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February/Early march Civilization 4 files update


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Oct 22, 2008
Long time since the last update, and many things have happened.
First the sad news: One of our modders, veBear, has retired and doesn't mod any longer. We'll miss his additions :(, but we also wish him good luck with the important real life things.
And now, back to the awesomeness of Civilization 4. Like you can see, the list of new things doesn't get any shorter.
Not only that the work is still going on, we can also welcome a new artist, Melcher Kürzer, and a new modder, SteveTR, to the modding community. And from the new ones back to the old ones. Two long awaited mods are now available, the world war I mod Blood And Iron, and Realism Invictus for Beyond The Sword (known formerly as Total Realism). And we can even look further back, to Civilization II, because we now have its walrus resource for Civ4.
And there are even more things to discover, check them out!

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