FFH Adventure 9: Potluck Takeover


Aug 13, 2012
FFH Adventure 9: Potluck Takeover

"Oh no..."

You look around in horror - you step outside for one moment, and
this is what you come back to? The place is in shambles, there are nasty things everywhere, and just nothing has been done quite right. Worst of all, the neighbours are smirking over the state of things, and seem altogether too keen on making off with the silverware.

It's not unsalvageable - you can sense a hint of what he was thinking, though the execution is entirely wrong. Still, with a bit of elbowgrease you're sure it can be put right.

As you grit your teeth and get to work, you can't help thinking "this is the
last time I ask Minister Koun to take care of things whilst I'm away..."

Your situation:

Special rules:
  • The AI has had 200 turns to play in this world, with limited settlers, always peace, and raging barbarians to keep everyone in check. You are taking over as the Leader/Civ combination of your choice, with no further instructions - do with this nation what you will!
  • Please post in the thread below (or message me privately) the Leader/Civ combination you wish to play as (including ones already present in the game), and I will post a save with that combination for you to use. I can also 'roll' you a random one if you desire.
    • See attached below the saves I've made to date. Note that the Falamar and Enion saves are at immortal difficulty, and the rest are at Deity difficulty. Please let me know if you would like to adjust difficulty, I will provide Deity by default.
  • The point of this adventure is to have fun, so there isn't strict scoring. However, everyone who plays the adventure to a conclusion (or for 150 turns, whichever is shorter) will receive one star, everyone who wins recieves a second star, and everyone who scores the fastest win in their category (Domination, Conquest, Culture, Altar, or Tower) will receive a coveted third star. Three stars will entitle you to a cameo in the next Adventure I run.
  • This adventure will run for 6-8 weeks. I will no longer post more saves from the 16th of June, and it will close for scoring purposes on the 30th of June. I'm comfortable with people posting reports at any time, even before the 16th of June (I trust everyone not to open threads until you've completed your game), but you don't need to post a report in order to score.
Note: as part of the transition of power, all remnants of the former administration will be removed. This means any buildings will be replaced by their equivalents, any heroes removed (the unit and existing promotions/experience will remain), great person points/tech progress reset, etc. I have also removed the 'No Settlers' and 'Always Peace' options.

Note 2 - see the full & original discussion at Realms Beyond. I will endeavour to monitor both threads, but it will be easier to reach me there.

Installation: as noted, this is the first Adventure to be played on the ExtraModMod game mode. My summary of changes, including links to the changelog, can be found here. Please find the installation instructions here.

Detailed information:

  • The tech situation:
    Spoiler :

  • Your cities:
    Spoiler :

  • Indicative neighbour:
    Spoiler :
Original post:
Spoiler :
Kia ora koutou!
Very impressed to see Civ and FFH are still going strong, and Bob's adventures last year inspired me to offer my own. Time commitments mean I can't commit to a SG or a PBEM, so I'll settle for hosting an adventure!
The pitch:
  • Choose your own Civilisation - I will post a start, invite everyone who wants to participate to send me their preferred Civ/Leader combo, and edit in
  • AI Takeover - the AI will have a certain amount to play with each civ before you take it over
  • Barbarian world, possibly barbarian/always peace (until the player takes over) and no settlers - I'm still figuring this out in playtesting, but I want to give a true sandbox for players to work in, not one where the game is already decided
The map will be largely unaltered, just rolled and tested.
I'm also open to suggestions as to what version this is on - Extramodmod, Erebus in the Balance, etc. Personally, I play on EMM for the user experience and AI improvements, even though EitB is (of course) my baby.
Anyway, feedback invited! Please posts below if you'd consider playing this, and any settings feedback you have.
Ngā mihi,
Saves to date.


  • FFH Adventure 9 - Shekinah TURN-0200.CivBeyondSwordSave
    355.2 KB · Views: 45
  • FFH Adventure 9 - Dain the Caswallawn TURN-0200.CivBeyondSwordSave
    355.3 KB · Views: 56
  • FFH Adventure 9 - Enion Logos TURN-0200.CivBeyondSwordSave
    351.2 KB · Views: 41
  • FFH Adventure 9 - Weevil, Pickle and Hyde TURN-0200.CivBeyondSwordSave
    351.8 KB · Views: 46
  • FFH Adventure 9 - Riuros TURN-0200.CivBeyondSwordSave
    400.5 KB · Views: 45
  • FFH Adventure 9 - Jonas Endain TURN-0200.CivBeyondSwordSave
    407.5 KB · Views: 45
  • FFH Adventure 9 - Hannah the Irin TURN-0200.CivBeyondSwordSave
    399.7 KB · Views: 48
  • FFH Adventure 9 - Falamar TURN-0200.CivBeyondSwordSave
    401.9 KB · Views: 47
Fine to retry- though traditionally after your first one it's a 'shadow' game for competitiveness purposes (much as mine will be, as I'm spoiled). And yes, new threads, though if you post it in the thread in spoiler tags, that would also be fine.
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