Favourite and Shunned Gov. Types

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Jul 19, 2005
Appologies if this has already been explained elsewhere, but could anyone please explain what the signficance of the favourite and shunned government types is?

Does it only affect AI players? Or do you get bonuses/penalties for adopting one of those government types?


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Nov 16, 2003
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it only affects your attitued from other AI players. for instance; if you are in a monarchy, and your talking to the sumerrians (whose favorite government is monarchy) you will get a small bonus. but its so small, you should never base what government you to go to based on an opponets favorite government

for more information see here

EDIT: it turns out, both you and the AI have to be in their favorite government to get the bonus, and to get the negative, you need to be in the shunned government and the AI cannot.

here's the relevant text from the article (keep in mind, negative is good):

AI's favorite/shunned governments:
-5 Favorite government (only applies if both you and the AI are in this government)
+4 Shunned government (only applies if you are in this government and the AI is not)

The worst that can happen is you switch from the AI's favorite government, that you both are in, then only you switch to the AI's shunned government (net result +9). An example would be if you switch from despotism to republic and Egypt, Zulu, or Celts stays in despotism or goes to Monarchy. Or you go to Monarchy and the Aztecs stay in Despotism or goes to Republic. Mongols is the other civ that favors despotism, but democracy is their shunned government.

Favorite governments:
Despotism: 5 AI
Republic: 6 AI
Monarchy: 6 AI
Democracy: 4 AI
Communism: 3 AI

Shunned governments:
Despotism: 7 AI
Republic: 7 AI
Monarchy: 4 AI
Democracy: 2 AI
Communism: 4 AI

For the most part, the AI is in Republic-Democracy while at peace and monarchy-communism while at war, regardless of what their favorite/shunned government is. So even though there are an even 6 AI for both republic and Monarchy, the Republic would apply more often for favorite government because the AI would also be in that same government. For attitude purposes, republic would only be bad for you if most of the other AI is still in despotism or going to a war-time government because of wars. If you are still in despotism, while the rest of the world has switched governments (more frequently seen on higher levels), you'll see the AI attitudes worsen.


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Jan 6, 2003
Interesting.. I always thought the shunned gov was the one the AI would never choose for itself.


Dec 27, 2003
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Hmm, that article sounds like it was written in the PTW days, will have to update.
Apr 16, 2004
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It most certainly is. In Conquests the AI is in Republic/Democracy during peace and pretty much only Fascism during war once they have that tech.
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