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[G&K] Fall of Rome - Western Rome is alive again

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Strategy & Tips' started by Rafaelito, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. Rafaelito

    Rafaelito Chieftain

    Aug 13, 2014
    Hey Guys.

    I have been working out how to beat the Fall of Rome scenario in deity level playing as Western Rome and after a few long games i´ve finally succeed (for the second time, i´ve beated this map once a long time ago).

    Here is my strategy for anyone interested: Forget about economy, it´s just pointless. Go straight to the policy that ruins your income. It would take a lot of effort to overcome the negative income anyway. U should focus on production in every city. Don´t let any of your city grows too much, only cities with good tiles like Emerita Augusta. The rest let they be between 2-4 population. Don´t build any infrastructure at the early game, only archers, a few balistas and legions/horseman on key cities (border cities plus chopping woods). If you get lucky, u can chop a legion in lutetia and trier before u lose these cities.
    Head north with your 2 legions and the archer to buy time from the celtic invasion. Try to capture initial archers and catapults. Don´t kill all pitch warriors while embarking, try to hurt they all because the AI will slow down the invasion with their injured warriors.
    In Africa, fall back with ur legion and build a fort nearby the silk resource. With the 2nd legion from carthago, build a road to connect the fort with the city.
    Keep fighting with your troops at the border and don´t lose lol caesarea/ lugdunum/portos namentuns/ casta regina and carnuntum. These are key cities to make u survive. Build a citadel with your first GG on north casta regina, there you will be able to repel any frankish invasion. Protect your ally asap, don´t let him lose Sirmium, Dyrrachium and if possible, thessalonika. Adrianople and Mystra are easy to reconquer.

    Another thing: as weird as it sounds, put an Artist on Rome, so you will be able to run a golden age in about 24 turns, plus the one from your happiness. It will really help you out.
    After the first GA, remove the artist from Rome.
    On the game below i´ve played for almost 2 days, got unlucky at the start since ALL BARBS went straight to the godtier policy 50% strenght if adjacent a unit. yet, i could win the game because i´ve sent a huge army from the beginning to help our eastern ally. Otherwise attila and Persia would have win this game. Look the score, how close it was.

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    Last edited: Jan 9, 2020
  2. raider980

    raider980 Warlord

    Sep 27, 2010
    I remember playing this a long time ago. I couldn't win it. Its such a big game and so many units - nice screenshots. I have a hard time ignoring economy, maybe that's where I messed up. I may give this strategy a try, thanks.

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