Favorite Fish


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Jan 1, 2002
Not far away enough
I like rainbow trout with almost anything...mmmmm:)

u guys???

[edit] How could I forget sushi??? I love all sushi too.
Marlin. mmmmmmm
But when none is avavilable (as in every freakin' day, the stuff is pricey) I eat tuna.

In fact I think I'll go have a tuna sandwich now.:splat:
I love all fish. I am a seafood fanatic!!!!!

Here are my favorites in no order:

Red Snapper :D
Mahi Mahi :D
Tuna ( Not the canned, disgusting stuff) :D
Red Snapper :D
Sea Bass :D

Any fish that is made into sashimi:D


Not to Mention:

Etc Etc.

:lol: :lol:
mmmmmm Catfish.
thats all I have to say
this post has made me hungry :(

Origonally posted by CurtSibling
Just don't eat my pet tuna!

He bites!
I don't like tuna much but salmon. oh that sounds great :p
salmon is my second favorite fish :D

3.Fishsticks ;)
Steelhead trout is my favorite.
Salmon is excellent too.
But let's not forget about a nice, rare Tuna 1/4 steak either. Or Tuna in Sushi (but not that canned Tuna s***).
Favourite: Hot curry squid. Delicious.
Also smoked salmon, eel (excellent too), lobster claw. I maybe if I have a lot of money I would travel to japan and try Fugu. Although it's quite risky and I may die.
But well, since I don't like meat (except dog :D), and I prefer fish, everything will be fine.
Did you know that 63 people in Japan died last year from eating Fugu? And a couple more were hospitalized.

Goldfish, Mutated Sea Bass with fricken laser beams, and of course Dolphin.:D
There ain't nothing better than sitting down to watch Flipper whilst munching on a live, still-squealing dolphin:cool:

As for conventional fish, one does have a predisposition for Tuna (eating it right now :)), Salmon, Whiting, Herring, Anchovies, and Caviar, which is sort of a future fish;)
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