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feature suggestion

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - We The People' started by Barra, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. Barra

    Barra Chieftain

    Oct 22, 2014
    At first thank you guys for still maintaining and updating this gem of a mod.
    Like many do i visit and play col4 RaR/WTP once in a year or... more often ;)

    In my last bugfree WTP playthrough I got an idea to get rid of a hassel that bothers me since civ4col

    I usually play education focused WTP games, so that i get as many free colonists by food overflow as possible and teach them what they have to know for there future profession. After a while this gets very tedicious because I have to remember where or in which colony which profession is needed, maybe i have to check the city screen again then have to go back to the colony that has the new graded colonist (fe. statesmen) and sent it to the colonie that will need him.

    Maybe it would be possible, to "just" fe. double click an open working slot at the desired colony and a window like the choose profession window that appears when a new colonist has graded his university degree, that will show a list of all unassigned colonists, maybe even including a number showing how much turns he is away from the colony and then give him the command to go to the colony (even better would be if he would go to the colony AND would assign himself to the open working slot)

    This would reduce the micromanaging aspect of the game by a huge amount, imho

    Also I want to mind that a "better" traderoute UI is hardly needed in my eyes. If possible maybe somehow like the guild 2/3 or annos, but I would assume thats to much work...

    Again thank you for your support and all the efforts that are put into these mod
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  2. Nightinggale

    Nightinggale Deity

    Feb 2, 2009
    There is a thread about it already. If you have a good idea on how it should work, feel free to explain. We all agree that the current system isn't good enough, but the question is what to do instead.
  3. Barra

    Barra Chieftain

    Oct 22, 2014
    Ok thank you for this link, I was more concerned about the UI and not about the processes/automation behind it, but for sure to rework the automation system would be even better, maybe in addition to a more intuitiv e ui/interface for manual traderoutes.
    I had taken a look at the suggestions but I have to admit there is not much to add by me with my limited coding experience, but for sure I will keep an eye on it and if I feel I have something to contribute to, i will ;)

    for now I would highly appreciate, feedback about the idea of assigning open workslots in a colony by a option in the related colony.
    I you are confident enough to rework the whole complexe trade route mechanic I think this idea/feature suggestion would be rather easy for you.

    As I understood almost all functions could be recycled from already existing code.

    The GoTo window and the chooses profession screen could offer the code needed ?
    Fe.: the GoTo window, which shows the colony, a unit could travel to including how many turns it will take. For the purpose of choosing a unit out of a pool of unassigned units (not working a slot in any colony) it "just" had to show/create this pool/array of units instead of citys. For better readability and for the icing on the cake it would be nice if they are shown in a collaps-able menu one collaps for each available profession, sorting the one nearest to the destination to eachs top. Im at work currently, I will photoshop a preview of what I have in mind to make it more understandable ;)
  4. Barra

    Barra Chieftain

    Oct 22, 2014
    This is how it could look like:
    An extra Button, opening a choose Unit screen, which is feeded by all units that are not citizens (not already working in a colony/unassigned)
    Each shown profession is a dropdown-list that can expand upon clicking on it, as visible at the carpenter. Its sorted by the distance/rounds it would take to reach the colony, for each unit.

    Spoiler BiggerOne :

    The needed functions could be borrowed by the following ones ?!

    Spoiler GoTo :

    Spoiler ChooseProfession :

    Spoiler UnitList :

    I think this would be a great QoL feature, by reducing the clicking&scrolling needed to get a unit to a specific colony. Its basically a reverted GoTo option. Instead of clicking a unit outside of the colony window and sent it by GoTo to a colony (which should also stay ;) ) we could call a unit directly while IN the colony window.

    What are your thoughts?​

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