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Feudalism Game Rules

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Democracy and Team Games' started by CharlemagneXLII, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. CharlemagneXLII

    CharlemagneXLII Chieftain

    May 24, 2010
    I will be playing a slightly modded version of C3C, and anyone is invited to participate. Our country will be divided into several fiefs, each controlled by one duke. I (the King) will control the capital, and probably some other cities. The rules of the game are below. These rules cannot be broken as part of the game, though they might change if there is approval.

    Section I: Game Specifications

    Spoiler :
    We are playing on a 180x180 world map, with our starting location in France.
    The government feudalism now has no WW, hurry pay, communal corruption and
    unit support as follows: Town 7, City 10 and Metro 13. Railroads cannot
    be built by anyone. The science rate is capped at 40% maximum.

    Section II: General Rules
    Spoiler :

    1) The King will play 10 turns once all orders are received. The King shall
    stop early if something important enough happens (e.g. a declaration of war
    or founding a new city etc)
    2) No saved games will be posted, only screenshots and other information.
    3) The King is responsible for foreign affairs and the royal treasury.
    4) Armies, leaders, combat navy and air force, Ancient Cavalry and Crusaders
    are controlled by the King and cannot be used in domestic warfare.
    (see section IV)
    5) The crown prince (Le Dauphin), Bowsling, is the King's assistant. He
    is responsible for finances and has access to everything the King does.
    6) All other players are Dukes or Knights. Dukes are in charge of a fief
    comprised of multiple cities. There will be up to six dukes total to begin.
    Knights are any other playe rthat choose to be associated with one duchy
    and can help their duke make decisions in their thread.
    7) The King reserves the right to rearrange the feudal provinces to add more
    dukes when the empire gets bigger.

    Section III: Dukes and Fiefs
    Spoiler :
    1) Dukes may choose their own title. The words fief and duchy are
    2) Any units produced by a city are controlled by that city's duke,
    except for units outlined in (II:4)
    3) Do not look at the thread of any duchy excpet your own.
    4) The King will post screenshots, financial information and other
    necessary details on the thread of a fief.
    5) The Duke must post a production queue, citizen management and
    unit orders for 10 turns, and any trades, on their thread.
    6) Unit orders can be specific, vague, or can leave some decisions to
    the King
    7) Units and money can be traded between fiefs and to the King.
    8) No finishing palaces in your cities.

    Section IV: Military
    Spoiler :
    1) A duke may attack the city of another duke, or the King through
    a combat system as follows:
    i) The attacking units must have their combined attack strength higher
    than 150% of the combined defensive strength to take a city.
    ii) Conscript units get a -1 penalty to attack and defense strength, elite
    units get a +1 bonus.
    iii) Artillery units remove 1/2 their bombard strength from the combined
    attack/defense value of the opposing stack.
    iv) Defensive buildings increase the percentage of attack points: defense
    points required to take a city by the amount specified in the civilopedia.
    2) Combat described above can only occur in cities.
    3) Before attacking a rival duke, one must first publicly declare war on
    4) Units are normally able to enter the cities of another duke, unless
    they are at war.
    5) If an attacker succesfully takes a city, they gain control of that city
    and its units. If that city was the capital of a fiefdom (the first city that duke was given when they started), the attacker must install a new duke to rule that fiefdom. The other duke who had their capital taken is eliminated.
    6) Third parties can assist in an attack or defense of a city, or can have
    units stationed in that city remain neutral. The player with the strongest
    attack takes the city.
    7) Units must be given contingency orders if they are ordered to attack a city, in case that order fails. Those units will lose one turn for the attempted attack.
    8) Any player who takes the capital Aix-la-Chapelle becomes the new King.
    They must install a new duke to rule their old fiefdom.

    Section V: Finances
    Spoiler :
    1) Each fiefdom shall have its own treasury which they can use to trade
    with other dukes, hurry production, upgrade units or anything else gold
    can be spent on.
    2) Each fiefdom shall have their revenue Excluding science & corruption)
    taxed by the King every time the game is played. The King sets the tax rate,
    and it can be different for each fief.
    3) Fiefs are responsible for maintenence and unit support. This means it is
    possible to go into debt.

    Laws of the Kingdom:
    These are laws issued by the King. They are not binding, but the King expects them to be followed and will be very annoyed with fiefdoms that break any laws.
    Spoiler :
    1) No pillaging anything within French borders.
    2) If there ever exists war between France and another country, the King expects fiefdoms to send any units requested by the King to the front. (Or wherever they might be needed.)

    Also, the King will make rulings on any disputed over the rules ingame, and these rulings will be most likely biased towards the King. It's good to be the King.

    You'll come to notice I like using spoilers to keep individual posts short, and to make it cleaner.
  2. Sparthage

    Sparthage Fighting Tyranny

    Nov 10, 2009
    New Lunar Republic
    Could you put up some combat examples?
  3. CharlemagneXLII

    CharlemagneXLII Chieftain

    May 24, 2010
    Sure. If Sparthage has 3 regular Knights, 2 elite knights and a veteren swordsman attack Aix-la-Chapelle defended by 4 regular pikemen, a conscript medieval infantry and a catapult, the attack will go like this:
    Total attacking points:
    3 x 4=15 (knights) + 2 x 5=10 (elite knights) + 1 x 3 =3 (swordsman) - 1 x 4/2=2 (catapult)= 26
    Total defensive points:
    4 x 3=12 (pikemen) + 1 x 1 = 1 (MI) = 13

    Since the attacking points/defending points is 200%, more than the >150% required, Sparthage takes the capital and becomes the new King. If Aix-la-chapelle had walls, Sparthage would require >200% (add 50% for walls), and would not have enough to take the city. The attacking units would then carry out their contingency orders.

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