[Feature] How works new eras in DoaNE?


Mar 29, 2009
It is time to me to do an explanation to some concepts in this mod.
As the name of this mod is "Dawn of a New Era", let's talk to the eras concept in mod.

1) What is an era ?

In this mod, an era is a period time of your civilization. Some eras unlock professions, buildings, features or change yields prices in Europe...

Anyway, you have understood the faster you will be to reach the next era, stronger you will be in the game.

2) How many eras there are?

Currently, the game is divided in four eras for a specific purpose.

Allow you to recruit immigrants in Europe.

Unlock more advanced buildings. (ex: the magazine to create muskets, ... )
Unlock more advanced units. (ex: the merchant ship, the wagon builder, ...)
The influence area of your colonies is unlocked.
Prices of some resources in Europe cost less than before. (ex: muskets, cannons)

Unlock more advanced buildings. (ex: Arsenal for cannons, ... )
Unlock more advanced units. (ex: the man-of-war ship, ...)
Unlock professions. (ex: patriots, ...)
Prices of some resources in Europe cost less than before. (ex: muskets, cannons)

Allow to the player to launch the revolution for the independence.

3) How to reach the next era?

As you may guess, you have to match some criteria in order to reach the next era.
To see what are the conditions, you have to click on the following top button.

You should see on the right part something similar than my screenshot.
Those criteria are generated randomly and will be different between players in the same game.
Spoiler :

As you can see on the picture, there are two parts :
a) The automatic way
This way to reach the next era is the simplest.
Indeed, you just need to wait the number of turn indicated on this area and you will reach the next era.
However, it is not a good solution because you will have to wait a long time before reaching it. You will probably lose the game with this strategy.

PS: with DoaNE 5.10, I have added a new rule with this automatic way. Indeed, now if an other player has reached a new era, all other players will reach also this era automatically some turns later (between 5 and 15 turns). Like that it will avoid to have a huge gap between Europeans players.

b) The hard way (but faster)
On the picture, you have seen all criteria that I had to do.
Number of colony, amount of gold, soldier by colony, ...
You have to be careful, because you have to complete all criteria without exception in order to reach the era.

4) Having quick game is now possible ?

At the beginning of the game, you have the possibility to choose the kind of victory mode you want to do.
Spoiler :

The system is really simple, by default the victory mode "Reach the era 2" (or the EXPANSION er if you prefer).
That means that the first European player, that will reach this victory era, will win the game
But you can wonder "What happen in case of two players reach a victory era in the same time ?".
I would say to you it is a good question :).
Without kidding, the winner will be simply the one that have the higher score.

5) How does it work when we are in team ?

This is a special case. A team has to complete more complex criteria to reach a new era. But all players will reach the new era together.

For example, if one of the criteria is to have 4 colonies. If one of the player has 1 colony and the other one has 3 colonies it will works.
Indeed, the team has the 4 colonies required.

However, if one of the player does not have enough soldier in one of his colonies, the team will not succeed this criteria.


Mar 29, 2009
I agree. The most important for me it to make MP games shorter. When we play, we don't specially want to play one week until the revolution. :)


Jan 3, 2017
When I meet the required conditions for upgrading era it doesn't change but all the boxes are checked, also I am not able to make guns only swords even with the upgraded armory buildings. Also a bug I found when taking ships, they are unable to sail back from Europe and have a colonist icon on the ship tab.
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