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    Still need to add world spells, look here in the meantime:
    Here's a "Civilizations Quick Guide". This isn't intended to be a comprehensive strategy guide, rather a way for new players to quickly compare civilizational differences (which is why I posted here rather than the strategy forum). It should be valid for the next couple of versions already, and at this point it should be easy enough to keep it up to date if there is interest.
    Word version is included for ease of printing if desired
    Please, if you notice errors or ommissions, point them out so I can make it accurate
    Theme is a closely related fantasy archetype for new players to grasp
    (Word copy updated by cowsaysmoo)

    Note on alignment: All leaders are either Good, Neutral, or Evil at the start of the game. As well as getting diplomacy bonuses with like-minded leaders, this has the following effects:
    Good leaders can build Paladins
    Neutral leaders can build Druids
    Evil leaders can build Eidolons

    Religion will change alignment as follows:
    the Order religion will change evil and neutral leaders good
    Runes of Kilmorph or Empyrean will change evil neutral
    Fellowship of the Leaves will not have an effect on a leader's alignement
    Octopus Overlords or the Council of Esus will change good leaders neutral
    the Ashen Veil will change neutral and good leaders evil

    Theme: Lawful Crusaders
    Cannot build: No restrictions
    • Crusade Civic (Lowers WW, restricts great people to GC, must be at war, can only build military, and cannot start diplomacy with your enemies)
    • Demagog unit (can only be used during a crusade; cheap Champion type unit)
    • Flagbearer unit (can only be used during a crusade, buffs units in its stack);
    • Most melee units start with “guardsman” promotion which causes the unit to be more likely to defend. (due to unique training yard effect)
    • Spawn Demagogs when enemies enter town improvements, reducing the improvement to a village
    • Spawn Demagogs from town improvements, reducing the improvement to a village, during a crusade
    Leaders: Sabathiel (Organized, Charismatic, good), Capria (Spiritual, Industrious, good)
    Mana: Law, Spirit, Earth
    Hero: Donal Lugh (req. Fanatacism), melee unit that can cast hope and recruit units. Recruit ability renews each time he kills a demon or undead enemy unit.

    Theme: Desert people
    Cannot build: Assassins
    • Invisibility does not work within their borders
    • All units start with “Nomad” promotion, giving increased strength and movement on desert tiles
    • Lightbringer unit, strength 2, starts with “visibility” promotion
    • Adaptive trait gives the option to reselect traits periodically
    • Citadel of Light building (creates fireballs if enemies are nearby, requires fire mana)
    • Camel Archer Unit (replaces horse archer, no resource requirement)
    Leaders: Varn Gosam (Creative, Adaptive, good)
    Mana: Sun, Mind, Life
    Hero: Tuetorix (req Blasting Poweder) Archer unit that gives +1 votes if your civ is in the OverCouncil

    Theme: Spiritual Monks
    Cannot build: No restrictions
    • Reliquary building (gives free spirit guide promotion)
    • Monk Unit (disciple unit with a large bonus versus demons)
    • Devout (assassin replacement starts with life magic and can explore rival territory)
    • Hallowing of the Elohim Ritual (decreases Armageddon counter with each use)
    • Defender Trait (units gain strength when in their own borders and 10% withdrawl)
    • Chancel of Guardians building (increases city defense, chance of “defensive” promotion to units built there.)
    Leaders: Einon Logos (Philosophical, Defender, good), Ethne the White (Creative, Defender, good)
    Mana: Spirit, Nature, Water
    Hero: Corlindale (req. Fanatacism) Arcane unit that can sacrifice himself to end all wars and halve the Armageddon Counter

    Theme: Dwarven Tinkers
    Cannot build: normal melee units beyond warriors, archery units beyond slingers (archer equivalent), Rangers, Horse Archers, Beastmaster, Marksman, War Elephant
    • Dwarven adepts can cast repair if given enchantment promotion (heals golems, siege, & ships)
    • Mud golem replaces workers, (work faster, not built with food)
    • Sculptors studio building (required for golem production, available at construction, provides culture)
    • Wood golem unit (available with construction, replaces axemen)
    • All other melee units have golem replacements at the standard techs. Most have different abilities, check civlopedia for more details. All start with “golem” promotion, which restricts XP gain and gives immunity to spells that specify a living target.
    • Boar rider (horseman replacement) requires pig resource
    • ALL golems given “Empower” (+ 10% str) promotions as Barnaxus the hero gains combat promotions.
    • Golem enhancing buildings: Blasting Workshop (golems can cast fireballs), Gridlines (golems gain “city garrison” promotion)
    Leaders: Garrim Gyr (financial, Defender, good), Berri Bawl (Spiritual, Organized, good)
    Mana: Enchantment, Life, Earth
    Hero: Barnaxus (req. Construction) golem melee unit that can gain XP and promotions, but doesn't have "Hero" promotion. Combat promotions taken by Barnaxus result in “Empower” (+ 10% str) promotions for all other golems under Luchurip control. Can be rebuilt if defeated by taking his pieces from the unit that defeated him to any Luchuirp city.

    Theme: Child King leads Cities of outcasts
    Cannot build: No restrictions
    • Sprawling Trait (Limited number of cities [2/2/3/3/4/5 for dual,tiny,small,standard,large, huge map sizes], each of which can work 3rd ring of tiles
    Cities built after the limit will be settlements, which cannot build or collect commerce
    • Centaur unit (horseman replacement with no resource requirements which receives defensive bonuses)
    • Tailor building (increases happiness with certain resources)
    • Jeweler building (increases happiness with certain resources)
    • Adaptive trait gives the option to reselect traits periodically
    Leaders: Cardith Lorda (sprawling, adaptive, expansive, good)
    Mana: Nature, Spirit, Water
    Heor: Eurobatres the Gold Dragon (req. Divine Essence), strong Beast unit that can also breathe fire.

    Theme: Militant Angels
    Cannot build: Any advanced (national) unit directly, or warriors or scouts
    • Cannot begin the game as this civ (to play as Mercurians, choose another civ and build the Mercurian gate, available if the Infernals have been summoned.)
    • Free Iron from palace
    • Gain free angel units when a “good” unit dies, anywhere in the world. (good units are those with Runes or Order promotion or citizens lost in cities of good empires.
    • Advanced units must be upgraded to from angel units
    • Begin the game permanently allied with the player that summoned them
    • If their Hero unit, Basium, is killed, all traits are lost.
    • Ingenuity trait reduces upgrade costs
    • Most units have the “Angel” Promotion, which gives some damage resistance and immunity to spells that specify a living target.

    Leaders: Basium (Aggressive, Raiders, Ingenuity, good)
    Mana: Life, Earth
    Hero: Basium (no req) melee unit, his death will remove the player's traits.

    Theme: Nature Elves
    Cannot build: Lumber mills, Seige weapons, Bear Totem, Machinists Shop, Alchemy Lab, chariot, arquebus, berserker, War Chariot, Cannon,
    • Workers can build improvements in forests to retain forest bonus to production. (Includes Fellowship of Leaves specific terrain ancient forests, as well.)
    • Units begin with Elven promotion, giving increased movement and defense in forests
    Flurry Unit, Archer that begins with Blitz, replaces crossbowman
    • Archers begin with +1 strength.
    • Fyrdwell unit (horse archer replacement) requires deer
    Leaders: Amelanchier (Raiders, Defender, neutral), Arendel Phaedra (Spiritual, Creative, good), Thessa (Expansive, Arcane, neutral)
    Mana: Nature, Air, Life
    Hero: Gilden Silveric, (Req archery) early archer unit

    Theme: Dwarves
    Cannot build: Any arcane units beyond adepts; Longbowmen, Rangers, Marksmen, Elephants units
    • Free Gold Resource from palace
    • Dwarven adepts can cast repair if given enchantment promotion (heals golems, siege, & ships)
    • Units begin with “Dwarven” Promotion, giving increased movement and defense on hills
    • Gain substantial bonuses or penalties (to production, happiness, and GPP) depending on how much gold per city they have at the moment. (Total gold on hand, divided by number of cities.) Check civlopedia for details.
    • Dwarven Smithy building (bonus production, further bonus with different metal resources)
    • Stronger Siege weapons
    • Boar rider (horseman replacement) requires pig resource
    • Hornguard (Knight Replacement) does not require resources
    • Dwarven chariot and knight replacements do not require resources
    • Myconid unit replaces Beast Master
    • Ingenuity trait reduces upgrade costs
    Leaders: Kandros Fir (Aggressive, Financial, Ingenuity, neutral), Arturus Thorne (Industrious, Organized, Ingenuity, neutral)
    Mana: Earth, Law
    Hero: Maros (req Iron Working) Melee unit.

    Theme: Pirates
    Cannot build:
    • Farms give -1 food
    • All sea tiles give +1 food
    • +1 moves to naval units
    • Only civ that can see pearl happiness resource
    • Pirates gain gold when defeating other units
    • Boarding Party (Champion replacement) can attack naval units and will capture boats upon victory.
    • Hero can sing (but not well)
    • Bonus to diplomacy with female leaders, Falamar only
    • Workers can build “Pirate Coves” which turn land into water and allow ships extra defense and healing.
    • War Turtle unit (Elephant replacement) starts with water walking, has higher defense, lower offense
    Leaders: Falamar (Expansive, Creative, neutral), Hannah the Irin (Financial, Raiders, neutral)
    Mana: Water, Chaos, Air
    Hero: Guybrush Threepwood (req Metal Casting) melee unit that can function as a Boarding Party
    Hero: The Black Wind (req optics) Pirate naval unit

    Theme: Detached immortals
    Cannot Build: No Restrictions
    • Sage/Great Sage specialists give +1 beaker
    • Artist/Great Artist specialists give +1 culture
    • Engineer/Great Engineer specialists give +1 hammer
    • Merchant/Great Merchant Specialists give +1 gold
    • Palace allows an engineer specialist
    • Ghost Unit (Assassin replacement) starts with hidden promotion (invisible until attacking), can take hidden promotion as an ability.
    • Any unit of Level 6+ can be added to cities as Great specialists (removes the unit)
    Leader: Sandalphon (Industrious, Defender, neutral)
    Mana: Spirit, Body, Enchantment
    Hero: Rathus Denmora (req Poisons) Recon unit. starts with hidden promotion (invisible until attacking), can take hidden promotion as an ability. Starts with Netherblade equipment promotion (bonus vs. Heroes + death str.)

    Theme: Forsaker of the gods.
    Cannot build: Any temples or any disciple units.
    • Agnostic trait prevents adoption of any state religion
    • Palace, Grigori Tavern, and Adventurers guild all generate “Great Adventurer” points. Great Adventurers are units generated with Great People Points which can be upgraded to any buildable unit and begin with the “Hero” promotion
    • Adaptive trait gives the option to reselect traits periodically
    • Luonnotar (Inquisitor replacement) starts with Magic Immune and can be sacrificed instead of Great Prophets to build the Altar of Luonnotar. Not buildable, must be upgraded from a level 6+ unit Dragon Slayer or Medic. Available with Strength of Will technology.
    • Dragon Slayers (Champion replacement) begins with “Dragon slayer” promotion.
    • Grigori Medic (Available with Medicine technology) unit begins with medic.
    Leaders: Cassiel, (Adaptive, Agnostic, Philosophical, neutral)
    Mana: Spirit, Enchantment, Water
    Hero: No specific hero other than adventurers gained through GP points.

    Theme: Horse-borne Mercenaries
    Cannot build: Arquebus or Cannon units, Alchemy Lab
    • Free horses from Palace
    • Unique stable gives all mounted units extra movement and withdrawl
    • Knights can cast “Dance of Blades” spell
    • Mercenaries are mounted units
    Leaders: Tasunke (Aggressive, Raiders, neutral), Rohanna (Expansive, Financial, neutral)
    Mana: Air, Nature
    Hero: Magnadine (req. Warhorses) mounted unit that can capture any barbarian unit it defeats.

    Theme: Magical Society
    Cannot build: No Restrictions
    • Wizards (mage replacement) begin with “Spell-staff” promotion
    • Cave of Ancestors building (grants +1 XP to each adept built, per mana node owned)
    • Firebow (Longbow replacement) begins with blaze, can learn fireball
    • Chanter (Assassin replacement) starts with escape
    Leaders: Valledia the Even (Organized, Arcane, neutral), Dain the Caswallawn (Philosophical, Arcane, neutral)
    Mana: Mind, Fire, Body
    Hero: Govannon (req. Arcane Lore) Arcane unit that can teach any non-disciple unit certain spells once he learns them (Blur, Blaze, haste, raise skeleton, escape, and dance of blades)

    Theme: Chaotic Barbarian men
    Cannot build: mage guild, alchemy lab, archery range, bowyer, training yard, machinist shop, nor library buildings, or Arquebus or cannon units
    • Many units do not require prerequisite buildings, but are more expensive
    • Start with two additional Beastmen
    • Beastmen (warrior replacement) has increased city attack rather than city defense
    • Most melee units gain strength on tundra terrain
    • Battlemaster (Champion replacement) begins with shock, and can upgrade axemen to battlemasters outside of cities
    • Knights do not require resources
    • Catapults stronger
    • Barbarian trait (Charadon only) gives peace with barbarians, allowing for rapid early expansion; science penalty
    Leaders: Charadon (Aggressive, Barbarian, evil), Mahala (Raider, Ingenuity, evil)
    Mana: Chaos, Earth, Body
    Hero: The War Machine (req Machinery) Mounted unit that automatically destroys any enemy improvements it travels over; gains XP when destroying cottage type improvements in this way.

    Theme: Mad Clowns
    Cannot build: No Restrictions
    • Arena (training yard replacement) allows units to be risked for XP
    • Hall of Mirrors building creates illusions of attackers
    • Freak (requires freak show), melee unit that always starts mutated and can upgrade to swordsman or hunter
    • Freak Show (hunting lodge replacement) gives Great Bard points and allows humanoid cages
    • Can sacrifice slaves to make humanoid cages (for extra happiness and culture)
    • Taskmaster (Assassin replacement) and Courtesan (Shadow replacement) start with Taskmaster promotion (defeated units become slaves)
    • Gypsy Wagons unit can be sent to other players cities to reduce their culture and gold per turn by a small amount
    • The puppeteer replaces conjurers, and gives it's summons immunity to death and poison damage.
    • Insane Trait (Perpentach only) gives 3 traits which change at random intervals.
    • Summoner Trait (Keelyn only) allows all summons to last 3 turns rather than 1
    Leaders: Perpentach (Insane, evil), Keelyn (Creative, Summoner, evil)
    Mana: Chaos, Mind, Air
    Hero: Loki (no reqs.) Special unit that can enter rival borders without Open Borders, can cast charm, dance of blades, and dispel, will retreat from any attack if not surrounded, and gives an increased chance for cities to convert due to culture.

    Clan of Embers
    Theme: Barbaric Orcs
    Cannot build: Alchemy lab, Library, Mage Guild, Stables
    • Orc Witch Doctor (adept replacement) does not require a building
    • Goblins (scout replacement) cheaper, only 1 movement, cannot upgrade to hunter units
    • Goblins defeating wolves upgrade to worg-riders for free
    • Worg-Riders (horsemen replacements) have no resource requirements
    • Barbarian trait gives peace with barbarians, allowing for rapid early expansion; science penalty
    • All units begin with Orcish Promotion
    • Lizardmen (all recon units after Goblin scouts) have str bonus in jungle and start with amphibious
    • Stoneskin Ogre (Phalanx replacement) higher offense, starts with stoneskin promotion
    • Pitch wagon (catapult replacement) stronger, more expensive
    • Witch doctor can build barrows (with necromancy) which spawn undead barbarians
    Leaders: Sheelba (Barbarian, Organized, Aggressive, evil) Jonas Endain (Spiritual, Expansive, evil)
    Mana: Fire, Nature, Chaos
    Hero: Rantine (req. bronze working) Melee unit that can convert any barbarian city he enters if no unit therein has higher str.

    Theme: Shadow Elves
    Cannot Build: Lumber mills, Seige weapons, Bear Totem, Machinists Shop, Alchemy Lab, chariot, arquebus, berserker, War Chariot, Cannon,
    • Workers can build improvements in forests to retain forest bonus to production. (Includes Fellowship of Leaves specific terrain ancient forests, as well.)
    • Units begin with Elven promotion, giving increased movement and defense in forests
    • Flurry Unit, Archer that begins with Blitz, replaces crossbowman
    • Illusionist unit (replaces conjuror) causes summons to begin with illusion racial promotion rather than any other racial promotion
    • Recon units begin with +1 strength if built in cities with a Svartalfar hunting lodge
    • Nyxkin unit (horse archer replacement) has no resource requirements
    Leaders: Faeryl Viconia (Arcane, Raiders, evil)
    Mana: Shadow, Nature, Mind
    Hero: Alazkan the Assassin (req. poisons) Recon unit that can cast mirror, creating a duplicate of itself with illusion promotion. Can only have one mirror.

    Theme: Vampires
    Cannot build: Elder Council building, Champion unit
    • Feeding Pit building (extra food, lower health)
    • Governors Manor (courthouse replacement) available with aristocracy, allows vampires, unhappy citizens contribute 1 hammer
    • Moroi (axemen replacement) can cast burning blood on themselves (extra attacks, 75% of death at the end of the turn)
    • Vampire (Champion replacement) available at aristocracy, requires governor’s manor, starts with “vampiric” promotion, can learn level 1 & 2 body and death magic
    • Bloodpet (warrior replacement) allows additional attacks when feasted upon
    • Brujah (Berserker replacements) begin with “vampiric” , can learn level 1 & 2 body and death magic
    • Vampire Lord (Immortal replacement) requires promotion from a level 12 vampire, can learn any mage or sorcerer spell from death, mind, or body spheres.
    • Vampirism Promotion adds strength and allows 3 unique abilities: Feasting reduces city population to gain experience; Feeding restores health by sacrificing a targeted friendly unit; gift passes vampirism promotion to another unit of level 6+ (4+ if Moroi)
    Leaders: Alexis (Philosophical, Aggressive, evil) Flauros (Financial, Organized, evil)
    Mana: Body, Law, Earth
    Hero: Losha Valas (req Fanatacism) Melee vampire unit that gains immortality promotion (one use) each time she kills a living unit.

    Theme: Bringers of Armageddon
    Cannot build: training yard building, melee units beyond warriors.
    • Pyre zombie unit, melee unit that damages units in it’s tile on death
    • Eater of Dreams units (Summoner replacement) can regain ability to cast by reducing city population
    • Will receive units automatically if they have a planar gate building (available with knowledge of the ether) and certain other buildings:
    *Carnival-Chaos Marauder;
    *Mage guild-Mobius Witch;
    *Gambling House-Reveler;
    *Large Animal Stables-Manticore;
    *Public Bath-Succubus;
    *Temple of Veil-Tar Demon.
    More units will come the higher the Armageddon Counter is.
    • Elegy of the Sheaim Ritual-Raises the Armageddon Counter each time it is built.
    • Summoner Trait allows all summons to last 3 turns rather than 1
    Leaders: Tebryn Arbandi (Arcane, Summoner, evil), Os-Gabella (Spiritual, Summoner, evil)
    Mana: Dimensional, Chaos, Fire
    Hero: Abashi the Black Dragon (req. Divine Essence), strong Beast unit that can also breathe fire.

    Theme: Demons
    Cannot build: Granary, Smokehouse
    • Cannot begin the game as this civ (to play as Infernals, choose another civ and research Infernal Pact.)
    • Turn the terrain around their cities to “Hell”, alternate versions of terrain. Deserts will become burning sands, which may catch fire, preventing certain units from entering
    • Most units start with demon promotion, which gives bonuses when on hell terrain
    • Most units start with Stigmata promotion, with gives a strength bonus equal to 50% of the Armageddon Counter
    • All cities start with Ashen Veil religion
    • If their Hero unit, Hyborem, is killed, all traits are lost, except fallow
    • Fallow trait means food has no effect on city growth
    • Gain free “mane” units when an “evil” unit dies, anywhere in the world. (evil units are those with Ashen Veil or Octopus Overlords promotions, death or entropy promotions, or citizens lost in cities of evil empires. Manes can be added to cities to increase population, sacrificed for production, or upgraded to any buildible unit.
    • Summoner Trait allows all summons to last 3 turns rather than 1
    • Barbarian trait gives peace with barbarians; science penalty
    • Balors, (Berserker replacements) do not cause collateral damage, but get a city attack bonus.
    • Death Knight (Knight Replacement) starts with undead and death magic
    • Free Iron from palace
    Leaders: Hyborem (Creative, Barbarian, Summoner, Fallow, evil)
    Mana: Fire, Entropy
    Hero: Hyborem (no req) strong demon melee unit that starts with immortality (one use)

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    Im going to include that word doc with the mod, great work!
  3. Chandrasekhar

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    Seattle, WA
    Ah, I might add that the Malakim cannot build assassins, either. :D Just a small contribution.
  4. MrPopov

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    Jul 25, 2006
    Where are the Illians?
  5. KingOfLands

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    Dec 21, 2006
    Suggesting that Hyborem is capable of "rapid early expansion" is a little ridiculous.
  6. 3141592

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    Jan 24, 2007
    I would remove the "theme" definition, I barley get what it means and I'm a (relatively) experienced FFHIIer. I can only imagine that causing confusion for a newbie. I would also change the word "motif" to the word "theme" to also clear up confusion.
  7. mindlar

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    May 13, 2004
    Also when Hyborem dies he loses all traits except for fallow.
  8. Pocus

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    Feb 12, 2004
    Much appreciated, thanks!
  9. MagisterCultuum

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    Kael's head
    Wizards replace Mages, not Archmages.

    The loss of leader traits happens with Basium too.
  10. evanb

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    Mar 7, 2006
    Some of the names need spellchecking, such as Elohim, Amelanchier, Arendel and I think Fyrdwell too.
  11. TheJopa

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    Dec 29, 2005
    And one more thing: Synish and Ahmed Minotaurs don't both exist. Only Minotaurs, which come if you have Weaponsmith (Or large animal stables?) And you can also get Manticores, not sure which building though.
  12. Sarisin

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    May 15, 2006
    You have it right. I believe the Minotaurs come when you have a Weaponsmith (and a planar gate), and the Manticores appear when you have a Large Animal Stable.

    I really appreciate Nikis-Knight's effort on this. I will help as I try out more of the civs I have never played before. Thanks a lot!
  13. woodelf

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    Jun 12, 2003
    Nice write up N-K. Useful even for me. :D
  14. Nikis-Knight

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    Orange County, CA
    Fixed the errors you all pointed out.
    Non-playable civs don't have much differences, so I left them out.
    Pi has a point on the theme, but I like it, so I'll leave it in unless many people complain.
  15. wilboman

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    A timeshare in Kwythellar
    Definitely useful for me too.
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    Papeete Tahiti
    quite helpful thank you
  17. Grey Fox

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    Dec 19, 2001
    I was gonna write an analyzation of leaders and the synergy with their civ, and their playing style and how to best take advantage of the civ/leader in the strategy forum. Could I use this as base?
    I know you won't say no, so I will. Thanks! :p
  18. Kjaaly

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    Jun 18, 2007
    Shouldn't the Theme for the Amurites be Metamagic or Knowledge? Balance is more like Cassiel, if I'm not completely wrong.
    Oh, and the last time I checked, Doviello warriors had both city attack and defence bonuses.
  19. BeefontheBone

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    Nov 7, 2005
    Might be good to include alignments for leaders, and possibly favourite religions. Pearls (capital P I'd say) are a luxury resource. Hippus get faster settlers and cheaper hired mercenaries. Spellstaff is one word. Mercurian Gate has 2 capital letters as a proper noun. Might be worth mentioning Magnadine's special barb-converting ability under the civ's specials since it's such a shift in tactics. Mostly minor things - good job, N-K. You're not wrong about it being useful for people other than newbies - I didn't know the Malakim no-invisibility thing, for instance. Probably a good idea to sticky this.
  20. Nikis-Knight

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    Dec 22, 2005
    Orange County, CA
    By all means.
    It's based on the their patron diety, but in the end I think such information adds little to the clarity this is intended to provide and I will probably edit it out later as was suggested.

    Alignment probably deserves mention, but not favorite religion, that only really reflects AI behavior and so doesn't fit the scope here imo.
    My formatting was a bit haphazard, especially in regards to capitals and parenthesis. It merits an edit before fridays' release.
    I wasn't sure if the Hippus settlers stayed.
    I'm fine with using vernacular, though, so happiness resource vs luxury resource probably isn't a hair I'll split ;)

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