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Faster culture?


Dec 13, 2001
No doubt this has come up before here, but now I'm trying out a change in the "level multiplier" and "border factor" under general settings. The level multiplier, I take it, dictates how many years it takes to get a doubling of culture points for things, and the border factor dictates when your cultural border expands. Stock is set at 1000 and 10, i.e. a city's border expands at 10, 100, 1000, and 10000 culture points, and the amount of culture you get for cultural things doubles every 1000 years they have been around. I'm trying border factor of 5, meaning borders will expand at 5, 25, 125, 625, 3125, and 15625 (if a city gets to 20,000 culture, you win a cultural victory).
I already like it better! It's the same for all civs in the game, so it's not like it's a special advantage for the player or anything like that. It means your little empire fills in its gaps quicker and you get the results of your military conquests reflected in your territory holdings sooner than you would with the stock setting of 10. The lower level multiplier of 500 vs. 1000 means that old cultural things will be worth more, i.e. more incentive to build culture sooner rather than later. It also means that cultural things built up to 1550 AD will have a chance to have their cultural impact doubled before 2050 AD (if I'm understanding this all correctly).

Has anyone tried this sort of mod? What do y'all think of this?
It might be good to decrease the threshold for border expansion, but it would require a lot of tweaking and testing.

Bear in mind that faster border expansion means more culture flips, which some (many?) people would not appreciate.

IMO, there is too big of a gap between 100 and 1000 culture points, but it isn't possible to lower that particular margin without modifying the others.
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