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Apr 9, 2024
Hi dear Civ fans :) Im new to this forum and sorry if my post is in wrong place.
I play Civilization V few years from time to time but Im looking for new mods. Last time I use "Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack" with TSL but only huge map because on giant I dont have resoures and ancient ruins :/ Version 22
I downloaded yesterday VP mod but game crash when load mods VP+ YnAEMP or if I pass load I cant see Earth maps on list...so I tried with community map for a few minutes. Also didnt see any resources and ruins. (what map is best in this case?)
So I need some advice. What Im looking for:
1. I would like try VP mod + YnAEMP working together with ruins and resources
2. Is there any working with VP mod with more Era? Like prehistoric and more future or something between? Im getting bored with last era, all technology discovered but still half of social three to unlock because of slow of culture (even if I have almost 1k per turn)
3. More units, buidlings etc
4. Maybe some mechanics from Civ6?
5. More balance, realistic etc
I know it all very general but Im not good in english to explain everything or understand everything what I read in posts on forum.
Please tell me how make VP + YnAEMP work together + 4-6 cool mods. I usually play for one victory. Total war :D
And I will be grateful for links to download working and decent mods

Edit: I tried now regular earth map and ok I have ruins and resources (even too much so I dont like it)
Also, I see technology tree is changed, pyramids for example in another than original etc, new things but I dont have description like in original, just line with file...how with this?( I tried new game and details about buidling/units are ok before I build first city. After that its meesed up again :/ )
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