Family Unhappiness and war weariness


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Mar 17, 2006
I am rather new to Old World and still learning the ropes.

In my current game, I am really struggling with family unhappiness. I am also struggling to win a war against Babylon. Just as I started to do well with the war, insurgents started to pop up around several cities so I now have a war at home to contend with.

My question to those more experienced, does being at war cause the families to be unhappy? I do not recall having much unhappiness earlier in the game. Perhaps share your experience with family unhappiness and how to manage it in the game.


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Mar 17, 2007
You can hover over the family's opinion of you to get a breakdown of why they're happy/furious. If you're not sure where to go for that, it's one of the five or six tabs at the top-right. The leftmost is your court, then families + religions, then foreign nations/tribes, and I don't use the ones to the right of that very often.

I don't think war weariness is a factor in family unhappiness, though don't quote me on that. In my experience, the top causes have been:

- Discontent in family cities. If you don't build enough happiness buildings, this can really add up, it was adding -500 unhappiness per family in my recent game where I had about 20 cities.
- Family leader/family religion opinion of you being negative. Usually this isn't a big deal, but when it is, it can be a really big deal. It can also change rapidly if the family leader changes. E.g. maybe the previous leader was Jewish and you have good relations with the Jewish leadership, but the new leader is Zoroastrian and the Zoroastrians really dislike you.
- Missing luxuries can add up if a family has a lot of cities, though discontent usually outweighs it. Also, if you don't distribute cities evenly, that can add up. The Landowner families in particular will get upset if they have fewer than the average number of cities.
- Events. At one point the Julius family leader led an uprising, so we tried to imprison him, but that failed. Then we sent assassins, and that failed. Then there was another revolt. Everything made everything else worse. Eventually he died of old age and we took an action to pacify the family in an event, but that's how I got the achievement for a family being furious with me.

Given what you said about not having as much unhappiness earlier in the game, my best guess is it's discontent. Especially if you've been heavily focused on the war, discontent may have risen considerably on the home front while your orders were prioritizing the military and not building odeons/theaters/baths, or connecting all possible luxuries.

Good luck! Having rebels/raiders to deal with can really be a huge distraction in a war, that almost doomed me in my current war against Babylon, although in that case it was mostly raiders.
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