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Fellowship of the Ring - A Mini Mafia


Feb 11, 2010
At the Foot of the Cross
Mini Mafia Game: The Fellowship of the Ring
(Game Thread)
(10 players)
Hosted by Topsecret
Ended May 16, 2012
Town Victory​

1 - Jarrema - Town, Won
2 - Autolycus - Town, Won
3 - Mat93 - Mafia, Lost
4 - Dreadnought - Town, Won
5 - JoanK - Town, Won
6 - Buddhafish - Mafia, Lost
7 - Johnhughthom - Town, Won
8 - Visorslash - Town, Won
9 - Daveshack - Town, Won
10 - Verarde - Town, Won

All references to the Lord of the Rings, are copyrighted by 1 - J.R.R. Tolkien or 2 - New Line Cinema

This is a mafia based on the Fellowship of the Ring! But who is the tenth player...?

Day 1
Day 2

  • Rules

    Special Rules:
  • There are two sides. Good and Corrupted.
  • Every player will have a race and an ability. You may or may not have an item.
  • Race abilities are Passive
  • Your ability and/or item may be active (requiring an order) or passive.
  • Corrupted players also can send in the player they wish to kill.

    Generic Rules:
  • Adhere to the forum rules.
  • Day is 48 hours, and Night is 24 hours.
  • During the Day Phase, you may vote for who you believe to be corrupted. Votes must be in the Vote: RandomPerson format.
  • If you wish to change your vote, you must unvote like this: Unvote: RandomPerson
  • Whoever has the most votes at the end of the day phase will be killed, and the game will advance to night.
  • During the night phase, every player will send me their orders. All corrupted players will send me the person they wish to kill. You may talk during the night phase. Try not to get too spammy.
  • If you are dead, you are no longer able to vote, reveal any of your previous night actions, claim anything you did while alive that isn't present in the thread, or talk. Period. You're dead.
  • Private communication is allowed.
  • Do not quote any message the host (or anyone else) may send you; you must use your own words. This means you can never quote your role PM and copy it here in this thread, or reveal it privately.
  • No Lynch and Abstain are allowed. Inactivity will result in replacement or being killed.
  • Alignment is revealed upon death (in most cases :p).
  • No spam or editing posts, save for grammatical fixes.

The Good alignment has obtained Victory!
Sign-up list.
1 - Jarrema
2 - Autolycus
3 - Mat93 - Gollum, Corrupted
4 - Dreadnought
5 - JoanK
6 - Buddhafish - Boromir, Unknown
7 - Johnhughthom
8 - Visorslash - Legolas, Good
9 - Daveshack
10 - Verarde

Here is the reserve list:
1. classical_hero
2. MartinLuther

EDIT: The photos are here because I have no image upload place :p


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I want to!

EDIT: what do you mean by saying that aligment is revealed in most cases?
I don't always join Mafia games. But when I do, I play them well. Or for fun. :p
I want to!

EDIT: what do you mean by saying that aligment is revealed in most cases?

Oh. An ability that someone has...
Fellowship of the Ring. I always kinda liked Lord of the Rings, even though I've never sat down and watched any of them all the way through.


So depressing that most people automatically think of the films now, rather than the book...

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