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Feature idea: foreign policy, influencing A.I. behavior

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by megabearsfan, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. megabearsfan

    megabearsfan Chieftain

    Jan 17, 2006
    Las Vegas, NV
    A few weeks ago, during the anticipation for Rise and Fall, a friend and I were chatting about some complaints we have with A.I. behavior in the Civ series. Specifically, we were complaining about the inability to do anything to influence an A.I. civ's behavior in-game, especially since Civ VI removed the ability to warn a civ in advance of doing things like converting your cities or settling too close.

    We brainstormed an idea for a set of "foreign policy" cards similar to social policies that would acts as warnings of what you consider to be a hostile act. Violating these acts could provide a civ with a reason for denouncement or a casus beli. I've written a blog post outlining our brainstorm:
    I invite everyone to check it out and let me know what you think.

    In summary, the idea would be for each civ to have a set of policies that they can enact that outline actions that the civ considers to be "Acts of War", "Acts of Aggression", and "Acts of Good-will". Violating another civ's Act of Aggression would allow that civ to cite that act as a justification for a denouncement that would carry more weight with other civs. That denouncement could later be followed-up with a formal war.

    Violating an Act of War would allow a civ to immediately declare war on the offending civ with a special casus beli that negates much of the warmonger penalty (and maybe also war weariness penalties).

    Civs could also outline "Acts of Good-will" that define things that they want other civs to do, and which can curry favor. Maybe these can also provide awards (similar to city-state quests).

    Examples of Acts of War / Aggression could include things like:
    - Declaring war on our city state ally.
    - Declaring war on our declared friend or ally.
    - Settling too close.
    - Building a wonder that we are building.
    - Converting out cities.
    and so on.

    Examples of Acts of Good-will could include things like:
    - Send us a trade route.
    - Spread your religion in our cities (for like, Gandhi, who actually benefits from foreign religions).
    - Gift a unit to us.
    - Declare war on our enemy.
    and so on.

    A system like this could maybe be a supplement for, or an outright replacement for, the existing agenda system. These policies would be publicly viewable, so every civ would know what every other civ considers to be an Act of War or an Act of Good-will. Civs that actually want peaceful relations would be more likely to honor these policies; whereas, civs that want hostility could actively break them in order to antagonize you.

    The idea is for players to have some way of influencing the behavior of A.I.s and to provide warnings to the A.I.s of actions that would lead to conflict.

    What does everybody think? Does this seem like it's something that could work? Any other ideas for how to influence A.I. behavior in such ways? Is influencing A.I. behavior even something that we want in the game?

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