Demon Civ
    5. Wild Earth - Earth Elemental - Demon Civ
    6. Wild Enchantment - Wood Golem - Orc Civ
    7. Wild Entropy - Tar Demon - Demon Civ
    8. Wild Fire - Fire Elemental - Demon Civ
    9. Wild Law - Einherjar - Orc Civ
    10. Wild Life - Angel - Orc Civ
    11. Wild Metamagic - Thade - Demon Civ
    12. Wild Mind - Psion - Demon Civ
    13. Wild Nature - Guardian Vine - Animal Civ
    14. Wild Shadow - Spectre - Demon Civ
    15. Wild Spirit - Monk - Orc Civ
    16. Wild Sun - Aurealis - Orc Civ
    17. Wild Water - Water Elemental - Demon Civ
    18. Wild Creation - Elk - Animal Civ
    19. Wild Force - Dragon Slayer - Orc Civ
    20. Wild Dimensional - 6:str: Gnosling - Demon Civ
    21. Wild Ice - Ice Elemental - Orc Civ
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    Reserved. Collapsed all of the entries.
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    Reserved for future needs.
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    Reserved for later use.
  7. deadliver

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    Oct 18, 2003
    Hey Valkrionn, ever since I installed your Doviello plus I cannot even see the unit promotions in the World Builder. Any ideas before I simply reinstall FF?
  8. Valkrionn

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    May 23, 2008
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    None whatsoever.... I actually had the same issue awhile back with FF, but patching up got rid of it.
  9. deadliver

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    Oct 18, 2003
    Hmm, i think i patched to N, I will repatch and check then reinstall +plus+
  10. WarKirby

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    where do the hippogriff and sabre-toothed tigre fit in?
  11. Valkrionn

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    Once I have them both, they'll be upgrades to the standard lion/griffin, available at later techs. Keeps the animals useful longer.
  12. Valkrionn

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    Ugh. The combined installer is 10.1 MB. .1 too large to host on the site.... Got to find a file host before I can upload it.
  13. Melendor

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    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    What should I do in order to play this Modmod?
    I simple extract the files in FfH, but it doesn’t work.

    Anyway, congratulations for the new ideas. I really want play it.
  14. Valkrionn

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    Install FfH, patch to Z, install FF, patch to N, and then extract this folder into the FF directory... I'll have an installer up soon so it'll copy FF and then install itself, but it's too large to upload here. Waiting for FileFront to approve the file. ;)
  15. The NeverTide

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    They actually go into the FF directory, not FfH. But your best bet is to dload the newest version of each separately for the included installers, at least until Valkrionn manages to get the combined installer uploaded. That way you don't have to worry about overwriting anything manually. If you do this, make sure you get the Doviello+ version that is compatible with Malakim+.

    Also, make sure you go into your FF ini file and change modular loading to 1. I'm honestly not sure if this is still necessary, but it was before and I haven't seen anything personally that says it isn't still so.

    Hopefully this saves you some time/trouble. :D Hopefully I'm not just confusing and making things harder when I try to save Valk time replying.

    EDIT: Sigh. Ninja-ed :D
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    Two points: Malakim+ and Doviello+ are mutually exclusive. FFPlus is the replacement for the Malakim+ compatible file. :lol: And Modular loading is completely unnecessary now, unless you're using a module by someone else... Doviello+ is essentially done, so I made it non-modular.
  17. Quetz

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Does Baron really have to be Agnostic? It seems to me there are so many Agnostic leaders in FF already, and as has been pointed out by someone else, denying the existence of the gods in Erebus is rather a silly thing...
  18. Valkrionn

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    May 23, 2008
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    Honestly, yes. It's not so much that he denies they exist, but rather, won't serve those who caused him to be reborn with the curse of Lycanthropy... And really, the ability to get Cannibalize as the Doviello is POWERFUL. Balanced it by disallowing any religions, which also nerfs his animal spawn rate.
  19. MagisterCultuum

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    While the FfH pedia entry seems to say that he got lycanthropy was a curse applied when he was resurrected, the AoI pedia seems to say that came from a long line of werewolf warlords in the Age of Magic who had managed to keep their condition a secret for generations. If I had to guess, I'd say that the condition dates back to an experiment by Kezef rather than to a curse from the gods. I could actually see the House of Halfmorn being the sons of Kezef. I suppose lycanthropy could had started as a curse placed on Kezef as a punishment for the horrors he chose to create.
  20. Valkrionn

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    True. I'm just trying to rationalize a balance decision. :lol:

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