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Female Foreign Advisor

She looks like this (I had no time to change thegraphics during the ages. Sorry.)


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Originally posted by Taé Shala
That is what it is for.

It is a shortcut to the other thread with the female trade advisor.:p

WHOOPS! :cringe: Guess I should pay closer attention to what I'm doing...

Tae Shala,

Really enjoy playing with your female advisor. It feels much better now when she tells that I am technologically backwards or that the Chinese are disdainful of our culture!

How is work on the other female advisor going? I can use some good news from the Science and Military Advisor as well...
I am working on a redhead for the next advisor.

But takes some time to find enough good pics to use them for four different moods.

I think it will come in a few days. ;)

I am proud that you enjoy it.

This is probably a dumb question, but how can i use both of your advisor mods at the same time? i.e. how can i have them both show up in the advisor_tab.pcx file?
In the other thread you can download a version with both.

Or use this one:


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sweet, thanks man!
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