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Family Guy

How do you feel about family guy

  • Family guy ROCKS!

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  • Family guy is bad. :(

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Jun 26, 2003
Cape Cod
OK I am watching this right now and whille I haven't stopped laughin I thought I would post this. So then who loves and which of you can somehow hate it? :D
I've never seen it but I hear good things.
Its good but Futurama is better. (family Guy has little to no verbal humor)
Family Guy ROCKS!!!!! :D
MarineCorps said:
Hey does anyone know when they going to show more new epsiodes?
All I know is that they are going to have more episodes comming during the fall season.
The new season is notably worse than the originals, but it's still better than alot of television.

If I had to choose, though, I would choose Stella and a few other shows over the new Family Guy.
cgannon64 said:
The new season is notably worse than the originals, but it's still better than alot of television.

Pfffft. The new ones are the just as insulting and funny as the old ones. Even the PTC knows this. :p Whats wrong with you? ;)

@CG: AH thanks, I knew that we were promised at least 30 episodes...
I like it but I liked Futurama even more (which FOX in their infinite genius cancelled). About the only time I watch TV these days is to catch new episodes of the evening FOX cartoon lineup.
I find enough real fat people dancing on TV as it is, I don't care to much to find a animated fat guy dancing.

I saw one episode that had a pretty funny storyline. It's the one where he finds out his house isn't part of the U.S. and that he's 'technically' his own country. So he invades his neighbors pool etc.

They ruined it with the "Can't touch this" act.

Horrid show, hope I never see it again.
I like it; I have a few favorite episodes, such as "Road to Rhode Island" and "Let's Go to the Hop." I can't be bothered to watch the new season; I prefer Season 1/2 on DVD.
Family Guy is a great show. I'm so glad Fox decided to bring it back.
It's awesome.
Family Guy is great humor. Although I do want Futurama back.
My favorite part is when peter crashes into the deer's car and they argue about it, people who have seen the shwo know what im talking about right?
Whys everybody rolling their eyes?
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