Feists' wonderful world of Midkemia version 3.01 (Updated 26 May 2002)

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The Fuzz
Jan 2, 2002
The place that time forgot
This map has been a long time in the works and version 3.01 is finally here people. The full scenario for this map will be done in a week or two. I WOULD LIKE ANY AND ALL FEEDBACK ON THIS MAP PLEASE I wish to make sure this map is perfect when I add in all the mods to make it a full scenario. The scenario will be the last edition until play the world with it's full editior. A few notes I have made curruption minimal due to the size of the map, that is the only rule I have altered, their are eight of every luxery, twelve of most resources, and four uranium.

This version does include NOVINDUS in it!


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the map is 180 wide by 80 high so the proportions don't look right in the screenshot, but I assure their as close as I can get them; I couldn't manage to get the new screenshot in here so you can get by browsing this site to find where it pops up at, or downloading the map and you will find it there.
It looks very nice, except why do you have the far coast extending out to where the Sunset Islands should be?
yes, Midkemia as a Civ III map, I love it!! Keep up the great work.
Maybe a map of the Tsurani world too?
Pity bout the lack of maps on Kesh.....
did any of the books ever have a complete map of Kesh? Is there anywhere where it was published? Or has Feist just never compelted it?
If I am not mistaken, I believe that Prince of the Blood had a map of at least the northern portions of Kesh...
I am currently working on version 2 (march, 20. 2002). I am going to make lacations and positions on the map much more exact. I will then try to start playing with the editor to alter the scenario properties to more correctly fit the scenatrio, but that might not be complete at first. I will post the map itself when I finish it. This should be before april 1. I am looking for any advice you civers intrested in this map might have. I held back on working on this map for a while due to lack of intrest, but since civers out there are starting to notice that it exists I shall spend tedios hours correcting the mistakes made in attempt 1 of the map. Thank you Tekki for info on where to find a more complete map of kesh. I will run right out to the local book store and pick it up right away. PLEASE IF YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE SEND A RESPONSE WITHIN 5 DAYS OF THIS POST BY MARCH 25, 02.

I would really apreciate advice to improve any map and make it more playable.
Just got your map checking it now,as for Kesh yes Prince of the Blood has good maps....What about Novindus?
Due to the fact that in order to make room for the it on the map I would have to make a huge map. I myself don't prefer to play on huge maps, to time consuming. Version 2.00 will be a large map with the demintions of the map altered so that i can make the map more proportionetly correct. I could possibly replace "the kindom of roldem" with "Novindus" though in this map. What do you civers think, replace or not?
well,the only way could get novindus and roldem/kesh all in 1 game was putting it on seperate maps and loading them into test of time,
resources are alright,a few to many open plains but i had that prob too with my old civ2 midkemia.
you should see trying to covert the innersphere onto a flat map,it's impossible
This is a map based on the fantasy world as depicted in the books
of Raymond E. Fiest. I took this pariticular map from "Shards of
a broken Crowm", voulume IV of the riftwar saga. I still can't find
the book "Prince of blood", wich is the only book I know of that
has maps of Kesh, for those who have not read the books Kesh
is the southern half of the continent, so until I can get that book
I have just stuff in there out of my own imagination.

1: the only rule change as of yet is the size of the map
(100w, 80h) to make map look more realistic.
2: there is now less resources and luxeries.
a) eight of all luxeries, and they occur clumpy
b) eight of all resources, execept four uranium
3) there are two possible "ron works" cities, in
Roldem and Krondor.
4) About all starting locations have been changed
5) The vail of dreams is full of goodies
6) The two sides of the map no longer connect since
they were not
meant to in his world, and it makes game more fun

there may be more misc. changes I have not menrioned, gotta love fine print.
oops sorry, well heres the image and the map will be on the next post


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I have recently been pointed in the direction of a complete map of the continent of Triagia. The continent itself is about twice the size of the current map so I will have to double the width of the map in order to fit it all in. Im not sure of the size of the map, but it will probably be huge are larger and have all the land. Once I finish this map it will be the last step of the map construction process. I was unaware of the vast size of kesh not included in the maps in most of his books. This map will probably take me two to four weeks to construct, and then I will work on the game itself. I eventually plan on altering the entire game, the civ names hero names, city names, and unit names, in order to make the scenario follow the book as much as possible. I apoligize for all the different versions of just the map Im making, but I want the map to be perfect before I even start working on the scenario altering itself. If it werent for the vast amount it turned out I missed of the map I would be working on the fine details now. I hope for any possible suppory you can give.
I've had a chance to play the map now and overall I like it very much. A few points though:

There should be ocean north of Midkemia itself. I vaguely recall from one of the later books how the royal navy sailed from Rillanon to Krondor during its destruction. The ability to sail under Kesh would also be useful.

Also the larger oceans themselves seem a little bare - a few small islands here and there would make it more interesting.

Finally, the eastern part of Novindus (where the ship crashed in The King's Buccaneer?) should be desert.

Excellent work - hope this helps.
I thank you for responding to my map, as of Cape Doom, I wasn't sure iwhat it was thank you will change. I am almost finished with the scenario, but don't want to release it untill I have had somebody test it out first, I need a beta tester I quess. Would you be willing to be that person? I am looking for a few things, but mostly just if the UU are right, and the power of them at their time, if it needs adjusted or not. Much thanks.
funkage said:
did any of the books ever have a complete map of Kesh? Is there anywhere where it was published? Or has Feist just never compelted it?

There are heaps of maps with kesh completed on the net. Just look for them. Theres a pretty good fan site with it www.elvandar.com i think...

Hope this helps contribute to future midkemia maps:D

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