[GS] Feature Overview video

Ouch on that nuclear power plant meltdown. I'm not sure I ever want to build these.
Arms control resolution: B choice has the player lose all their weapons of mass destruction. :cry:
It looks like new late game policies are all wildcard.

I think that is on purpose because the new future governments have 5 wild card slots. So players need some more wild cards to put in those slots. And the devs have said in a previous livestream that the new future era wild cards are very powerful.

Also, from the screenshot we have,
Corporate Libertarianism
2 military slots
1 economic slot
1 diplomatic slot
5 wild card slots

Digital Democracy
1 military slot
1 economic slot
2 diplomatic slots
5 wild card slots

So we can see that the new future governments don't have a lot of normal slots, they are pretty much all wild card slots, designed for the new future wild cards that are super powerful.
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