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Aug 2, 2010
Made an FfH campaign for 5e, and realized that the Cleric domains are too limited for the FfH pantheon, so I decided to make some more. You can find the rest of them in a PDF I put together. Plus it has a bunch of feats and a system for the Spheres of Magic to change a caster's personality. If you want the PDF for your game just head on over to my blog

Sea Domain

Domain Spells:
1st sleep, tasha’s hideous laughter,
3rd water breathing, water-walk
5th conjure elemental (water only), dream,
7th reverse gravity, symbol
9th foresight, storm of vengeance

Bonus Cantrip: Ray of Frost

Gift of Prophecy: Starting at first level, glimpses of the future come to you in jarring flashes of insight. When you finish a long rest, roll a d20 and record the number rolled. You can replace any attack roll, saving throw, or ability check made by you or a creature that you can see with this foretelling roll. You must choose to do so before the roll, and you can replace a roll in this way only once per turn. When you finish a long rest, you lose any unused foretelling rolls.

Channel Divinity: Drown (Starting at 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity to create water in the lungs of your enemies, drowning your foes.
As an action, you present your holy symbol, and each hostile creature within 30ft of you must make a Constitution saving throw. A creature takes cold damage equal to 2d10 + your cleric level on a failed saving throw, and half as much damage on a successful one. Creatures you cannot see are unaffected. Any creatures that can breathe underwater automatically succeeds on its saving throw.

Water-Walking Dead: At 6th level, when you cast the animate dead spell on corpses which died from drowning, zombies that you animate are permanently under the effects of a water-walk spell.

Potent Spellcasting: At 8th level.

Tsunami: At 17th level, you may add tsunami to your spell list and it becomes a domain spell for you.

Spirit Domain

Spirit Domain Spells:
1st bless, heroism,
3rd beacon of hope, remove curse,
5th greater restoration, hallow (courage or fear only),
7th conjure celestial, divine word
9th astral projection, power word heal

Tempered Soul: Starting at 1st level, any spell or ability that causes the frightened condition can not cause you to be frightened.

Channel Divinity: High Spirits (Starting at 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity to increase your companions’ resolve. Choose up to six friendly creatures (which can include yourself within 30 feet of you who can see or hear you. Each creature can gain temporary hit points equal to your level + your Wisdom modifier.

Channel Divinity: Soul Shield (At 6th level, you can use your Channel Divinity to disrupt mind-influencing effects. As an action, you can give a speech full of encouragement that lasts until the end of your next turn. During that time, you and any friendly creatures within 30ft have advantage on saving throws against being frightened or charmed. A creature must be able to hear you to gain this benefit. The speech ends early if you are incapacitated or silenced or if you voluntarily end it (no action required).

Divine Strike: 8th & 14th level. Radiant damage.

Sweeping Valor: At 17th level, when you use Channel Divinity: High Spirits or Soul Shield feature, it can affect up to sixty friendly creatures within 300ft of you.

You know, I kinda am disliking how the 8th level ability for every PHB domain is either Divine Strike or Potent Spellcasting. I find both option to be uninspired. Mechanically Divine Strike is okay, but Potent Spellcasting kind of sucks since there's only one damage dealing cleric cantrip, and it does radiant damage. Kind of limiting. May come up with an alternative in the future. For tnow the focus is getting something done for all the good deities and neutral deities. For my campaign I'll be using the PHB domains where they apply. Life for Succellus, Tempest for Tali, Knowledge for Oghma, Light for Lugus, War for Junil, Nature for Cernunnos. There's supposedly a Death domain in the DMG. So that leaves to be done: Earth, and Force/Balance to round out the Neutral gods.

EDIT: Did some lore reading and found that Dagda has no religion, so no need to make a domain. Woot!

EDITEDIT: Ditto for Amatheon, plus I've got the whole spell list wrong, redoing those.
Spheres of Magic

In Erebus, there are twenty-one spheres of magic and each is at its most fundamental level an aspect of the human psyche. During the creation of man the gods each bestowed a gift, imbuing mankind with an element of each precept. However, man was never intended to use magic, and doing so throws off the internal balance of mana of which each individual’s soul is composed. When a magic-user focuses too much on a particular sphere, aspects of the magic-user change. The more severe and frequent magic-use is the more severe the changes. In game terms this will be represented by a character’s Affinity Score.
Affinity Score/Benefit/Drawback
5-8/Gain a minor Personality Trait/Alignment shifts 1 step closer to god of precept
9-11/+2 Save DC or Spell Atk Bonus with spells of this sphere/-2 opposing sphere
12-13/Gain a major Personality Trait/ Alignment shifts 1 step closer to precept/+1 permanent increase to an ability score associate with sphere/-1 another score
14+/physical mark of sphere's manifestation, ignore resistance and/or impose disadvantage on saves/can't cast spells of opposing sphere, gain vulnerability and disadvantage on saves to spells of opposing sphere
gotta find one more spell for Earth domain and then all the good and neutral domains are done. I took Nikis-Knight's guide and updated it for my campaign, including the domains and a few other things. I don't think he'll mind the repost, since it's significantly updated and has been a whole edition since the original post.

Erebus Player's Guide
Here's something I've added to the guide. The personality changes from high mana affinities. Can be added to a player's character sheet where they write in the Personal Characteristics from their Background.

Minor: I become bored with things quickly, and will abruptly drop what I’m doing to move on to something more interesting. What were we talking about? Let’s go fly a kite!
Major: I find it impossible to stay still, and am constantly moving. There’s too much to see and do than to stay in one place longer than a few hours, and if there isn’t a risk of injury or death then it isn’t worth doing.

Minor: If I won’t get caught, it’s easier to just take what I want than ask permission. The weak should serve the strong.
Major: When I want something I must have it, no matter what is in my way. I have no problem doing whatever it takes to get what I want, even if it means hurting others. Might makes right.

Minor: I feel the need to make things interesting, and there’s nothing wrong with a good prank even if I’m the only one laughing.
Major: I live to cause others strife. Destruction and death are my main sources of entertainment.

Minor: I’m very curious and creative, and more of a dreamer than practical. I like to make things, even if there’s no real purpose for them.
Major: My art is my life. I have so many great ideas that I feel like I’m going to burst. Wait here while I write something down.

Minor: I tend to have a resigned view of life. I also find physical needs such as eating and bathing annoying as it wastes a lot of time. I tend to ignore personal hygiene.
Major: Whatever will be, will be. There may be nothing I can do to change it. In the end death will be sweet release, undeath may be even sweeter.

Minor: I like to be around others, and to be in control of who’s around me. Having the higher ground in my relationships is very important.
Major: My worth is determined purely by my power over others. The well-being of myself, family, and things I value doesn’t matter, as long as it’s better off than everyone else’s. I’m obsessed with the people or things I love.

Minor: There’s nothing like good, hard work.
Major: The traditions of my ancestors are sacred to me, and I have a duty to continue them.

Minor: I’m quite charming and friendly. I know how to make people feel comfortable, as I’m a very understanding person.
Major: I believe there is good in everyone, and have faith that I can bring out the best in them.

Minor: I find it hard to feel good about myself or experience pleasure. Achieving my goals seems near impossible.
Major: I am miserable all the time, and everyone should be miserable with me. I want to achieve great things, but know that I can’t have them, and if I can’t be happy then no one else should be either.

Minor: I try to be friendly with others, but not overbearing. I like to avoid extremes.
Major: Everything in moderation. Balance must be kept, as must one’s word.

Minor: I am very passionate about the things I like and believe in, and when I devote myself to something I do so completely.
Major: Nothing is more important than what I feel strongly about. My beliefs are more important than life itself.

Minor: I can be quite stubborn, and a bit of a curmudgeon. I don’t like change, and as long as things stay that way I’m happy.
Major: I need things to stay the same, and get extremely angry if they don’t. Things are always changing too fast, and I just want to be left alone. Hey! Get off my lawn!

Minor: I try to be as objective as I can. Emotions should not interfere with judgement, and rules are very important to me.
Major: I am strict, emotionless, and unyielding to friend and foe alike. None can escape justice and the rule of law.

Minor: I have a large bump of curiosity, as I’m not content with how things appear. I have a philosophical bent and enjoy a good discussion of new ideas.
Major: I need to know how things work so I can illuminate the misunderstandings of the world. I try to make sure everyone may understand each other through long discussion.

Minor: I feel compassion for those who need help, and do what I can for them.
Major: Life is a struggle. I will do whatever is needed of me to help others.

Minor: I have a thirst for knowledge, and find myself constantly reading to learn new things.
Major: I love to learn new things, but would much rather learn it from a book. Why go out and learn things the hard way when it’s all right here in the library?

Minor: I like to outwit people, and find I’m often the smartest person in the room. I have dreams of greatness, and know how to get there.
Major: I want more, whether its money or power. No matter how much I have, I need more.

Minor: I have a lot of patience. I know the things I set out to do will happen one day, little by little. I also love long walks in the woods.
Major: Everything in it’s own time. Personal growth will come, and I am quite patient with others, as long as I see improvement. Also, the forest gives me everything I need.

Minor: Coloring the truth a bit makes life more interesting. I do what I can to get ahead, because everyone fudges the rules a little bit anyway.
Major: No one is innocent underneath. Cheating is part of the game and if they’re not cheating to get ahead then they deserve to be taken advantage of.

Minor: I’m kind, gentle, and caring. I like to lift others spirits, and bring them good cheer.
Major: I can see into the hearts of others, and believe that even the worst of us can be redeemed. Mercy is a virtue.

Minor: I’m quite calm. I get along well with others even though I’m not outgoing.
Major: Nothing can really get me upset. Everything is going to be okay, and I’m pretty content with the way things are.
The major trait for Enchantment sounds more like spirit to me. I think Enchantment should a bit be more about self-improvement.

But yeah, that was a cool post.
Light sounds too close to Creation or Metamagic. I should be about truth, not creativity or understanding.

Lies are heresy and truth is paramount, no matter how harsh it may be!
I can see where ur coming from with the first part. but that last bit sounds like the order's philosophy. revelations by lugus arent definite and absolute, as far as I know. And you have to have some amount of curiosity to discover what the truth is. it may overlap with the knowledge/metamagic sphere a little but is different in that its not focused on cold hard facts as much as eternal truths. I think others could explain it better. wheres the magister signal?
Played the first quest last night. I'll post the adventure summaries from my player's forum for anyone interested.

Quest 1: A Friendly Wager

Encounter 1

It was the dawn of a new day, and the heroes sailed the high seas on board the Salty Lass, a merchant ship bound for Aylesbury. The port would soon come into view as the Salty Lass completed its successful return voyage, but not without hardship. The captain of the ship made a few mistakes navigating and extended the voyage so that the ship’s food stores were exhausted. The crash of waves took a backseat to the sound of a collective growling from the stomachs of all the crew. It had been two days since any one has last eaten. Suddenly, the ship dropped anchor as men from below decks run up the stairs, armed and ready for battle. Mutiny!

One of the mutineers carried the severed head of a portly man all recognized as the chef. Another sailor stood at the front of the mob, and came to a halt as he arrived on deck. Many of the crew stood behind him. This sailor was a burly figure, bald and bearing a patch over his left eye. The captain, a pompous man, was dressed in finery and wore a big hat that slid down to cover his eyes whenever he moved

Lead Mutineer: "Oy, Captain! The jig is up! Its been two days since we had food and you've been holding out on us!"
Captain: "Of course not! I'd never do such a thing to you lads."
"Then how come when we went to check on Old Jonnie-"
"But you mustn't. I told you my quarters were locked, as I compassionately gave it over to him for his comfort and your protection. His fever could spread to the rest of the crew."
"Well, how come you check in on him so often? Wouldn't you be afraid of catching it? I think you would. So we tried talking to Old Jonnie through the door, and we didn't hear nothing from him. We picked the lock, saw him all wrapped up in blankets. But it wasn't Old Johnnie who was wrapped in those blankets."
"Now lads there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for what you saw. I was rationing-"
"If you was rationing why haven't we eaten in two days? So I went to the cook, and found him sneaking some pork. So I took it, and it didn't taste like the pork he served us two days ago. so I asked him, real sweet like-"
"P-p-perhaps it was a different recipe."
"And told me it tasted different because it was old-"
"You see? There. It was old."
"It was Old Jonnie. I think we oughta serve you up, to the Undertow. Carve you up real nice like, like you did to Old Jonnie, except you still be breathing while we do. Say lads, are you with me?"

Most of the heroes decided to side with the mutineers, one of the dwarf passengers, however, used a magical blast of force to attack a mutineer but later claimed to have missed one of the crew defending the captain. A heavily armed and armored dragonborn passenger by the name of Quimby convinced the captain he had no friends on board, and after the loyalist crew were defeated, allowed him to attempt an escape on the lifeboat. The other crew members were not so lenient, and someone killed the captain regardless. The heroes then decided to ransack the former captain’s cabin, and a stowaway by then name of Howard found the captain’s stash. As he greedily rushed to see the loot, Howard didn’t find the booby trap and was stuck with a poisoned needle. The loot was split, and Quimby magnanimously distributed his share to the hungry crew.
Encounter 2

The Salty Lass made port at Aylesbury, a Lanun sea haven, and the crew promptly dispersed to drink away the memories of a bad voyage. When the heroes disembarked the ship, they found a messenger waiting for the captain at the docks. The governor had requested a meeting with the captain, however as the captain was dead the messenger said the heroes will do instead. Howard made a quick stop at a local apothecary, and bartered a potion of healing for an antitoxin. The Malakim tiefling called Journey was surprised to find an Aviary, and went in to show off his magnificent hawk, Aesir, to the shopkeeper.

The messenger was finally able to lead the group to the governor’s manor. The gruff governor was surprised the captain had not come himself, and asked if the heroes were his representatives. Upon hearing how the captain met his end, the governor commended the heroes on disposing of the depraved fool and demonstrating real leadership. The governor then gave captaincy of the ship to the seasoned sailor Dagfin, who promptly chose Quimby to be his first mate and assigned Journey the duties of quartermaster. Captain Dagfin thought it better to keep Howard as a mere deckhand until he further proved himself.

The governor has recently embraced the cult of the Undertow, officially recognizing the Lords of the Deep as Aylesbury’s patron gods since many of the pirate and merchant crews have come to embrace the religion, offering the governor another means of control. The local temple’s high priest has been known to give prophecy, and occasionally proves extremely useful to the governor. The prophet, as the priest is better known, recently foresaw a surprise visit by Hannah the Irin, leader of the Lanun, saving many of the governor’s secret projects that the Irin might have found threatening to her own power and profit. In the midst of revealing prophecy, the oracle had a seizure and then went catatonic.

No magic of the local priesthood nor any contemporary healers could wake the prophet. The governor knew of only one who could heal such maladies, a reclusive druidess living on her own private island renowned for her miraculous herbal remedies. The governor offered top dollar for the priest’s cure, so he may hear the prophecy. A scribe was ordered to issue the heroes a Letter of Marque and point out on a map which island belongs to the druidess. Captain Dagfin signed a contract (with lots of fine print) to sail the Salty Lass, agreeing to pay 100 gold per month of use. The governor then mentioned to the heroes they ought to head to the tavern to find a crew.

Once there the group rounded up a crew and dug up rumors about the druidess, hearing multiple disturbing things. One dishrag said, “I hear she curses those who displease her, transforming them into bugs, then eats them. And nobody who sees her lives to tell the tale.” A tavern wench told them she heard the druidess was, “a very private and turns everyone away, unless they bring her a gift. It may not guarantee you her help but at least she’ll talk to you. Or that’s what they say anyway. Her hut lies at the center of the island, a day’s journey through goblin infested jungle and bewitched wilderness.”

Journey attempted to show his prowess at cards but lost his wager. Howard then came over and cleaned up, impressing the other card players enough to agree to join. Quimby and Dagfin worked the room, recruiting several ruffians, the tavern’s chef, and even pressganged one of the bartenders. The dwarven merchant tagging along spent most of the time drinking. Having successfully found a rowdy crew, the heroes set sail the next morning without the drunken dwarf.
Encounter 3

The Salty Lass traveled two days by sea to the island. Howard, now the designated lookout, spotted a ship wreck off the eastern coast. None of the heroes were willing to pass up a chance for loot, and boarded the shipwreck. They found the hull hollowed out, and at the bottom two treasure chests. They tied a rope round Howard and lowered him down to retrieve the chests, but it was a trap. As he opened the chest he found it to be sitting on very slippery kelp and counterfeit coins spilled out into a the water. A harpoon flew from the large gap in the bottom of the shipwreck and started pulling Howard into the water. A tug of war ensued with Howard in the middle. Journey daringly tied the other end of the rope to himself and jumped to the water, planning to be Howard's counterweight and bring him to the surface. It worked when the rope was let go by whatever was holding it under the water. A Merrow came forth attacking Journey. Quimby jumped in to help, while Dagfin called for help with getting Howard to safety. When the unconscious rogue was in safe hands, Dagfin jumped in to. The heroes were able to fight off the Merrow, who retreated when it found itself to be outnumbered. The second treasure chest turned out to full of real copper coins, some potions, and a handful of pearls. Howard barely survived, and needed much time too recover.

But the Salty Lass pressed on to the southern coast of the island, and spent the better part of a day finding the druidess' lonely hut. They found no goblins to speak of, but stumble across the mysterious ruins of a city. There was no telling of who once lived there, or how old they were. For some reason the mysterious ruins have not been claimed by the jungle nor buried beneath the sands of time.

Eventually they found the druidic witch, who appeared in the form of a pseudodragon, and communicated with the heroes via telepathy. When they asked her to help the prophet, she replied, “I refuse. The “prophet” is an unscrupulous fellow. The last I saw of him, he refused to make good on a wager we had. I see no reason to help him." But the heroes told her they were on a mission for the governor of Aylesbury. She said, “The governor you say? Of Aylesbury?” After a pause, “Why didn’t you say so in the first place? I think he is a man most deserving of my...help. But first, you must do something for me. You must make good on the prophet’s wager. Do you agree to this?” They asked her what they then had to do. She answered them, “After the prophet lost his wager to me, I won from him a particularly special magical artifact. Yet he refused to give it to me, and I had no means to compel him to do so. “He then foolishly wagered the same artifact again with another who had the leverage to make him pay up. This man was once a bloodthirsty pirate , he took no prisoners and gave no mercy. Eventually with his blood money he purchased amnesty from the government of Innsmouth, and lives out his days on his lavish estates. now in possession of the artifact. You will retrieve the artifact from his possession and deliver it to me. I will then give you a potion that will awaken any from an unconscious state.

“As we speak, this criminal is transporting several of his profits and secured cargo across the sea to the Bank in Jubilee. The cargo ship is an innocuous merchantman called the Incandescence. I have been following its journey, and can give you the exact route the ship will follow. If you leave now, you can catch up with it by dawn. How you retrieve the artifact is up to you.” Not completely trusting, Quimby asked what the nature of the artifact was but was met with, “That is my business. Yours is retrieving it for me.” The heroes also wanted to know why the prophet fell unconscious. She said, “I suspect the problem is a malalignment of mana...hmm...we’re going to need to fix those blank stares. Every mortal soul is composed of every kind of mana. Each sphere of magic isn’t simply its physical elements, but a representation of deeper facet of the human psyche. Ice isn’t about cold weather, it is stasis, stubbornness. The sphere of fire is not simply heat, it is passion. Water always seeks harmony, it is calm, contentment. Now look at the Undertow cult. Its draws power from the ocean, yet embraces insanity. What does that tell you about the world? Ah, more blank stares. The sphere of water is being corrupted, and only the gods know why Danalin, god of water, has let this come to be. In other words, that fool ‘prophet’ is tapping into something of great power and completely discordant with his soul. Whatever he has seen, it is of the malevolent flames.”

The heroes then returned to their camp and the next morning departed for their ship to chase down the Incandescence.
Encounter 4

After a fierce chase the Salty Lass caught up to the Incandescence and exchanged cannon fire. Captain Dagfin steered alongside the enemy ship initiating a boarding action. The crew fought valiantly, and the Captain ended the fighting with a thunderous wave of air magic. He confronted his former captain, and Erik laughed at him for pirating the Governor of Aylesbury's own ship and cargo. Dagfin cut his throat.

On board Quimby saw silver dragonborn, named Jass, who hid belowdecks during the fighting. She was a former neophyte in the Ordo Draconum like Quimby. While on assignment hunting down rumors of dragon bones, word reached her at Innsmouth about the fall of their order. Jass decided to pursue her own happiness and became determined to find the Kuriotate lands, having heard that they are friendly to all races their. She hoped to start over, and invited Quimby to join her. She had been traveling with another member of their order, named Shakith, a white dragonborn, who turned north looking to continue his mission. She was persuaded by Quimby to recommit to their order and join the crew of the Salty Lass.

The ship then sailed to the druidess' island and turned over the artifact to her. It was a glowing glass orb filled with black smoke. By the warning of the druidess the heroes were careful not to touch the orb directly. Her hut was empty, but inside was a stoppered potion. The crew fulfilled their obligation, as opposed to double crossing the druidess and leaving with both items. Their next stop was Aylesbury, where they promptly reported to the governor, who lead them to the temple of the Overlords, which previously did not admit anyone. At the door stood a man in heavy robes, yet completely drenched as if he were in a downpour. Strands of wet hair obstructed his bloodshot eyes. The zealot’s called himself His-Freedom-Is-Found-In-Nightmares. He lead them past the public place of worship, a coral altar rising from a shallow pool of water in the center of rounded pews forming a complete circle, into a large chamber through massive marble doors. Inside was an even large chamber covered in marble floors. A pillar stood in the center of the room, made of coral. Throughout the room raised paths meandered around shallow pools. Each had a disciple of the Overlords, asleep as they floated in water. A few were heard to be muttering. One of the dreamers shouted, “Despair is washed away with blood!” And the rest of the acolytes who tend to the dreamers, all repeat. Then an acolyte comes over to help the dreamer out of her shallow pool. The heroes were finally lead to the end of the chamber, where a much larger pool lay. Lilypads floated along its surface around the sleeping Prophet. One of the acolytes took the remedy and administered it to the prophet. Stepping away, they all stood patiently waiting for him to recover.

Eerily his mouth opened as voices escape from him, voices that were not his own. One said, “All is dust! All is dust!” Another drowned out the first voice saying “We are the Overlords! Bow down to me!” The two voices started arguing, “You are nothing! I am the creator of all!” “Bow down or die!” Then they subsided. An otherworldly voice dominated, booming forth from the prophets mouth, which is open, but unmoving.

"Hear me mortals, and heed me well. Whispers of forgotten lore have found my ears, the currents of time flow through my veins with every beat of my heart and bear visions of death and despair. As the wickedness of man takes hold, darkness will begin to engulf the world. At first he will see nothing. Only a few of the most gifted will even sense the change. The world will go on as it has, for a time, but the seed of its downfall has been sown..."

After hearing the prophecy the governor muttered, “useless.” He then agreed to pay the heroes 100 gold each, and mentions since they heroes are using a ship he owns, he expects them to make down payments to purchase his ship. 100gp per month of use, to be paid whenever they make port at Aylesbury, if the heroes fall more than 6 months behind, he will send bounty hunters to repossess what is his. The heroes are always free to purchase it outright, or if coming into possession of another ship return his ship and pay its dues.

The heroes then bought a shipment of bananas on credit to be delivered to a Doviello port in the north, where they are now heading.
Got my first player kill! Pyre zombies for the win :hatsoff:. My players are new to the setting, so they seemed to be surprised when a burning zombie exploded, causing one of the players to drop. The rest of them retreated to a safe distance, leaving the slow moving zombies to feed on their unconscious companion. Will post quest 2 soon.
Here's something I think might be interesting from our player forum. It's a bio on our PCs.

Captain Dagfin: A Lanun Pirate and Cleric of Tali, goddess of wind and freedom. He's a swashbuckler with a bad reputation, currently captain of the Salty Lass. During his formative years he served under a bloody and bald cutthroat by the name of Erik the Hairless, learning everything he knew about seamanship. When Erik's cruelty was too much to witness, Dagfin prayed to Tali. An opportunity presented itself and Dagfin took his chance for freedom, worshiping Tali ever since. Before he ran away Dagfin stole from his old captain's stash a priceless treasure, so ancient even Erik was unsure of its nature or true value. Dagfin later learned from a druidess that the map was of the lost Aifon Isle, once home to Danalin's chosen people. When next they met Dagfin captured Erik's ship, who had finally turned legit running mundane cargo. Dagfin quickly cut Erik's throat. The captain also bears a hatred of the Undertow cult, often referring to them as "squid worshippers," having mentioned once a family member who joined and was lost to the cult's sinister clutches.

Quimby: A bronze Dragonborn Paladin, he was born to a barbaric tribe of lizardmen. At some point during his youth he was recruited by a sect of the Cult of the Dragon, made entirely of fellow dragonborn. This group identified itself as the Ordo Draconum, a knightly order devoted to uncovering the secrets of their ancestors, the dragons. They believe the dragons were the highest forms of life on Erebus, and were a manifestation of true perfection. The Ordo Draconum believes that such perfect creatures must all at their core be benevolent, and one day they will uphold their vows to find their ancient ancestors and follow them into glory. Quimby himself is a generous soul, but has no qualms about violence when he deems it necessary. Recently, his order was destroyed by unknown agents. He suspects it was treachery from within, and has vowed to find out who the traitor was and why they destroyed the Ordo Draconum's secret temple. When he last journeyed their, all he found was a smoking ruin and a vial of dragonblood in the former Sanctum Sanctorum. On his travels Quimby has already found one lost member, a silver dragoness named Jass, and convinced her to join the crew of the Salty Lass, where he serves as First Mate.

Journey: He's a Druid born to a tribe of Tiefling refugees from Sheaim lands, who found safety in the Desert of Myrh and the land of the Malakim. Being a druid he was prone to wandering the desert for long stretches, and on one return journey he found his village ransacked and all his tribesmen murdered. Journey found in the ruins of his family's home a diary, and took what he thought was the last worldly tie to his family. Upon touching the diary, he received a vision of the great ocean and beyond, where he saw the fabled promised land of his people. Inspecting the diary closer, he found it was written in a code based on Infernal script. Journey has no idea why it was in his parents' possession. Having nothing left to stay for, he traveled south through Elohim lands and from their took a ship across the sea. Through a strange turn of events he currently finds himself to be the quartermaster on the Salty Lass, always accompanied by a magnificent pet hawk he calls Aesir.

Howard (dead): This paranoid rogue hails from the realm of the Balseraph, where paranoia is often a virtue. Howard fled his dangerous home in hopes of finding a comfortable career of thievery in a much safer place. To accomplish this, he became a stowaway aboard the first ship he could find. When the crew overthrew its captain, Howard was far from the fighting. However, when it came time for looting he threw all caution to the wind. His astute eye came to be valued by Captain Dagfin, and Howard is now the ship's Lookout. He is the proud owner of an alabaster mask he stole off a sleeping noble at one of the many balls thrown by Balseraph nobles, which Howard is fond of wearing all the time. Sadly he met his end in an ancient barrow, having been eaten by pyre zombies.
Hey, im running my own 5th ed Campaign set in Erebus and this thread really helped me get started with implementing new domains for the different gods.

here is a link to my current design document if you are interested (i pinched your ideas and tweaked them here and there :p)


Id love to know what you think.


My campaign is set in Kwythelliar, where a Lahmia / wannabe vampire is collecting souls through a series of mass murders to ascend to vampire-hood (she found out about how to become a vampire from a lost diary of Flauros'). Shes got a bunch of pet ghouls running around reaping havoc (and souls). I should incorporate some Pyrezombies soon.... hehehe
Nice idea with the Lahmia. Been looking through your domains, and wow, awesome. I'll go through them and tell you what I like and what I might change for my campaign.

Chaos is awesome. I really like the tables. My only suggestion for that is to include a bit more of the core of the precept, which is aimless anarchism. The mutation stuff is definitely cool though. Dimension sphere is cool too, but same suggestion. There's nothing in there about the unhealthy relationships between people. The golem bit for Earth is a nice touch. Everything in entropy is great, but I'd switch the 6th and 17th level abilities.

I made a creation domain myself, but deleted it when I read that Amatheon doesn't give his followers divine power. Same goes for Arawn and Dagda. Also, Mulcarn is dead so nobody should be getting Ice domain power til Auric ascends. However, in your campaign you can do what you like.

This is great stuff.
Thanks! im glad you like some of my ideas :D im still working on a lot of them (only 10 more to go!)

Im not really sure how i can truly represent 'aimless anarchism' in the chaos domain. i have made a few changes here and there though.

Im not certain what you mean with regards to 'unhealthy relationships between people' in the dimension domain. could you explain that?

I agree switching the 6th and 17th powers from entropy is probably a good idea.

Regarding domains of gods who don't answer, i think ill keep the domains open for now. I can kinda see a cleric who devotes himself to an idea or concept might accidentally generate the power needed from his own belief/ the belief of others to gain spells. For example in my campaign i have a cleric of War (this was before i started designing the domains, we only had access to what was in the PHB at character creation) and she devotes herself to the Boy King Cardith Lorda and practically worships him and honor. Her faith has generated spontaneous power for her despite not directly worshiping any particular god. Another thing is that prays to gods who dont answer can be intercepted by other gods (at least, i think they can) so Esus and other gods who are so inclined could answer the prayers and try to manipulate the worshiper to their own ends.
here's excerpts from some magister posts

Spoiler :
Chaos mana would be rather similar to Body, but the misanthropy is without purpose. You don't dislike people because they get in the way of a strong desire, you just randomly decide to cause innocent people problems. Your behavior would become quite erratic.

Camulos was always an Anarchist. His sphere always rejected the use of outside authority to limit the individual. As God of Peace, he was focused on preventing individuals from using force to coerce others. As God of Strife, he is focused on rejecting any principles that might prevent an individual from seeking his will over and against that of others.

Dimensional makes one focus on relationships at the expense of any intrinsic value. Your worth becomes defined purely in terms of your power over others. The well being of yourself, your family, your kingdom, etc., doesn't matter, as long as as it is better off than that of everyone else. Loved ones become obsessions, and you don't like spending time with them you just need them to be there. All your relationships become highly codependent and unhealthy. You become extremely clingy and domineering, so others become less comfortable around you and want nothing to do with you. You have a very "you're either for me or against me" point of view, so this makes your loved ones enemies who must be destroyed.

Ceridwen's sphere was about the ties that bind all individuals together into healthy relationships. In her corruption, it is about neglecting the individual to focus on the empty structure of the relationships, on maintaining unhealthy relationships, and on breaking our healthy bonds.

archive of cannon lore posts is really easy to use. just use CTRL + F and type in Camulos or Chaos if ur looking for something related to him, or put in whatever it is ur looking for
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