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Nov 22, 2005

Fall Further Version 042 for Fall from Heaven 2 033g

The purpose of this Modmod was initially to add additional, distinct civilizations to Fall from Heaven 2, whilst maintaining balance, variety and flavour. Each civilization has a distinct playstyle, some unique artwork, flavourful civilopedia entries and a few tricks up their sleeves. Since Version 030, some interface and other feature additions have also been included. This trend will continue as other modders release mod-components into the community.

1. Install the Fall from Heaven 2 version and patch as listed above.
2. Install the Fall Further version and patch from the links below.

The mod will install alongside Fall from Heaven 2 - it does not overwrite it. The installer copies the necessary files from the Fall from Heaven 2 installation before installing the modified Fall Further content.

Current Download Thread

Feature List

7 New Civilizations

Dural Civilization
Artists and students, the Dural are coming to realise that study alone will not sustain them in the wartorn Age of Rebirth. Led by the visionary Dannmos, the Dural seek to return civilization to the world, or at least their corner of it - though the task seems daunting indeed

With access to a number of unique national wonders (the Statues of the Seven Virtues) and the potent Professor unit (a priest replacement who can cast Hope and Inspiration), the Dural can do well on any path within the game. They are somewhat limited in religion (they can adopt religion and build disciples, but Temples and Priests are unavailable to them) as they are more concerned with the achievements of man than the worship of the gods, and are not naturally inclined to war but are quite capable of combat when the need arises. Their Hero - Karrlson - is a champion-level unit who was once a student until he saw first hand the dangers the world faced, at which point he began to study warfare instead. A good, solid choice for any player who enjoys a "builder" playstyle, with plenty of potential.

The Chislev Tribe
Tribal warriors out for revenge, the Chislev were almost wiped out when Jonas marched through their lands on the way to wage war on the Bannor. Previously a peaceful people, the Chislev were forced to fight for survival with their leader Absaroke at the fore. With the immediate danger now passed, the tribe must rebuild what they have lost if they are ever to avenge the fallen.

The Tribe has a number of unique buildings, some of which replace existing early structures (Elder Council and Pagan Shrine) and other, more potent buildings which can only be constructed once a number of others have been built within the empire. The most important of this higher-level buildings is the Council of the Warchief - which provides the effect of a Forbidden palace as well as boosting military production and global city-defence. One of these can in theory be built for every 3 cities, leading to the possibility of many small groups of settlements, each close to a "centre of government" to reduce maintenance. Additionally, the Chislev only civic - "Tribal Law" - acts in a similar manner to City States, but reduces Number of Cities maintenance instead of distance. Finally, when their world spell is cast, the Chislev receive free units in every city containing a Council of the Warchief, as the troops are rallied to seek their revenge. On the downside, the tribe has recently abandoned their homes, and suffers somewhat in the early game - lacking the means to make rapid tech-progress. Once they get established however, their enemies should be wary. A good civ for those who like to build early and war late.

The Archos
The Archos spent the Age of Ice trapped in spider infested caves. Over time they developed mutations and even began to worship the spiders. Shortly before the Age of Rebirth dawned, a formal spider cult emerged worshipping a giant spider they commonly called "Mother". Whilst the cult remains secretive and below ground even now, they hold sway over their barbaric tribe who have returned to the surface, under the command of Daracaat. Daracaat is fierce warrior, none-too-subtle in his approach but wily enough to understand the position the spider cult has put him in. He wishes to build the power of the tribe and conquer those civilizations nearby and uses brute strength and giant spiders to do it.

The Archos are a "barbarian-friendly" civilzation, though they tend to allow their spiders to feed upon any orcs that stray too close. Whilst the civilization has a strong "spider-theme", they cannot build spiders themselves and mostly rely on the brute strength of their warriors, especially in the early game. The spiders are born in the "Nest-City" (Capital) which benefits greatly when it increases in size. At Size 5, Baby Spiders are born periodically, whilst at Size 10 this changes to Giant Spiders. At Size 20, the Giant Spiders become Strong. There is one other important size-level for the Nest - size 15. This is the minimum size required to cast their world-spell, which brings their Hero unit "Mother" into the world. She's a big spider. And fun. 'nuff said. Subtle game-play isn't high on the list of Archos traits - they like to war and have the means to do it. Their Melee line lacks access to some of the weapon upgrades (generally only available to higher level units than normal) but make up for that with poison strength. Their Recon line is especially potent, and leads to the tech required to wake Mother (Feral Bond) and eventually toward the tech required to train Haruspex - the spider priests. These druid replacements trade summoning abilities for the Chaos Sphere, making them a unique blend of druid and attack-caster. The Archos have good potential for early war, and it just gets better once Mother and friends turn up...

Enter the Lizardmen - Cualli and Mazatl Civilizations

The Cualli and Mazatl civilizations are two surviving factions of an ancient race that was all but destroyed in the Age of Ice. Whilst they share a common root, they have developed in dramatically different directions since the dawn of the Age of Rebirth.

The Cualli survived the Age of Ice by making pacts with their dark god. Now bound to his service, they are a selfish and bloodthirsty people. Utilizing slavery and blood sacrifices to build their empire and dark magics combined with natural aggression to conquer their neighbours. Their leader is ruthlessly cunning and cold blooded in his tactics and their high-level units are incredibly potent, combining the power and stealth of the Shadow unit with the spell casting abilities of the Priest line.

The Mazatl on the other hand are an enlightened civilization, burdened with the foresight of the impending Armageddon. Their priests have divined what will happen if none stand to prevent the Infernals and the Sheaim from completing their plans, so they now make preparations to make that stand.

Lust for Knowledge - Kahdi

A new civ with an identity crisis - the Kahdi are ambitious, power hungry and utterly convinced that they're actually "nice guys". Believing that they serve Oghma
in pursuit of knowledge, their path has been twisted by Mammon and they truly covet power instead. Granted a direct link to Oghma's vault through "Vault Gates",
will Kahd eventually discover the truth and if so - with which god will he side?

Where the wind blows - Austrin

The Austrin are born explorers and their units and abilities reflect their wandering ways. Whilst the short term benefits of exploration are obvious, units like the Tracker also allow you to keep your lands safe from barbarians more easily whilst your melee forces are more mobile than those of other civilizations. Eventually they are able to field units such as the Windsword and Pegasus riders.


New terrain and unique features

Welcome to the Jungle

With the Cualli and Mazatl civilizations comes a new terrain mechanic to help represent their disposition toward jungle climates. It introduces a new terrain type (Wetland), feature (Deep Jungle) and "Improvement" (Swampland). Each of these will develop naturally over time in Lizard-man lands, turning their empire into a lush jungle land. The lizardmen draw some benefits from these terrain types, but they also provide an obstacle to would-be conquerors.

Lore Locations

Seven Pines, Mount Kalshekk, Bradeline's Well and Sirona's Beacon join the list of unique features to be found in Erebus, each with it's own benefits. Some are based on locations found in Fall from Heaven Canon lore, others are based on the FF civilizations.

New flavour for existing civs

Subtle changes to the existing civilizations add new options and flavour to the races. For instance - Lanun ships can now summon a weak boarding party in order to capture enemy vessels at sea if they have the "Buccaneer Crew" promotion, the Sidar gain the "Divided Soul" hunter replacement (able to split itself into separate parts and teleport between locations) and the Elohim have been extensively reworked as a defensive, monastic civilization.


Features from other modders

Explorable Lairs (original by Marnok)

Marnok has produced an excellent mod-component that means that monster lairs (Barrows, Ruins etc) are no longer so easily defeated. A unit must stand upon
the lair and "Assault the Dungeon". This can be a risky business, with all manner of dangers awaiting the unit and no guarantee of success. However - it can also be
very rewarding - experience, gold, magic items, unique promotions and unimaginable fame all await intrepid adventurers in the darkness. They need only be bold
enough to enter...

When a unit stands upon a tile with a "Lair" improvement, it no longer vanishes. You must use the "Explore Dungeon" ability in order to attempt to destroy the lair.
When you do so, a great many results are possible - but the process occurs automatically and you are informed of what happens during the adventure. The results vary
from valuable to outright deadly. You can improve your chances however with the "Adventurer" promotion - which helps your unit to avoid the worst of what the dungeon
can throw at them.

Broader Alignment (original by Grey Fox)

Evil? You call yourself evil? I'm more evil than you could ever be and I can prove it... Grey Fox produced a very impressive interface allowing a much greater
variety of factors to influence your alignment.

Alignment is no longer purely tied to religion - each leader has an initial alignment score (ranging from very good to very evil) and this can be influenced by religion, civics, units created, buildings built,
event results, cities razed - pretty much anything you can think of. Most influencing factors are commented on in their 'pedia entries or the help text for the option
though some are not immediately obvious (event results and such). Whilst Grey Fox did a *lot* of work on this, I do plan to extend that further in later versions
and to tweak the existing factors to make things a little easier to follow. The coloured bar in the top left of the interface displays your current alignment status.

Worker Promotions (original by Xienwolf)

Feel like a faceless labourer? Tired of working all day with no recognition of your skill? Then you need "Worker Promotions", new from Xienwolf.

Workers gain experience over time, allowing them to acquire promotions. These promotions can influence work rate, experience gain rate, defensive strength,
movement rate and visibility range. Skilled V, Mobility I workers make an excellent workfore - it just takes a little effort and a lot of worker protection to
get there.

Also included in this mod-comp was a number of addiitonal XML tags on promotions - some of which are used to implement other features below.

Diverse Citysets

Rather than using Era/Religion-based city art, Fall Further now uses Civ-specific city art. The buildings in your city will reflect the nature of the civ
you're playing. Orcs live in dirty camps, whilst elves construct elegant homes. This is purely a cosmetic change, but hopefully a worthwhile one. Some of the
religion specific improvements have been altered as well such that they don't stand out against the new city art as much.

Artwork by:

Woodelf, Winddelay and Darque (Dragonia II mod)
GeoModder, asioasioasio, Chamaedrys, C.Roland, Ganart, Sevo, White Rabbit, Woodelf and "the FfH art team" (Ethnic Citystyles Mod)
Vehem (DIY-Balseraph Tents Mod - and a number of other tweaks)



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Modmod Monkey
Nov 22, 2005
Current Version Changelog

Version 042
0. Updated to FfH 033b
1. Major improvements to the list of available promotion prereqs (useful for modders).
2. Bannor Melee and Archery units gain Guardsman automatically - no longer depends on training yard.
3. Bannor Training Yard grants small defense bonus and reduces maintenance by a small amount.
4. Ljosalfar Archers gain Dexterous automatically - no longer depends on archery range.
5. Ljosalfar Archery Ranges grant +3 experience to archery units.
6. Hippus Horsemen gain Horselord automatically - no longer depends on stable.
7. Hippus Stable removed (original reason is gone and no need for a further boost).
8. Svartalfar Recon units gain Sinister automatically - no longer depends on hunting lodge.
9. Svartalfar Hunting Lodge removed (original reason is gone and no need for a further boost).
10. Added "Stalker" promotion - allows unit to automatically gain "Forest Stealth" (become invisible) when in Forests/Ancient Forests.
11. Added "Shrouded Woods" - Requires: Svartalfar, Tracking. Grants the "Stalker" promotion to any recon unit visiting the city.
12. Added "Crow" unit - unique hawk replacement for the Sidar. Increased range and visibility, does not require hunting lodge (Sidar hunters are now Divided Souls - no one to carry them early game)
13. Archers (and unique variants) gain Ranged Attack. Range 1, Strength 2, Cannot reduce enemy below 80% health.
14. Longbows (and unique variants) gain Ranged Attack. Range 1, Strength 3, Cannot reduce enemy below 70% health.
15. Crossbows gain Ranged Attack. Range 1, Strength 5, Cannot reduce enemy below 60% health.
16. Arquebus gains Ranged Attack. Range 1, Strength 5, Cannot reduce enemy below 40% health.
17. Flurry gains Ranged Attack. Range 1, Strength 6, Cannot reduce enemy below 50% health.
18. Marksman gains Ranged Attack. Range 2, Strength 5, Cannot reduce enemy below 60% health.
19. Gilden Silveric gains Ranged Attack (as per Archer).
20. Arthendain gains Ranged Attack (as per Crossbow).
21. Horse Archers gain Ranged Attack. Range 1, Strength 2, Cannot reduce enemy below 85% health.
22. Catapult rebalanced for city attack/defense. Base strength and Ranged strength of 1. +300% when attacking or defending a city (effective strength 4).
23. Trebuchet rebalanced for city attack/defense. Base strength and Ranged strength of 1. +400% when attacking or defending a city (effective strength 5).
24. Cannon rebalanced for city attack/defense. Base strength and Ranged strength of 2. +300% when attacking or defending a city (effective strength 8).
25. Dwarven Cannon rebalanced for city attack/defense. Base strength and Ranged strength of 2. +400% when attacking or defending a city (effective strength 10).
26. Archers defending cities with Palisades or Walls gain "Wall Defender" promotion (1 first strike and +20% city defense).
27. Sect of Flies re-added. Champion UU for Infernals and spawned by Hellfire event. Has Demon, Corpseflies and Stigmata promotions.
28. Planar gate creatures arrive with experience equal to 1/4 of the Armageddon Counter (idea from Magister)
29. Odio's Prison provides Body Mana (idea from Magister)
30. Changed the Worker Mod promotions to use Kael's WorkRateModify tag instead of Xienwolf's WorkRateChange. (no in-game difference)
31. Guardsman promotion grants a bonus of 3% defense for each unit with the promotion in a ciity.
32. Partial techs are now a possible result from goody huts. Full techs are less common at higher difficulties and impossible at the highest levels.

Patch L - Download
1. Corrected prereqs for new spheres (should require Channeling 1-3 correctly now)
2. Machinery Tech no longer requires Bowyers Tech.
3. Crossbowman and Flurry require Bowyers Tech.
4. Added Labor Civic "Industry". Requires Machinery. +1H/+1C for Lumbermill/Watermill. +1F/+1H for Windmill.
5. Summon Frostling spell disabled when caster gains Promotion Ice3.
6. Ice Golem added from Age of Ice. Strength 7, Golem, Cold Resistance, Winterborn. Cannot enter desert.
7. Added Summon Ice Golem spell. Requires promotion Ice3. (strength is less than some other Level 3 Summons as this is effectively an extra spell - an upgrade for Summon Frostling).
8. Added new mana types to Palaces of Kuriotates, Illians, Sheaim and Grigori.
9. Reduced ConstAppearance of grassland/forest Deer.
10. Removed latitude restrictions of pigs (other requirements still apply).

Patch K
1. Corrected issue with removing resource blocks by declaring peace.
2. Basium will no longer steal cities other than the one that built the Mercurian Gate.

Patch J
1. Adepts, Mages etc can now correctly construct Creation, Force, Ice and Dimensional nodes.
2. Icons for new Mana now different from the sphere promotions (helps to tell them apart when building nodes)
3. Gamefont icons updated and tidied up (Xienwolf gets along with that file much better than I do - hates it we do...)

Patch I
1. Fixed issue with delayed spells and SelectionGroup handling.
2. Improved SelectionGroup handling - partially blinded/immobilized groups will split up and continue to attack instead of waiting for all members to be mobile again.
3. Revealing Glow/Shadowy Fringe disabled.
4. Included Erebus-Wrap mapscript (missing from last release)
5. Added Creation Mana.
6. Added Promotions "Creation I - III".
7. Added Growth building (+15% food stored, +1 Health from Corn, Rice, Wheat, Pig, Cow, Sheep)
8. Added Growth spell. Requires Creation I. Creates Growth Building whilst caster remains in city.
9. Added Fertility Spell. Requires Creation II. Swaps Corn/Rice/Wheat resources. Swaps Pig/Cow/Sheep resources.
10. Added Birth Spell. Requires Creation III. +1 Population in city. Cannot raise population about 8.
11. Added Dimensional Mana.
12. Added Promotions "Dimensional I-III".
13. Swapped requirement for Escape from UNIT_CHANTER to PROMOTION_DIMENSIONAL1.
14. Granted Chanter's Dimensional I as a start promotion.
15. Promotion Dimensional 2 grants +3 teleport range.
16. Promotion Dimensional 3 creates Dimensional Gate (1 Airlift per turn).
17. Added Nexus Portal building (1 Airlift per turn)
18. Nexus now grants free Nexus Portals instead of Obsidian Gates.
19. Obsidian gate now allows 3 Airlifts per turn. (5 max airlifts with Nexus and Dimensional Gate - Obsidian Gates remain useful even after The Nexus for large cities).
20. Obsidian gate cost increased from 300 to 500 (Infernals still get them for free).
21. Added Force Mana.
22. Added Promotions "Force I-III"
23. Promotion Force I grants a magic missile ranged attack (AirCombat 2, Range 1, Damage Limit 90%)
24. Added Unstoppable promotion. Grants collateral damage, ignore terrain cost and immunity to first strikes to Melee/Mounted Units. Cannot be bought with experience.
25. Added Determination spell. Requires Force 2 promotion. Grants Unstoppable promotion to Melee/Mounted units in the stack.
26. Added Force Wall building. Prevents units of less than Level 4 from entering the tile.
27. Added Force Wall spell. Requires Force 3 promotion. Creates Force Wall whilst caster remains in city.
28. Added Ice Mana.
29. Added Promotions "Ice I-III".
30. Added Summon Frostling spell. Requires Ice 1 promotion.
31. Added Stasis promotion. -100% Experience gain. 30% chance to wear off per turn. Cannot be bought with experience.
32. Added Stasis Curse spell. Requires Ice 2 promotion. Range 1, effects enemy units. Inflicts the Stasis promotion.
33. Added Frozen Lands spell. Requires Ice 3 promotion. Will degrade land toward Snow/Ice within 3 tiles of caster. No effect on non-enemy land. Will effect unowned, enemy or own land. Effect lasts approximately 10-20 turns.
34. Blood of the Phoenix will now only apply Immortal promotion to units with a UnitCombat (no more Immortal Settlers/GP)
35. AI will now be more likely to build a unit when it gets bored (previously it would build a low priority building or a ritual - especially Dowsing).
36. Tower of Mastery prerequisite towers now need 5 mana types each. Mana types adjusted to match the ones actually on the relevant tech.
37. Fixed an issue with Curse the Land carrying over between games (now *THAT's* powerful...)
38. Added a "No Promotion". Can be taken only if you have a UnitCombat and have taken all other available promotions. Allows the unit to gain a level and heal as normal, but adds no promotion.
39. Curse the Land may only be used 3 times per team (previously 5 times).
40. Curse the Land now costs 1800 hammers (should have cost that anyway, but got changed to 1000 at some point).
41. Warning is given when a player commences a ritual.
42. Curse the Land effect is automatically removed if you are no longer at war with anyone (alternative way out - make peace).

Patch H
1. Guardian of Pristin Pass spawned Gargoyles set to UNITAI_ANIMAL (won't enter borders - prevents games being *very* short if you start near the guardian).
2. Lizardman Berserker animation issue resolved.
3. Player "Feats" are now defined in XML rather than hard-coded in the DLL (very handy for modders).
4. Leaders will now correctly forget the diplomacy boost from promotions.
5. Corlindale granted "Soft Spoken" - provides a diplomatic boost with a civ if close to their cities.
6. Archos start with 1 Baby spider instead of 2.
7. Foxford unique feature and events added (Night of the Werewolf tribute).
8. Added "Light of Lugus" ritual - reveals all units in territory for 3 turns. (benefit for non-founder, repeatable)
9. Added "Chosen of Esus" ritual - grants invisibility to all your units within your borders for 10 turns. (benefit for non-founder, repeatable)
10. Added "Dowsing" ritual - shows location of hidden resources on resource overlay for 3 turns without need for the "Reveals" tech.
11. Added "Curse the Land" - expensive ritual that afflicts all nations you are currently at war with. Each nation loses access to all bonus resources whilst ritual is in effect.
12. Added "Appease Divinity" - cheaper ritual that most be completed 5 times in order to reverse the effects of "Curse the Land" (can be constructed in multiple cities at once).
13. Religion adoption chance for units modified. Units now most likely to adopt state religion, then an equal chance of any other (used to favour the later defined religions)
14. Reagents not revealed until Sorcery.
15. Animals can no longer purchase "Feral" with experience.
16. Harmatt cost increased to 90, also requires Tracking.
17. Prereqs added to promotions for PrereqEvent and PrereqFeat (again - handy for modders).
18. Landmark signs for Unique Features temporarily disabled (very strange behaviour in MP - one sign per human player per feature in random locations - will fix before re-enabling).
19. Eyes and Ears network will now grant religious specific techs (Arete, Mind stapling etc) if you have the correct state religion.
20. Massive overhaul of interface - Artwork by SeZereth, Python by Xienwolf.
21. Removed Great General bar from Military Advisor (not used).
22. Added "Shadowy Fringe" interface effect (active when your units are hidden within your borders).
23. Added "Revealing Glow" interface effect (active when hidden units are auto-revealed within your borders).
24. Flavour-mod updates from Jean-Elcard.
25. "Purge the Unfaithful" ritual can now be used once per team.
26. Psions and Thades are now "Elemental".
27. Lost Lands trade route percentages rebalanced.
28. Lost Lands Villages are -1 Commerce, +1 Food.
29. Lost Lands Towns are -2 Commerce, +1 Food, +1 Hammer.
30. Included "Erebus-Wrap" map script. Standard Erebus script with both X and Y world wraps.
31. Added "Arctic Deer" resource. Terrain preferences as the original deer (Tundra Forest). +2 Food natively (Deer is +1, these are larger). +1 Commerce with camp (Large Antlers highly prized).
32. Deer resource prefers Grassland Forest and appears approximately as rarely as a Horse. Will not appear at higher latitudes.
33. Both Deer resources can be used to produce Fyrdwell, construct camps and provide health in the Hunting Lodge.
34. Dye and Silk resources won't clump so dramatically, but will still be common in certain regions (previously 50% chance of extra resource in each adjacent square, now 5% chance over a 4-square radius)
35. Added "Nomad Camp" improvement. Malakim only. Desert Only. Grants +1 Food/Hammer/Commerce. Cannot be built adjacent to another camp. Allows Incense to be worked at full value (+5 commerce - early access as no need for Calendar).
36. Negative Diplo-Resources (Entropy and Death Mana) now require Necromancy to "CityTrade" - no more negative diplomacy for simply having a road near Bradelines Well.

Patch G
1. Windmill and Watermill prereqs moved to Construction from Engineering.
2. Windmill and Watermill upgrade prereqs moved to Engineering from Machinery.
3. Gifts of Nantosuelta requires Masonry.
4. Maelstrom brought back in line with FfH033 (will affect team/neutral units).
5. Courage no longer effects neutral units.
6. Disappearing interface fixed, still need to work on the speed further (one area of the code is tidier, but it doesn't seem to have made it much faster)
7. Removed RescueAdventurer as an option from lair exploration - had no result for non-Grigori players.
8. Lizard priest (Omorr, Agruonn and Kalshekk) entries fixed.
9. Boost Elohim flavour preference for the beneficial sites - you should be more likely to start next to one of them now.

Patch F
1. Updated to FfH 033 Patch e
2. Fixed Summon Treant
3. Fixed Unyielding Order
4. Fixed Equipment passing for FF Magic Items (thanks Elm)
5. Reworked MainInterface to track current HUD and Religion settings (reduces overhead slightly - not sure if it will have an impact on the speed - feedback welcomed)

Patch E
1. CtD related to unit upgrades for units without a race fixed.
2. Artwork added for Lizardman promotion and Deep Jungle button.
3. Lucian can be upgraded following the Axeman line. Retains his name and the single unit graphics.
4. Elohim pacifist promotion only applies when outside their own borders (should help to handle the barbarians early game).
5. Base combat strength is now capped at a minimum of 0 regardless of promotions. Corlindale returned to 0/0 strength.
6. Monks set to Str 4/5.
7. Abbey no longer buildable by some races that should not be able to.
8. TechPrereq for Abbey reduced from Religious Law to Priesthood.
9. (Hopefully) Resolved issue with upgrades. If there's any further odd behaviour - please let us know.
10. Xienwolf's Adaptive Trait tool tips re-enabled (lost them with 033).
11. Prereq tags for inOwnBorders, inTeammateBorders, inRivalBorders (neutral, non team), inEnemyBorders (at war) and inNoBorders (unowned) added for Promotions.

Patch D
1. Help text for Elohim Pool of Tears fixed. Should be "Gain the Expansive Trait".
2. Fixed racial promotions when upgrading.
3. Allowed the Elohim to build their UB's correctly again (D'oh!)
4. Prevented Malakim from constructing Tumtum

Patch C
1. Missing Text Keys included (FFH2_Gametext now part of the standard release)
2. Decius will update his Broad Alignment when choosing alignment.
3. Assimilation upgrades fixed
4. Sphener and MoM menu screens added as options
5. Decius Gains "Conqueror" trait (rebranded "Tolerant"), but loses Raiders.
6. Added Monastery UB for the Elohim (Replaces Pagan Temple, GPP bonus, +1 Culture, Happiness from Spirit Mana instead of Incense, Allows 1 Sage)
7. Added Archives UB for the Elohim (Replaces Library, requires Monastery, +40% Science, Priest instead of Sage)
8. Added Abbey UB for the Elohim (requires 4 Pagan Temples, Culture bonus, Produces +2GPP (Prophet), 1 Happiness per 20% culture, required for Monks to learn "Purity" and "Focus")
9. Added Minster UB for the Elohim (requires 2 Abbey's, National Wonder, Significant Culture/GPP, 1 Happiness per 10% culture, required for Monks to learn "Enlightenment")
10. Elohim Racial Promotion - Pacifist. -1 Offensive Combat Strength.
11. Monks changed to be Strength 4/5, Move 1.
12. Added "Purity" (requires: Monk, Abbey, Level 4. AutoAcquired. +100% Resistance to Poison Damage, +25% Resistance to Unholy Damage, Immune to Disease/Plague).
13. Added "Focus" (requires: Monk, Abbey, Level 6. AutoAcquired. +1 Spirit Affinity, +25% Resistance to Unholy Damage).
14. Added "Enlightenment" (requires: Monk, Minster, Level 12. AutoAcquired. +1 Spirit Affinity, Immune to Fear, Immune to Magic).
15. Achieving "Enlightenment" grants the Honorific title of "Sohei".
16. Added Bradeline's Well Unique Feature (Entropy Mana Source, +4 Commerce with Corruption of Spirit)
17. If controlled by Sheaim player with Knowledge of the Ether, Bradeline's well has small chance per turn of summoning an Imp or Pit Beast under player's control.
18. If visited by the Elohim, Bradeline's Well can be "repaired". Removes the mana source, reduces AC by 5, prevents Sheaim summoning event.
19. Added Sirona's Beacon Unique Feature (Spirit Mana Source, +2 happy in nearby cities)
20. If visited by the Elohim, Sirona's Beacon grants them the "Spiritual" trait.
21. If visited by the Elohim, Remnants of Patria grants them the "Industrious" trait.
22. If visited by the Elohim, Pool of Tears grants them the "Expansive" trait.
23. If visited by the Elohim, Mirror of Heaven grants +1 Happiness in all Elohim cities.
24. If visited by the Elohim, Odio's Prison will reset their world spell use ("Birthright Regained").
25. Corlindale grants 1 additional vote on the over council. Strength set to 1/0 (becomes 0/0 with Pacifist)
26. Elohim lose the Tolerant trait.
27. Added Silver Circle Wonder (requires Alteration and Currency, +25% Science/Currency, allows construction of Wandering Sages).
28. Added Wandering Sage unit (requires Silver Circle, allows construction of Enchanter's Enclave building, can perform small trade missions).
29. Added Enchanter's Enclave building (can only be constructed by Wandering Sage, +5% commerce bonus for Gold, Gems, Mithril, Reagents, Incense, +1 Happiness with Enchantment Mana).
30. CtD on mouseover of City Maintenance fixed.

Patch B
1. Updated for 033c
2. Artwork for Volcano replaced with HRochland's volcano
3. Mount Kalshekk unique feature added. Volcano which the Mazatl sheltered in during the Age of Ice - appears in Jungle, +2 hammers, +2 hammers with Mining, Provides Earth Mana
4. Standing Stones now grant Nature Mana (switched to prevent duplication of unique Mana sources)
5. Raiders icon altered (no longer looks the same as Bronze Working)
6. Armageddon counter/End Turn button reworked (should look/work better now).
7. Bad reference to python prereq on CommanderSplit removed.
8. Bad reference to python prereq on TreetopDefense removed.

Patch A
1. Summons handling fixed
2. Goody huts will no longer occasionally provide double bonuses
3. Planar Gate experience bonus fixed
4. Sominum and Scenario icons replaced
5. Marksman promotion now requires that the target unit be living to consider it as being the weakest.
6. Puppet Promotion readded. Same effects as Golem, plus CounterTargetWeakest (the mage has complete control of the puppet and will put it in the path of danger).
7. Removed Combat promotion line as an option for Siege units.
8. Added Assault promotion line as an option for Siege units (3 promotions, each granting +100% City Attack)



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Modmod Monkey
Nov 22, 2005
Installation Instructions

Since 040 an installer has been provided.

1. Install the latest version of Fall from Heaven 2 using the executable.
2. Install the latest patch for Fall from Heaven 2 using the executable.
3. Install Fall Further using the executable. This will copy your FfH2 installation from the default location to a "Fall Further" directory, then update the files as necessary.

Main Fall Further Download Here

The current version of this modmod is for Fall from Heaven 2033 Patch e. I will update as the main mod increases in Patch version.

Previous Versions Changelog

Version 041
1. Resolved an issue with UnitConvert (Warrior->Drown, Archmage->Lich etc)
2. Xienwolf is now working on the DLL (and some other things beside) and has incorporated all of his changes from his ModComp
3. Broader Alignment is now a Game Option
4. Permanent summons are now 1 per caster, linked to that caster.
5. All summons will die at the start of the turn if their summoner is dead/has betrayed the player. (this will be developed further in 042)
6. "Divided Soul" Sidar unit implemented as described in the Shadow Unit Design Contest here
7. "Sever soul" and "Ethereal Call" spells implemented for the Divided Soul unit (allows the unit to teleport to its "other half")
8. Artwork added for new Magic Items (thanks to Psychic_Llamas for the Mark of Chaos icons)
9. Artwork for Austrin civ button fixed
10. Mod is no longer dependent on the resources in the Fall from Heaven main directory (GFC Primary Theme errors should be gone provided you don't rename \Fall Further 041\)
11. Animals no longer have a time limit. They will spawn all game long (until there's no space to do so) and do not reduce normal barbarian levels.
12. XML in some files is "trimmed" using the method pioneered in Xienwolf's modcomp. Reduces size and makes it easy to see what a promotion etc does. (only relevant to Modders)
13. Dural Statues re-ordered slightly to reflect new spells.
14. All level 1 spells no longer require Channeling I - this is purely for experience gain now.
15. Firebows receive a unit specific spell "Ignite" - similar effect to their original fireball.
16. TXT_KEY_POPUP_DEIRDRA_DEFEATED added - time for some last words.
17. Unique Feature Happiness now works correctly (both in 'pedia and in-game).
18. Valor now grants +100% experience gain rate, but has a 20% chance of wearing off per turn (Archmages should be on the front lines).
19. Harmatt is now UNIT_COMBAT_RECON and has -20% strength when attacking cities (I suspect he may need further toning - let me know)
20. Alignment Meter has been disabled.
21. UnitStats has been incorporated - use the "Trophy" icon in the top right or press "U" to access unit statistics (Thanks Teg Navanis)
22. Under/Over council prereqs have been moved to Way of the Wicked/Way of the Wise - allows all civs to access the councils.
23. Casters belonging to a Summoner Trait leader will gain 50% of the experience of their summons when the summon dies.

Patch D for 041
1. Added Corpseflies promotion - reduces health in adjacent cities by 0.40 (same as Flood Plains).
2. Diseased Corpses now start with Corpseflies promotion.
3. Added People's Champion promotion - increases happiness in city by 3 when unit is garrisoned.
4. Donal Lugh now starts with People's Champion promotion.
5. Sacrifice the Weak now requires 1.5 food per citizen (increased from 1 - balance experiment)
6. Code added to allow specific Civilizations to have higher/lower/blocked rates of passive religion spread (not used yet - for Malakim and Kahdi).
7. Code added to allow goody huts to provide random amounts of beakers (or remove them) - plan to make "free full techs" much rarer at higher difficulties. (not used yet)
8. Removed all default Civ4, Warlords and Beyond the Sword "Main Menus" (background and music)
9. Implemented Fall from Heaven Menu as an actual menu choice, rather than simply overriding existing files.
10. Added a Fall Further specific main menu - you can switch back to the original using the Options menu.
11. New Graphic for Brigit
12. Elephant upgrades now handled through spell mechanic - works around the level requirement for "No AI Level Requirements".
13. AI more likely to take "Subdue" promotions for recon units (tackles the extra animals and increases the chances to tame elephants or other animals.
14. Instability promotion added (-50% combat strength)
15. Seven Pines world feature added. Moderate yields, enchantment mana, adds Instability promotion to all Angels/Demons within 2 tiles (removed once they move away).
16. FlavourMod incorporated (thanks Jean Elcard).
17. Fixed potential CtD with the Windsword spell "Bladewind".
18. Added "House of the Grey" - Sidar UB Hunting Lodge (req. Mysticism, +1 Happy with Spirit Mana, +1 Health with Shadow Mana. Normal bonuses for Fur/Deer removed).
19. Divided Soul building prereq moved back to "BUILDINGCLASS_HUNTING_LODGE" (which is now the House of the Grey).
20. Added "Buccaneer" unit - Strength 4, WeaponTier 0, Starts with Boarding, Cannot be Built.
21. Added "Buccaneer's Spirit" spell - Castable by any Lanun Naval Unit with promotion "Buccaneer Crew". Summons a Buccaneer unit (1 turn). Removes Buccaneer Crew. (note: If summoned by a HN unit, the Buccaneers are also HN - for Pirates/Black Wind)
22. Re-added Alignment Info displays to MainInterface (classic style, not BUG)
23. Pre-emptive change to "unit model" display in bottom left corner - will be part of FfH033 anyway. Larger unit model, in position for new interface.
24. Summoner units display their summons below the UnitModel in the bottom left corner. Clicking selects the summon.
25. Summoned units display their summoner in a similar location (further right). Clicking selects the summoner.
26. Fix which prevents Council of Esus to be spread before founding (through Undercouncil resolutions).
27. The random result for "Wonder" which creates a "confused Spiderkin" in the main mod now allows the caster to cast "Sever Soul" instead (as with Divided Soul).
28. No longer uses FFHBUG main interface. Now uses an earlier version with some BUG features added (resolves python stability issues by removing the cause)
29. Applied same fix to UnitUpgradeFromCombat as was applied to UnitConvert (Baby spiders automatically growing up should no longer upset PLE).
30. Updated FFHBUG with new mod directory name (Contrib\ModName.py).

Version 040

1. Updated for FfH 032l and BtS 3.17
2. Austrin Civilization added (Air/Tali inspired explorer race)
3. Hell terrain versions of Ocean and Coast added (Blackwater and Blighted Coast)
4. FFHBUG included - many interface upgrades, almost all of which can be deactivated if you wish (CTRL-ALT-O to access the options screen, you can also turn off the "Reminder Message" on that screen)
5. Mazatl Priests reworked slightly - may need a bit of further work later
6. TXT_KEY fixed in Diplo messages
7. Sacrifice now correctly requires either Demon's Altar or Sacrificial Altar (it previously worked so long as you didn't have the Sacrificial Altar. Oops.)
8. Harmatt is suitably Heroic again.
9. TXT_KEY_HINTs moved from the base Civ4 folder into the file that BUG added with the same name (I suspect that was a mistake on their part, but this resolves it temporarily).
10. ModName resolved (CTRL-ALT-O bug)
11. Hippus and Austrin can no longer build Meskwaki
12. Fixed an issue with multiplayer scorelists
13. Fixed the behaviour of unique features (they will incorrectly list large happiness bonuses (+100, +300) until I rework the DLL, but the actual effects are correct (+1, +3) )

Version 033
1. Updated for 032e
2. Some code tidied for easier "ModModModding" (some files had new contents moved to the end of the file rather than integrated with FFH content, some tags made optional/MinOccure=0)
3. Vassal/Religion weights brought back in line with Kael's (I added Vassal requirements after they were discussed on this board, but now Kael has added them too so I've deferred to his)
4. Some player-text colours altered for better clarity (hopefully).

Version 032
1. Updated for 032d

Version 031
1. Updated for 032
2. Natane added (Chislev leader, Daughter of Absaroke)
3. Options added to disable any FF race
4. Khazad made more Neutral (Alignment 25 instead of 150).
5. Religion alignment shifts tweaked.
6. Treasure Vault dungeon event now grants gold correctly
7. Lich dungeon event now spawns Lich correctly (don't worry - he's not as bad as Barbatos...)
8. Lost Lands strategy text added
9. All new magic items can now be picked up/passed around correctly
10. Kitteh no can has a debug message
11. Armageddon counter art added back from old FPK
12. Oghma Kahdi vault creatures correctly get Strong Promotion.
13. Kahdi Gate builds twice as quickly with Spiritual
14. Meditation Hall builds twice as quickly with Spiritual
15. Thade is now a Disciple unit
16. Thade chance per spell sphere increased from 12.5% to 20%
17. Meditation Hall allows a sage
18. Meditation Hall grants 1 happiness with Incense
19. Monument to Avarice builds twice as quickly with Gold resource
20. Min/Max Alignments shifted to -500/+500
21. Numerical Alignment now displayed on score list (and when right clicking alignment meter
22. Armageddon counter now displays the "Raw Counter" and "Counter Limit"
23. Fire-style Armageddon counter readded, displaying the percentage (city screen issue resolved.
24. Religion Alignment shift rebalanced for new scale (Order/Ashen +/- 500, Empyrean/Esus +/- 250, Runes/Overlords +/- 125)
25. Kahdi Phalanx and Immortal enabled (only Champion should be blocked).
26. Kahdi Rider replaced Horse Archer.
27. Hianthrogh and Kahd no longer have gender-identity issues.
28. Kahd can no longer adopt Fellowship of the Leaves.
29. Kahd likes the Great Library now (instead of Prophecy of Ragnarok)
30. Baby spider are ANIMAL_INVISIBLE now, as with Giant spider (and no - Mother can't have it too :p)
31. Kahdi arcane upgrade costs scaled back
32. Mammon-Kahd should now be available if you selected the Mammon path.
33. Gnosling Knowledge gain TextKey fixed.
34. Gnosling Knowledge gain amount reduced (now 2 x opponents level)
35. Kahd cannot build Abashi.

Version 030
1. Explorable Lairs (original by Marnok)
2. Broader Alignment (original by Grey Fox)
3. Worker Promotions (original by Xienwolf)
4. Diverse Citysets
5. Kahdi Civilization
6, Lost Lands moved to Currency
7. Barterhouse replaces Money Changer (available at currency, +50% Trade Route Yield)
8. Mazatl Capital provides +50% trade route yield.
9. Lost Lands no longer provides +1 Commerce with Swamp.
10. Lost Lands now provides +75% Hammer/Food yield to Trade Routes and -25% commerce.
11. Lost Lands provides additional trade routes in every city.
12. Raider promotion added - automatically pillages improvements once when you enter a tile if at war with the owner .
13. Raiders trait now grants Raider Promotion instead of Commando.
14. New magic items added, mostly available through the Dungeon Exploration mechanic.
15. Existing magic items renamed with a {Item} prefix so that all appear together in Civilopedia.
16. Pirate Coves made unpillagable.
17. Growth Rate of Pirate Coves/Ports slowed.
18. Hyborem and Basium granted experience upon spawning
19. Hyborem spawns with an Attack AI rather than City Defense.
20. Hyborem switches to City Defense AI after losing his Immortal Promotion.
21. Teleporting units enabled through Paradrop interface (used by Thades)
22. Recon/Rebase Hawk command icons replaced with pre-Shadow artwork (BtS used an Atlas for the icons, I just put the original FfH art back)
23. No addition food from swamps with Feral Bond.
24. Citybar size increased (Modcomp by asioasioasio here)
25. Some event options related to the new civs added - more to come.
26. Monks start with Guardsman
27. Guardsman available to Defensive civilizations (Homeland is a prereq)
28. Kolsehvahn 'pedia entry linked properly
29. Lizard Blowpipe button art fixed
30. Reported Dural diplo-text corrected (there may well be more - let me know)
31. Mazatl-specific temples can be built correctly again.
32. Further check to prevent Deep Jungles from spawning using certain Mapscripts. Should now be impossible for them to spawn at game start using *any* script.

Version 022 - Updated for 031e (previous patch bundled)
0. Merged with 031e
1. Priests of Omorr now cast Floating Eye, Spirit Guide, Dispel Magic and "Purify" (new spell, combines the effects of Remove Disease and Sanctify, Priests of Omorr only).
2. Lizard units should all be set to "No religion" on creation (resolves Shield of Faith/other religion specific spells on Priests)
3. Lizard cities can no longer build temples of the normal religions.
4. Deep Jungle should not be created by the map script Normalize function at game start.
5. Fixed Prereqs for Spiritual Hammer on Priests of Kalshekk
6. Fixed Scorch behaviour (was previously checking requirements but producing no effect on Wetland/Swamp)
7. Shadow-class units can investigate. Shadow-Priests can no longer Sabotage/Steal Plans.

Version 021 - Updated for FFH2 031
0. Updated for FFH2031d
1. Blowpipe units enabled for Lizard civs
2. Lizard priest unit spells adjusted for new spell system
3. Lost Lands reduced to +0.5 Happy per Jungle
4. Guardian of Nature reduced to +0.5 Happy per Forest/Jungle, +0.75 Happy per Ancient Forest
5. Coatlann now requires Arcane Lore, Theology and Righteouness
6. Shadow Priests (including Misquiztli) now require Malevolent Designs
7. Transmute and Spiritual Hammer re-added as Priest of Kalshekk only unit spells

Version 020 - Mazatl and Cualli Civilizations Added
1. Mazatl - A new race of lizardmen, good alignment, opposed to Armageddon.
2. Cualli - A new race of lizardmen, evil alignment, bloodthirsty servants of Agruonn/Aeron.
3. Diplomacy Text fixes - some updated diplomacy fixes for Archos, Dural and Chislev

Version 012 - Artwork added and balance changes
1. Meskwaki - Tech Prereq moved to Arcane Lore. 2nd Tech Prereq at Warfare.
2. Archos Immortals - Made unique, combat strength partially poison damage, first strikes added for additional limbs.
3. Dural Statues - costs rebalanced to better reflect their usefulness and level.
4. Archos Spiderkin - Get their "Subdue Beasts" back.
5. Chislev Early Game - Ancient chants as a starting tech and the Tribal Council receives it's missing beaker.
6. Dural Statues - Building Artwork by Woodelf and Windelay
7. Archos, Dural and Chislev Palaces - Building Artwork by Woodelf and Windelay
8. Fixed CtD caused by building Archos Chosen.

Version 011 - Updated for 2030k and previous patches bundled
1. Added Chislev Unit Button Art
2. Added Chislev Building Button Art
3. Added "Student" unique units to Dural

Version 010 - Initial Release

DLL Source
Updated for 042h.

Download Changed DLL files here


Modmod Monkey
Nov 22, 2005

Archos Civ
Unit Art - Modified from existing FFH Artwork
Leaderhead - "Thomas Anlauf" (Posted on Elfwood)
Music - Posted previously by Stoik (DiploWar music)
Original Suggestion and Flag - Slvynn
Palace Art - Woodelf and Winddelay

Chislev Civ
Unit Art - bernie14, sepamu92 (From Civfanatics FileDB)
Leaderhead - Kirby Sattler (Website here)
Music - White Buffalo by Native Amazonas
Palace Art - Woodelf and Winddelay

Dural Civ
Unit Art - danrell (From Civfanatics FileDB)
Leaderhead - Patron Wizard (Magic: The Gathering)
Music - Posted previously by Stoik (DiploWar music)
Palace Art - Woodelf and Winddelay
Statues of the Seven Virtues Art - Woodelf and Winddelay

Mazatl Civ
Unit Art - From Dragonia Mod (Woodelf, Winddelay and Darque)
Music - Posted previously by Stoik (DiploWar music)
Palace Art - Woodelf and Winddelay
Hero Art and Wyvern Guard - remodeled and reskinned by Winddelay

Cualli Civ
Unit Art - From Dragonia Mod (Woodelf, Winddelay and Darque)
Leaderhead - Saurus Warrior (WHFB - property of Games Workshop)
Music - Posted previously by Stoik (DiploWar music)
Palace Art - Woodelf and Winddelay

Kahdi Civ
Initial civ concept, concept artwork and original lore: Slyvnn
Unit Art - NikNaks, Slyvnn and Varietas Delectat
Music - Ambition (louisfoxfire.com)

Diverse Citysets
Woodelf, Winddelay and Darque (Dragonia II mod)
GeoModder, asioasioasio, Chamaedrys, C.Roland, Ganart, Sevo, White Rabbit, Woodelf and "the FfH art team" (Ethnic Citystyles Mod)


Ported to FfH by Falc.
BUG mod by "The BUG team"
Component mods by Emperor Fool, SimCutie, Impaler[WrG], TheLopez, AsioAsioAsio, Ruff_hi, Alerum68, eotinb, Dr Elmer Jiggles, Taelis, Cammagno, Sevo and Chinese American

It goes without saying, but this modmod is only possible because of the FFH2 mod itself, which I have spent far too many hours enjoying and for which I am grateful to all members of the Modteam.
Swamp artwork adapted from Marsh terrain by Rhye
Explorable Lairs - original by Marnok
Broader Alignment - original by Grey Fox
Worker Promotions - original by Xienwolf
Seven Pines Artwork - Psychic_Llamas
Main Menu Image - Wojciech ( Voytek ) Nowakowski (without permission - will be removed if requested)
Main Menu Soundtrack - Phoenix Chronicles (Draqo)

Known Issues
None as yet.


Modmod Monkey
Nov 22, 2005
Over to you
And this is the last post position I'm going to steal. I've spent a fair bit of time testing and tweaking over the last few days, but I know that the true test of any mod (or modmod) is when the rest of the community get their hands on it. Please - post any suggestions, requests, bug reports and shouts of "Yah-boo! UR Mod sux noob!" here. I will say now that some of the civs may require slightly different approaches to what you're used to, so give them a fair chance. On the other hand, I've balanced across the civ (in the same was as the Modteam) rather than on any specific point, so yes - certain abilities may seem strong, but be sure that there isn't a counter-point elsewhere.

Last of all - I hope people actually use and enjoy these civs. They took a couple of weeks to complete and I've grown quite attached to them - I'd love to hear any After-Action-Reports from anyone using them.


Dec 22, 2005
Orange County, CA
Just in case you don't realize, your evil civ won't be able to utilize their unique druid unless they change alignment (to neutral by adopting runes). Maybe that's fine with you, or maybe you'd rather change it to a unique eidolon or mage.

edit: or use Magister's better suggestion.


Great Sage
Feb 14, 2007
Kael's head
That isn't entirely true; it is possible that one of the differences between the Haruspex and a normal druid is the that they don't have an alignment restriction, or they could even require evil alignment. The Alignment restriction is handled in the individual units xml defines.

(I'm probably removing the alignment restriction from druids in my modmod, giving them 2 spheres, and making them require a minimum level)


Oct 4, 2007
Location! Location!
Hope that it is no alignment restriction, otherwise when you do change to Neutral as them you are stuck with no access to normal OR unique druids...

Of course, that means they can get both Eidolons & Druids (or if they go Good they can get both Paladins & Druids, but you can do that anyway with a properly timed alignment shift)


Modmod Monkey
Nov 22, 2005
Just in case you don't realize, your evil civ won't be able to utilize their unique druid unless they change alignment (to neutral by adopting runes). Maybe that's fine with you, or maybe you'd rather change it to a unique eidolon or mage.

edit: or use Magister's better suggestion.

Aye - that's covered - no Alignment restrictions on them. As Xienwolf says, it does mean you can pickup Eidolon/Paladins in addition, but the techs for each are high level and sufficiently separated that it'd be a major research investment so it's not easily "exploited".


Modmod Monkey
Nov 22, 2005
Very nice Vehem !

Thanks - have you had chance to play with them yet or are you just looking over the thread?

I've just had a 3-way multiplayer game which was going quite nicely, one person in command of each new race. Sadly my Archos got a bit culture-squished in the corner by another human player controlling the Dural, but I did get chance to release Mother and she's always fun to have around. Early-game baby-spider hijinks were also good fun - munching a worker or two and the occasional warrior.


Duke Vector fon Pixel
Apr 3, 2005
haha great job , nice to see Archos in action.
gonna try to play full game with archos.


fields of Elanor
Jul 7, 2007
Antelope Valley
Excellent. It's like an FfH expansion pack. You've done a fantastic job adding some nice variety, seemlessly. I've got a nice game going as Archos with the Luana pinned down, alone on the continent with me. Neat how you've included the spiders in their game given thier background story. BTW, I thought the Archos' story was well written. No squawks yet, I'll keep at it with a few more new civs to try. This'll be my standard mod for a time. Thanks for a new look at FfH. :goodjob:


Oct 4, 2007
Location! Location!
Very enjoyable new Civilizations :) (And my modules even work for it. Yipee!).

If I had to complain about anything it would be that you didn't include a new shortcut with unique icon for your own mod (well, and that you didn't post it in the mods forum :p Woodelf can fix that one easy enough).

Much love for the Neutral Civ so far.


Nov 6, 2007
It looks like you put quite a bit of work into this, nice one :)


Wizard in the Making
Nov 25, 2005
Western Australia
Im in the middle of a game with the Archos, and i have to say that what you have done is brilliant. these are by far one of the more flavourful civs in the game, the back story is great, the world spell is awsome, the unique unit art is nice, and the civilisations benefits and negatives are nicely balanced.

good job! i hope you will be makeing more modmods like this in the future :)


Jan 15, 2004
Hi played the Dural (will try the other two) I had so much fun I've only just realised that I was missing priests and temples. Particularity like their National wonders. Good work


May 15, 2006
OK, Vehem, I downloaded the file, unzipped it and placed it as specified in your instructions.

Please forgive my ignorance as I have never run a mod within a mod, so what is the best way to do that?

Are those 3 new civs available to me in my future games by just doing putting the unzipped files in the correct Assets directory? Will they be selected as part of the Random ai civ selection?

Or is there another step I have to do to load your mod after I am in FFH2.

Thanks, I'm looking forward to playing with/against those civs.:)


Wizard in the Making
Nov 25, 2005
Western Australia
I think the Dural Hero lacks the flavour and character that the other heroes have, to me he just seems like an adventurer with a tiny advantage. is there some way that you could make him more unique? perhaps allow him to make a special tile improvement that, if inside the civs borders, grants the unit on it the courage, loyalty and homeland promotions temporarily? like some war statue that inspires the soldiers. or if not, make it a building like hope.
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