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FfH2 0.33 Bug Thread

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Fall from Heaven' started by Kael, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002
    Use this thread to post any issues with FfH2 0.33.


    Patch "a":
    1. Fixed the Somnium attitude adjustment and game frequency (fixed by Sto, broken by Kael).
    2. Pagan Temples and the Desert Shrine are both +100% production with the Spiritual trait.
    3. Removed the redundant option to make a golden hammer into an engineer (though you can still do it through the item ability).
    4. You can now correctly take equipment from other units.
    5. Crusade 50% unit cost reduction changed from iFreeMilitaryUnitsPopulationPercent to iFreeUnitsPopulationPercent.
    6. You cant mirror mirrors with mirror anymore :)
    7. Fixed the MoM and Sphener main menu graphics.
    8. Fixed the Malakim Berserker graphics.
    9. Units don't need to be in a city radius with a magic guild to upgrade to mages and archmages anymore.
    10. Fixed the Wilderness Man event so that the Hunting Lodge +1 option cant be selected if you don't have a hunting lodge or den of shadows.

    Patch "b":
    1. Fixed a changeculture error when Basium converts a city (fixed by Sto!).
    2. Psychopath events subtract gold instead of adding it.
    3. Fixed a CtD when you attack orc shamans/witch doctors/amurite wizards/etc with ranged units.
    4. Smoke removed from flames.
    5. Different AI leaders give different attitude bonuses based on your Somnium games. Perpentach highly values your game skill, Basium... not so much (idea by MC).
    6. Fixed an issue that would allow you to always ressurect heroes on graveyards.
    7. Fixed the popup message colors back to green for good and red for bad (instead of that faint grey color).
    8. Fixed the Sirona's Touch spell.

    Patch "c": (will break save games)
    1. You cant pickup Dragon's Horde or the Lyre in other players cities.
    2. You can't Wane immortal units.
    3. Illusions can't be sacrificed for research (mirrored ritualists).
    4. Illusions can't be sacrificed for production (mirrored slaves).
    5. Illusions can't be sacrificed for culture (mirrored disciples).
    6. Illusions can't be sacrificed to become great people (mirrored shades, you're all cheaters!)
    7. Illusions can't be sacrificed for great merchant gold (it was only a matter of time befor PL gave a mirror to a great merchant).
    8. Fixed a WoC error caused by grouping with an invisible unit with enemies nearby (fixed by Sto!).
    9. Stirrups requires Horseback Riding.
    10. Fixed a python error with Pestilence.
    11. Ring of Flames won't destroy unique features anymore.
    12. Immortal Units won't be reborn when upgraded.
    13. Balseraphs can now cage human slaves.
    14. Illusions can not found cities (mirrored settlers).
    15. Groups of Satyr's cannot duplicate animals with Mezmerize anymore.
    16. Captured units retain their race (so captured dwarven workers don't turn into elves when captured by the ljosalfar).
    17. Liches will now be undead after casting Lichdom.
    18. Illusions cannot build buildings (mirrored sages).
    19. Somnium: players can play for 1 gold or for nothing.
    20. Somnium: Once the memory delay is finished, the memories reset.
    21. Somnium: Memories for attitudes are now doubled to prevent bad allocation memory errors.
    22. Fixed an issue where Tolerent leaders might not be able to upgrade in some cities (Doviello cities).
    23. Added the ability to pick up the Infernal Grimoire building as an item.
    24. Fixed a python exception in the Circle of Gaelan event.

    Patch "d":
    1. Fixed an issue trying to pick up the Infernal Grimoire.
    2. Fixed an issue upgrading units in assimilated cities (fixed by Xienwolf!).
    3. Immortal units with spirit guide won't lose half their experience when being reborn.
    4. War Games event (unit torturing prisoners) wont trigger for non-living units (catapults, etc) or non-combat units (workers).
    5. Fixed an issue with the Letum Frigus aggressive trait add.
    6. Converted units shouldnt change race (ie: enraged units shouldnt turn orcish).
    7. Fixed an issue that could cause the AI to scrap ai_explore (recon line) units.
    8. Updated German translation.
    9. Updated Wolf Rider and Goblin Chariot art by seZereth.
    10. Updated coast texture by seZereth.
    11. Fixed an issue where some plots aren't revealed even if units enter them (hard fix, I manually keep visibility count from ever going negative, still dont know how they would become negative).
    12. Fixed an issue where plundering can remain forever if the unit doing it loses hidden nationality (I think it will work).
    13. New Svartalfar Champion unit model by Rishardas.
    14. Demographics are now available for everyone (it used to be that you had to have a certain amount of espionage to do it).

    Patch "e":
    1. Fixed an issue attaching Great Commanders.
    2. Fixed an issue with forced civ on upgrade and the assimilation function ot playing nice together (ogres everywhere! fixed by Xienwolf).
    3. Fixed a potential spinlock in CvUnitAI::AI_unitUpdate (fixed by xanaqui42).
    4. Blocked an assert in CvUnit::healRate (fixed by xanaqui42).
    5. Blocked an assert in CvUnit::changeExtraEnemyHeal (fixed by xanaqui42).
    6. Blocked an assert in CvUnit::changeExtraNeutralHeal (fixed by xanaqui42).
    7. Blocked an assert in CvUnit::changeExtraFriendlyHeal (fixed by xanaqui42).
    8. Blocked an assert in the redundantly named CvPlayer::changeImprovementYieldChange (fixed by xanaqui42).
    9. Blocked an assert in CvPlayer::recieveGoody (fixed by xanaqui42).
    10. Wonder created Trents, Krakens and Tigers will no longer be permanent.
    11. Switched back to the 0.33 Amurite Wizard model.
    12. Fixed an WoC error caused by worker units with extra strength (from items are what not) getting confused.

    Patch "f":
    1. Fixed an error with isTrait in the wonder spell.
    2. Fixed a crash in the Wonder spell from barb players casting.
    3. Fixed an issue where there "Add to Freak Show" ability was always available even if the city already had that sort of cage.
    4. No AI comabt units (ie: everything except slaves and workers) is allowed to adopt the UNITAI_WORKER UnitAI.
    5. Fixed an issue that could allow you to build civ heores in Tolerant taken cities.
    6. Fixed some Somnium attitude settings (previously a lot of leaders didnt offer any +/- for games).

    Patch "g":
    1. Fixed an issue with Flames graphics that can cause CtD's on Vista.
    2. Fixed an issue that kept building creating spells from working.

    Issues scheduled for fix in 0.34 (because it takes significant code rewrite):
    1. Mushroom and volcano events will still work the 2nd time they trigger.
    2. Marksmen code will be reviewed (to keep it from hitting equipment and ships).
    3. Warrens will duplicate all attributes of the first unit (instead of creating a base unit).
    4. Get Advanced start techs to hand out free units from purchased techs.
    5. I will redo the global unique events system (to garunteee they won't trigger twice when new layers come in, new array in cvgame for events triggered).

    Known Issues:
    1. "GFC error: failed to initialaize the primary control theme" error loading the mod. You will recieve this error if FfH isn't installed in the correct location (under Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods). If you don't have Civ4 installed to that location just make sure the FfH is installed in the same directory as Final Frontier, Age of Ice and the other mods that came with BtS. Also make sure you have installed the full mod and not just the patch.
    2. The mod loads okay, but when you go to start a game it crashes. You experience this error if you aren't running BtS patch 3.17.
    3. If you are running BtS 3.17 and the game still crashes when starting your computer could be having problems playign the opening movie. Disabling movies resolves the problem.
    4. If FfH crashes when starting a game and when you look in the Civilopedia from the main menu and you can't see units, then you have only applied the patch and you need to download and install the main mod (then reapply the patch).
    5. While playing if your units look okay when moving but turn back to normal civ4 units when standing still its because you have "Freeze Animations" turned on in your game options.
    6. Vista users have reported crashes if they have UAC (User Account Control) enabled.

    Reporting Issues:

    I have five requests before you report issues:

    1. I dont expect anyone to read the whole thread. But please read this post and see if your issue is addressed in patches you don't have applied, in a patch that hasn't been released yet, or is a known issue.

    2. Please don't report cosmetic issues here, use the cosmetic issues thread for that.

    3. Please don't "chat" in this thread. I hate it when real bug reports get lost in other posts, so please try to keep this thread as on task as possible (just for bug reports) and I will try to make sure everything mentioned here gets resolved.

    4. Please don't report issues for other mods in this thread, even FfH modmods.

    5. If you are noticing an issue please make sure you have python popups enabled so we can see what the real error is. To enable python popups in your CivilizationIV.ini change:

    ; Set to 1 for no python exception popups
    HidePythonExceptions = 1

    ; Set to 1 for no python exception popups
    HidePythonExceptions = 0
  2. xienwolf

    xienwolf Deity

    Oct 4, 2007
    Location! Location!
    Listing of Bugs reported and not yet included in the changelog for the upcoming patch (If reported issues are actually cosmetic, I will list them in the other thread):

    1. Posted Savegames with Unresolved Issues(List cleared if a Patch breaks savegames, as troubleshooting will require maintaining an older version)
      1. WoC which cleared on reload to be replaced by repeatable CtD (Sarisin - Post 458)
        • No crash for Kael, but using it to test Gamespeed performance issues
      2. CtD when selecting option for the Amurite Trials event (Raize - Post 539)
      3. Spells which create Temporary Buildings (Inspiration/Hope) are not castable (MiKa523 - Post 627)
        • Actually no spells which create a building of any kind are castable unless they also do something else. The "return true" statement needs to be placed back in the code for a spell which creates a building. It was erroneously removed when the earlier "return false" statement was added to prevent spells from being castable if the building already exists.
      4. WoC when settling a city on a new island (Jay Ray - Post 873)
      5. WoC (metalhawk - Post 898)

    2. Bugs Reported with Fix Reccomended
      1. Automatically generated Desktop Shortcut does not work. Need to change mod=\Fall from Heaven 2 033 to mod="\Fall from Heaven 2 033" (cabbagemeister - Post 16)
      2. Duplicate entries in the .ini file ("Read Game options from XML, not .ini" listed twice) - (Aesir Rising - Post 274)
      3. Guardsman Promotion doesn't block Marksman attackers (kaptajnknark - Post 462)
      4. Victory Screen does not display Religious Victory Progress properly due to a Python Variable misplacement (davidlallen - Post 549)
      5. Illusion Promoted Units are not fully Healing after battle (Dinkeldog - Post 692)
        • This is due to the Illusions never actually killing a unit on offense, and the healing being set to happen after a kill only. Thus they heal on defense, but not offense.
      6. AI Inflation Rates are modified by numeric Era at higher difficulties. This field needs to be removed, or Eras sorted to account for it, or redo the SDK math to base it off gameturn instead of Era (xanaqui42 - Post 742)
      7. Graveyards are not calling "canRecieveGoody" before issuing their reward, which can lead to issues in the case of not having a city yet and gaining a Tech from the Grave (xanaqui42 - Post 756
      8. Python code will force the AI to take certain Tech Selections (Elves go for FoL, Dwarves for RoK, any Evil with Philosophy for AV), and this causes the AI to stop all research completely if the GameOptions disable the religion they are being forced to try for. The Python code needs to account for the GameOptions, or other inability to research any forced Tech Pathway. (fish_sticks - AI Idling Thread)
      9. Null Unitcombat type being passed in a section of the code (xanaqui42 - Post 830)
      10. Non-Barbarian Animals remain UNITAI_ANIMAL, and thus the AI will not use them to raid players (as players tend to use them against the AI). Especially problematic for the Doviello since thier worldspell is meant to give them a military boost, and it is only worthwhile if used offensively. Also an issue for Summon Tiger. (xanaqui42 - Post 836)
      11. Hippus Mounted Units can exceed the Withdrawal Limit defined in Globals when upgrading after gaining numerous promotions. This blocks them from upgrading to ANY promotions at all. Ought to include the "IF Current + Promotion Withdrawal Rates > Defined Limit" statement inside of an "IF Promotion Withdrawal Rate > 0" to keep the same limitation (mostly) in place, but not screw with non-Withdrawal Rate promotions. (BKS - Post 843)
      12. Hyborem requests permission to cross through his own lands when created. And something about reflexive Wars, make them Orcs Wiser already! (xanaqui42 - Post 860)
      13. AI Tech selection sucks because we are overflowing the INT value used to make decisions. Change iValue and iBestValue in CvPlayerAI::AI_bestTech to Float or Long and the problem ought to be solved (xanaqui42 - Post 861)
      14. In CvPlayerAI::AI_eventValue the player who is being selected as the OTHER player can wind up being the same player who is getting the event, causes a minor hiccup when evaluating the AI Attitudes (xanaqui - Post 862)
      15. Civilization Type of a city is not properly carried over to non-Assimilation Civs (Post 876)

    3. Reported Bugs (General)
      1. Sheiam Worker who can chop forests --if Automated-- without discovery of Bronze Working required (Ursa - Post 46)
      2. Guardian of Pristinus Pass can spawn on the tile next to a starting location, causing near immediate defeat (Pyr0mancer - Post 65)
      3. If a unit has Black Mirror and any other piece of equipment they are unable to cast Mirror (Pyr0mancer - Post 65)
      4. Puppets are being re-mutated when summoned if the summoner was Mutated as well. Potentially same issue happening with Black Mirrors (Nikis-Knight - Post 80)
      5. we-caught-the-Psychopath event allows selection of last choice to get a free Lunatic even if you do not have an Asylum in the City (Pike the Hands - Post 83)
      6. Recruiting the Travelling Enchanter who wants to enchant the weapons of your Unit still results in the Unit gaining Echantment 1 as well as the newly recruited Adept (bladios7 - Post 29 in Cosmetic Issues)
      7. Players can be granted multiple copies of World Units when playing with Advanced Era starts (MormegilGr - Post 100)
      8. Combat Odds won't show when an HN unit attempts to attack a unit belonging to a Barbarian Trait leader (Sarisin - Post 114)
      9. Base Nationality of a City appears not to be maintained after a Civ is defeated (MiKa523 - Post 125)
      10. "Serial Killer" event chain issues: First event all choices give gold instead of costing gold, second event the Axeman gets no XP like Event claims he will (VSPavlov - Post 130)
      11. Captured Elven Workers can chop forests without Bronze Working (Opferlamm - Post 133)
      12. Undercouncil resolutions stopped coming to pass, possibly due to forming of a permanent Alliance (Chip56 - Post 151)
        • Potentially due to Alliance being counted as a single member of the Council, thus no longer enough members to hold a vote (Demus - Post 168)
        • Votes commenced once again after Flauros was killed (Chip56 - Post 176)
      13. Manes are not being generated properly from sacrificing units on a demon altar (Chip56 - Post 165)
      14. Python Exception during game Load for Placing Improvements, ascii code translation issue (Sensemann - Post 174)
      15. Hope (Building) is applying Courage (Promotion) to non-Living Units, even though Courage (Spell) is unable to do so (Chip56 - Post 213)
      16. Free Buildings are not granted to Hyborem for cities gained by Diplomacy (Chip56 - Post 222)
      17. Can cast Spring on Oasis Tiles (xanaqui42 - Post 249)
      18. Post-Negotiation 10 Turn Peace Treaty is not counting down in Text Display, but still does de-activate after the proper time period (KillerClowns - Post 254)
      19. Final event in Psycopath line gives your Swordsman Crazed properly, but does not give him the advertised 10 XP (Cheshiremythos - Post 268)
      20. Coin Prominence Event grants gold instead of removing gold as stated in tooltip (Cheshiremythos - Post 268)
      21. Civil Unrest Event mentions Espionage Points in third option (Cheshiremythos - Post 268)
      22. Resource which appear under a Unique Feature can NEVER be connected since you cannot destroy the unique feature. Suggest making all Unique Features "Act as City" or setting them otherwise to connect any resources (or block placement of resources randomly under them) if they do not come with a forced resource (MiKa523 - Post 273)
      23. Hall of Mirrors can generate True Immortal Units, which wind up Respawning in the Balseraph Capital without a duration limit. Similar issue can occur with the Black Mirror being used on a True Immortal unit - May need to disable Immortal Rebirths for Illusions (Pyr0mancer - Post 279)
      24. Permanent Improvement means Permanent Roads under it as well (Sensemann - Post 288)
      25. Avatar of Wrath not causing units to become Enraged upon entering the World (Fafnir13 - Post 287)
      26. Animals owned by Players do not ever grant XP past 100 total XP due to the GlobalDefinesAlt line "ANIMAL_MAX_XP_VALUE" being set to 100 (Sarisin - Post 343)
      27. Build Rate modifiers from Racial promotions on non-worker units is being calculated with the buildrate of a worker unit when they are grouped for the displayed estimate of time till completion (possibly for the actual build speed as well). Might need to modify the getWorkrate function to be impossible to return a negative value (std::max(0, m_iWorkRate)) (Hadin Gunther - Post 348)
      28. Can add a slave to Freak Show before evn having a Freak Show in the City (Brugarin - Post 118 of Balance Thread)
      29. Damage Immunity does not shield a unit from taking Collateral damage while another unit is defending (Sensemann - Post 414)
      30. HN Units will kill Brigit instead of Capturing her (Algeroth - Post 436)
      31. Mushrooms event can trigger on the City Tile (orangelex44 - Post 470)
      32. Wonders which grant free buildings ONLY grant the buildings to the Player who initially built them (capturing/converting the city does not transfer the ability to gain free buildings to the new owner) (Draconian - Post 476)
      33. Assimilated Cities track the most recent non-Assimilation Owner, rather than owner when first built (Pyr0mancer - Post 493)
        • Might not be transferring CivilizationType of the base City during CvCity::Convert
      34. City Governor will re-assign citizens in cities over 20 Population even if the player has disabled Governor Control (Gabriel21 - Post 507)
      35. Flames cause game crashes if on Ice, normal Desert or Water tiles (mahazel & Jhoniten - Post 515/516)
      36. AI Workers will attempt to build multiple types of Mana Nodes on a single Node at the same time (Sarisin - Post 544)
      37. Death of a Civilization is re-announced when equipment left behind after defeat is finally captured (Mamamia - Post 553)
      38. Life Node Flare Event clears Features from Tiles (Forests, Oasis, Floodplains) (Pyr0mancer - Post 562)
      39. Loyalty Claims to keep units from being converted by the enemy, but Domination still works on units with Loyalty promotion (MiKa523 - Post 628)
      40. Nox Noctis Invis cannot actually be seen by any units in the game currently, since it is applying Invis_Submarine type of Invisibility. (Zechnophobe - Post 626)
      41. Grigori Medics can start with a Religion, and thus have access to Priest Spells (Sarisin - Post 648)
      42. Goblin Waste (-1 Food) event can trigger on a tile which provides no Food (Pfeffersack - Post 666)
      43. Crusade and Military State both attempt to improve unit maintenance via MILITARY units, which makes each of them useless unless run at the same time as Pacifism (which is impossible for the one of them anyway) (onedreamer - Post 674)
      44. Ancient Forests can See Invis, Treants cannot (will spawn Treants which sit next to an invis unit and wonder what they are doing here) (Sarisin - Post 680)
      45. Eyes and Ears Network can grant technologies blocked to the Player (Agnostic Civs) (Sarisin - Post 680)
      46. Balseraph Puppets can be exploited just as horribly as the Illusions were being exploited a little while ago (multiple items/Great Commanders) (odalrick - Post 755)
      47. Units which start with Hidden Nationality can be destroyed before the player gets any chance to Declare Nationality since they are generated at the end of the player's Turn (Yoki - #erebus, and somewhere in the thread that I forgot about)
      48. MAJOR EXPLOIT: Balseraph: Summon a Puppet, turn that Puppet into a Lich, have it summon a new Puppet. Use new Puppet-made-Lich to attack with a Strength 7 freebie creature. Delete it if it lives, Select puppet made in Step 3, restart from step 2. Infinite Str 7 Creatures to attack with (odalrick - Post 799)
      49. AI Workers have been authorized to construct Mana Nodes on Raw Mana for the AI to avoid spinlocks. But they do not seem to ever bother building Nodes on developed Mana which has been pillaged - Or at least they won't do so until all raw mana has been developed first. (denev - Post 831)
      50. Advanced Start will allow a city to be placed on upgraded Mana nodes (Broken Sepulcher, Pyre of Seraphic...) (Keeper_GFA - Post 834)
      51. Dwarven Vaults are not destroyed when the Khazad give up a city via diplomacy. (Justicar333 - Post 844)
      52. BuildingPrereq is being ignored in EventInfos. Options needing a building are always available (Asylum & Hunting Lodge for specific examples)
      53. HN Stooges could use roads in the territory of their owner, but not in neutral (unowned) territory (Fafnir13 - Post 924)
      54. Building a City on top of City Ruins results in a "Yearn for the Motherland" penalty (Fafnir13 - Post 924)
      55. City Revolted to another Civ and auto-spawned defenders. Got 3 Baron Duin clones (orangelex44 - Post 940)

    4. Reported as a Bug, but actually a Feature
      1. Combat Log (section in Window shown with button in top left of screen) is not recording/displaying any data (Zechnophobe - post 41)
        • This was removed to enhance game performance. People who still wish to view the Combat Logs may enable it by editing the PythonCallbackDefines.xml
      2. Acheron & other Immune to Magic beings who are not also Immune to Disease can only be cured of Disease by visiting the Pool of Tears
      3. XXX Does not affect the Armageddon Counter: The displayed AC is a percentage, and thus all changes advertised will in reality be much smaller changes, and typically not show up at all
      4. Hidden nationality Units announce who they belong to in Text Displays (A ____ Unit has killed your Unit) (esvath - Post 145)
      5. All Units are always visible while in Cities (Nikis-Knight - Post 80)
      6. Equipment can be taken from a unit who has already attacked for the turn again, but not from units who have already cast (Zifnab - Post 216)
        • The equipment can only be picked up if the holder has not cast for the turn, so cannot be taken from a unit who has just grabbed the item this turn. Thus one swap post-combat is allowed
      7. Units created or Upgraded from Combat (Giant Spiders, Blooded Werewolves, Baby Spiders, Ravenous Werewolves) can attack immediately. This means that you can get 4 attacks in a row if you are lucky with chain-upgrading a Ravenous Werewolf spawned from combat (xanaqui42 - Post 251)
      8. Great Commanders never spawn (KingArthur666 - Post 276)
        • Great Commanders spawning via "battle experience" doesn't happen, even though the bar still appears in the Military Advisor. Instead you can get Great Commanders the same way as any other Great Person, with buildings providing you with GPP
      9. Cannot kill Loki when Cornered
        • The ONLY way to kill Loki is if he is in a City, or if he is severely weakened and you get the killing blow during a first strike
      10. Warriors cannot get Iron Weapons
        • Warriors were restricted to Bronze Weapons only so they do not serve as a replacement for Axemen
      11. Spreading Guilds/Religions with Immortal Units allows them to be reborn in your capitol (Milaga - Post 377)
      12. Improvements that upgrade do so in half the time listed on tooltips (gain 2 turns of progress each turn) (Polobo - Post 391)
      13. Shadowwalk does not negate Tile Defense (kaptajnknark - Post 462)
        • Shadowwalk Promotion only bypasses Building Defense, not Terrain Defenses
      14. Cities can connect resources before the required Technology for building an appropriate resource is discovered (Polobo - Post 578)

    5. More of a Balance Question
      1. Excessive Dye Clumping (countjackula - Post 144)
      2. Acheron can be booted from his City by For the Horde if the Clan is at War with the Barbarians when casting
      3. Erebus mapscript seems to be missing the flavorful features of Deserts which work fine in Creation Mapscript (Blackmantle - Post 189)
      4. Animal Spawns appear to be tied to the Maximum Number of Normal Barbarian Spawns as well (Sarisin - Post 197)
      5. Military State affects Military Unit Maintenance, which only applies during the Pacifism Civic (Maniac - Post 61)
      6. AI will accept some items as gifts which it has a negative value for in trade (if asked what they would give you for the item, they ask for MORE from you and offer nothing in return). Linked to this partially, some Technologies the AI will not accept as even gifts. (Chip56 - Post 222)
      7. Lanun work boats can build pirate coves outside of their borders. (MiKa523 - Post 262)
      8. Cannot return the Pieces of Barnaxus to the Luchuirp without deleting one of your units to do so (orgonebox - Post 325)
      9. Blood of the Pheonix makes Great People immortal, which allows them to be used twice (·Imhotep· - Post 339)
      10. Succubi get Inspiration rather than Charm Person with the new Magic System (Ahriman - Post 356)
      11. Hyborem is allowed to construct buildings which offer no benefit other than Health or Happiness (Chip56 - Post 390)
      12. Centaurs can gain benefit from having Nightmares Resource (Nikis-Knight - Post 406)
      13. Ride of the Nine Kings requires Horses, cannot substitute Nightmares to satisfy Requirement (Nikis-Knight - Post 406)
      14. Combat Limit does not get accounted for on Defense (Illusions can kill units which attack them) (Algeroth - Post 436)
        • Could be nice to make Combat Limit apply even on defense, then giving Loki a Combat Limit of 1 or something would make it impossible for even HN units to attack and kill him
      15. Illusions (Black Mirror/Hall of Mirrors) can be Upgraded. Does the AI understand that it is not worth doing? (Pyr0mancer - Post 531)
      16. AI stacks troops near Acheron when incapable of getting past his Fear effect if they are not at war, elaving themselves open to attack (arkham4269 - Post 746)
      17. Capturing Units can let you exceed National Limits (Sarisin - Post 680)
      18. Cotton is the only Luxury Resource without a Tech Requirement for City Trade, allowing you to gain access to cotton on turn 1 if you settle the city on it (Meister Maggi - Post 893)
      19. AC Goes down when you raze a city with AV present, regardless of other religions (like being the Order Holy City) (Annex - Post 933)

    6. Unconfirmed Reports
      1. Damage Immunity might still not apply in combat - UNTESTED, HUNCH (Ahriman - Post 185)
      2. Taskmasters are creating slaevs, but placing them on the tile of the attacked unit, instead of on the Taskmaster's Tile (Skitters - Post 286)
      3. Crusade is still useless, as it gives extra Free Military Units, and there is still no cost for Military Units unless running Pacifism (onedreamer - Post 285)
      4. Balseraph AI only Loki Puppets are GAINING Duration each turn instead of losing it (Civ Fuehrer - Post 442)
      5. Unable to cast Trust even once (DemonMaster - Post 584)
      6. Orthus's Axe failed to spawn after killing Orthus with one of the 3 Stogges post-Nationality Declaration (arcaner - Post 589)
      7. AI is able to upgrade units improperly (westamastaflash - Post 713)
        • Cited example is an AV Perpentarch with Stygian Guards who has never been OO during the course of the game
      8. Hippus Ranch is not granting Horselord to the AI, but works fine for the player (shrike2005 - Post 801)

    Last Updated as of: Post: #945, Patch G: & Version 034: #5
    NOTE: I am no longer updating this list as 034 is right around the corner. I am certain Kael still monitors any reports in the thread though, so feel free to continue to report any bugs which you do find.
  3. Maniac

    Maniac Apolyton Sage

    Nov 27, 2004
    Gent, Belgium

    Bug: Crusade doesn't reduce unit support. :mischief:
  4. AMBusam

    AMBusam Chieftain

    Dec 14, 2005
    Excellent! I'll get right on it. Thanks for all the hard work Kael et al.
  5. grumpylad

    grumpylad Warlord

    Jan 15, 2004
    Looking forward to this, many thanks. It appears the file is awaiting an admin OK before being released. So I guess I'll pull when I get back this PM.
  6. Jie

    Jie The Jie

    May 22, 2007
    Is anyone else getting this?

    The file you are trying to view (Fall from Heaven II 0.33 - FallfromHeaven3033.exe) uploaded by KaelFfH is currently awaiting authorisation. Authorisation can take a couple of days during which time a site administrator will check the file to ensure:
  7. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002
    Please please don't use this thread to post about the download (either getting it or not getting it). This is for bugs with 0.33.
  8. Gigaz

    Gigaz civoholic

    Feb 5, 2007
    Somnium doesn't change the relations :(

    Attached Files:

  9. MagisterCultuum

    MagisterCultuum Great Sage

    Feb 14, 2007
    Kael's head
    I can second that one.

    In addition, it does not seem like the 20 more turns needed before you can bet you pride against someone again never counts down. It is always says you'll be able to do so again in 20 turns,no matter how many turn pass.


    The take equipment promotion spells do not seem to have any effect.
  10. marioflag

    marioflag History Addict

    Oct 20, 2005
    Napoli, Italy
    Not sure if it's WAD or a bug but:

    Playing as Elohim i was able to capture Calabim and Balseraph capitals.
    While the option to build Calabim Palace was greyed out, i could build the Balseraph Palace in Jubilee

    Edit: Actually i could build Clabim Palace also in Calabim cities
  11. Pyr0mancer

    Pyr0mancer Prince

    Jan 18, 2008
    WAD, Tolerant trait. You can build the palace of another civ, but naturally you lose your Elohim palace when you do so.
  12. Dinkeldog

    Dinkeldog Chieftain

    Jan 2, 2002
    Just got an event:

  13. Uberslacker

    Uberslacker Tilda Junkie

    Sep 16, 2004
    Melbourne, Australia
    Possible bug:

    I can't add a Golden Hammer to a city as a specialist. Adding to a unit works fine.
  14. Shakiko

    Shakiko Warlord

    Mar 1, 2007
    Not really that much of a bug, but I didn't realize you guys secretley started working on FFH 3 ;) : the file is called FFH3 033.

    Now onto a real bug: When Casting Loki's Entertain Spell, it adds the happiness but you don't get any money - neither in the city nor added directly to your total.

    On top of that puppets can't cast on the turn they are created (I guess that a feature), but can't cast Inspiration in my game at all (intended?). Dance of blades works fine though and yes, puppets got both channeling and Mind mana promotions (and are standing in a city).
  15. Khadil Okharim

    Khadil Okharim Chieftain

    Dec 22, 2005
    Isn't the production of the desert shrine hurried up by the spiritual trait? I ask because in my current game the production of an Octopus Overlords temple takes less turns than the production of a desert shrine.
    If the production of pagan temples is hurried up by the spiritual trait, desert shrines should be as well.
  16. cabbagemeister

    cabbagemeister Please wait...

    Jun 26, 2008
    A very minor thing, but the shortcut that installs itself on my desktop (which starts BTS and loads the mod automatically, and which I LOVE) didn't work for me. When it tries to load the mod, it complains that the directory Mods\Fall from Heaven 2 033 \ (note the space at the end) doesn't exist. This can be easily fixed by putting the
    mod=\Fall from Heaven 2 033
    that's at the end of the shortcut's path into quotes
    mod="\Fall from Heaven 2 033"
  17. MagisterCultuum

    MagisterCultuum Great Sage

    Feb 14, 2007
    Kael's head
    Not a big deal, but the message saying that someone had cast River of Blood was displayed 4 times instead of 1. Also, its grey color made it hard to read.

    (Hmm...maybe I should have put that under cosmetic issues.)

    Just so you know, the replacement CIV4LeaderHeadInfos.xml Sto posted makes betting your pride at Somnium work properly.
  18. KnightBoat

    KnightBoat Chieftain

    May 31, 2006
    I know there was a problem with Vista & 0.32 so... although I can open the mod just fine, I can't start a game in 0.33. It crashes during the loading scene. I tried 0.32 and it still works just fine on my computer. Gonna change my profile to administrator and see if that fixes things.

    EDIT: Oh wait, I am an administrator. Looks like another Vista-related problem I'd guess. Oh to go back to XP.

    2nd EDIT: I read the bit about User Access Control after my last post, so I turned it off. Still no good. I hate Vista!

    Final EDIT: Oops! I was busy with college, and then travelling so I guessed I missed the whole 3.17 patch business. It's working now.:blush:
  19. Bastian-Bux

    Bastian-Bux King

    Mar 29, 2006
    Somnium: it tells me I do need to wait 90 turns to get another chance on playing for pride, but it neither counts down, nor allows me to do so after 90 turns. SO basically I'm stuck with 1 game per AI for the whole game.
  20. xienwolf

    xienwolf Deity

    Oct 4, 2007
    Location! Location!
    Tested this in game and Pagan Temples are not quicker with Spiritual trait. Need to make a Balance thread sometime to move the thought into, leaving it listed here as a balance question till then.

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