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Aug 23, 2007
Hey Fellow Civers,

I'm a long time player, first-time poster. I was just wondering what leader/civ combos people have been having fun with. Here are my favorites.

Lincoln of Egypt- The Phi/Chm trait makes Stonehenge very powerful, and of course War Chariots are awesome. I've tried it a couple times in Immortal with good results on a crowded map. I've been able to wipe out neighboring AI early on, using the specialists gold to support my army... but when all is said and done, i'm behind in the tech race and can't pull out the win.

Willhem of Oranje of the Ottomans- As far as i'm concerned, Willhem has the best traits in the game. Cre makes grabbing land easy, and the cheap Libraries/Financial trait makes for fast teching. The Hamman gives you the ability to skip monarchy providing you have religion, so you can shoot straight for Gunpowder. In an Emporer game, I had Janissary before my neighbors had longbows!

I think it was a great idea to include the Unrestricted Leaders, it's very entertaining!
Obviously Boudicca of the Romans stands out.... but Darius of the HRE, Churchill of the Native Americans and - my favourite for higher levels Mehmed of the Byzantines (endless happy (UB) and health (trait) for huge cities and a great UU)
Roosevelt of the Germans is an unbeatable combo...if you are a builder.
I kinda like Darius of the Zulu. Fin/Org is overpowered already, add in -20% maintenance from the Ikalanda, and you got a strong early econ. Of course with the impi, you're in for some early conquests, and the forementioned is a strong way to keep your econ up and running when you suddenly find yourself with 6 cites pre-courthouse.

Also, Toku of the Native Americans seems pretty popular in MP.
Boudicca of the Romans is indeed :eek:
Not even fun to play like that unless you play with agg. AI on + 2 levels more than you normally play!
Darius of Perisa............hang on :mischief:

Yeah BootyCall and her char/agg combo with the Romans where the first thing I thought of when I first heard of the unrestricted leaders option too. I tend to pick her when I want to try any Civ with a strong early melee UU like Greeks or Summeria. Not only does she make good leader for waring but playing her means zero chance of having her sticking her implants in your face every few turns on the diplo screen :p

Alex also seems good for the Romans agressive for the prats and philosophical to synergize with the UB. Actually anyone who wants to try and make lots of GP farms should try a Philosophical leader with their fave second trait. Not only will they get gp boost from forums but Prats are so strong that even without agressive they tuff enough to still be a force.

Tokie is also a nice leader for purely fun. Pick a civ with your fave gunpowder unit and then make Musketeers, Redcoats or Seals or whatever that have drill1 combat 1 and city garrison 1 right out the box. I tried him with Americans and with the advisors and westpoint and stuf I had one city making Seals with Combat 1 Combat 2, City Garison 1, Drill1-4, and Medic 1 plus their built in March and Amphib. It was silly but it was fun hehe :)

I havent played around with Brenny much lately. That is one thing that surprized me. It seems lots of people HATE the celtic UB and UU but would still play Celts because they said Brenny has a great trait combo. I figured there would be TONS of people going off playing him with a civ that have UU and UB they actually LIKE too but I havent noticed that much excitement bout it :/.

Unrestricted leaders with the AI can be fun too. Thinking of first time I saw Gandhi Leader of the Mongol Horde still make me giggle hehe. Or Monty King of Rome thinking YIKES and writing down "kill that whacko before he gets prats" on my to do list.

Unresticted leaders can also make random games more interesting. You can pick a leader you like but still keep the civ part at random or vice versa or just leave both at random for tons of differnt combos from interesting to just silly.

I really like unrestricted leaders LOTS :)

I'm suprised to see that most of the favorites have to with Aggressivness rather than economy. Darius of the Zulu is intriguing, and so is Mehmed of the Byzantines. I think these must be the players who dabble in the Emporer and Immortal levels. I don't consider myself an Immortal yet, because I haven't beat it on random, with default settings. So I tried to find an unrestricted Leader combo that would help me win for fun, but I really don't think I could do it with Tokugawa of Native America or "Booty Call" ;) of Greece. I find the AI produces so many units you need a huge army which is very hard to finance. I will try Boudylicious of The Romans however, as you won't need as many Praetorians. I'll have to get lucky and be next to the civ that builds the Pyramids though :rolleyes: .

Thanks for the feedback Civvers!
I think DeGaulle of India would be fun. . . 'builder-licious'
I really want to try Victoria of the Dutch on island or archipelago map. The East Indiaman is as British as it is Dutch. So it isn't a strange combination.
I play with Lincoln with both Egypt and Eithiopia and find him a clearly dominating ruler in those cases without having many wars. He combines to make tons of Great Prophets with Egypt, and Eithiopia gives him an easy cultural victory with the +25% culture bonus from the Stela.

Gandhi of the Romans I found fun for peaceful purposes (yes using the Romans and not for the Prats) the forum combined with a Philisophical leader is a powerful combo.
I'll have to remember the BootyCall nickname. I've just been calling her Brokedica (esp. Brokedica of the Exploitoreans) all this time.

Anyhow, of the fair combos, I really like Huanya Capac of Russia. Dutch Ragnar is a little less fair, but still one of my favorites.
I've done Hyuna Capac of Mali, DeGaulle, and Qin (Chinese leader) of Mali.

I think I like DeGaulle the best (for charismatic/industrial) and Mali are great with the +10% gold forges. Plus their UU is stronger defensively than macemen and possibly swordsmen.

Next game I'm trying DeGaulle of the Dutch.
I've only played one unrestricted leaders game, Victoria (Imp/Fin) of Mali (Skirmisher/Mint/Wheel/Mining). Skirmisher-rushed the next civ over, spread settlers everywhere, made a lot of money which let me stay ahead in tech, and eventually got a Domination victory IIRC. A powerful combo IMO.
Funny thing, Huanya Capac. He's awesome, the Inca just suck... (Unless you do Quecha rush, which is a whole different story, but I don't like that very much...) So Huanya's a dream for Unrestricted Leaders.

Unfortunately, the computer comes up with silly combinations...
question: when you play with unrestricted leaders, doesn't that mean your opponents are also unrestricted combos? so couldn't you have combos that you are playing against that would be powerful and make it more challenging? I haven't tried this mode yet. I was considering a succession game with this feature.
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