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FfH2 0.33 Changelog

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Fall from Heaven' started by Kael, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002
    Fall from Heaven 2 0.33 is scheduled for release on Friday, August 15th. Its biggest features are a significant amount of new art, major changes to the Balseraphs and Elohim civilizations, and performance improvements that allow it to run faster on maps with lots of units.

    Modders may be interested in the python callouts that are possible when moving next to an improvement or onto a feature or improvement (without having to run the expensive unit onMove python check which has been disabled in 0.33).

    Expect to see updates up until release as we continue to check in changes. But the major features should be in place. I expect to spend the time up until release adding events, playtesting and checking in things the team produces between now and then.

    1. Fixed an error with Tsunami that could allow it to wipe out permanent improvements.
    2. Fixed a CtD caused by Hellfire improvement trying to spawn Sect of Flies.
    3. Fixed an issue with the Amurite Trial and Malakim Pilgrimage events and hidden nationality units (fixed by Sto!).
    4. Illusions cant be upgraded to golems/elementals/etc anymore.
    5. Fixed an issue that kept a defenders resistances from being calculated correctly.
    6. Fixed an issue that allowed Hidden Nationality units to load in non-Hidden Nationality transports.
    7. Unhappy production is now calculated correctly from Governors Manors and the Pillar of Chains (fixed by Sto!).
    8. Fixed an issue that would cause Immortals to spawn indefinitly.
    9. You cant summon in enemy stacks anymore.
    10. Immunity to promotions always works now.
    11. Fixed an issue that can cause unique events to trigger more than once if new players are added to the game (most commonly seen with a 2nd hit of Blight after Basium or Hyborem enters the game).
    12. Fixed an issue with Gift Vampirism that could have it applied to non-living units.
    13. Fixed an issue that was making Agnostic civs less likely to spread religions than accept them.
    14. Fixed an issue that if a barb unit attacked an AI player the handicap difficulty penalty was being assigned to the AI unit instead of the Barb unit (native BtS problem).
    15. Fixed an issue that caused some units to be able to rebuy their starting equipment if they lost it and leveled up.
    16. Added a new Flames feature graphic (to hopefully take care of the problems some people were having with the old graphic).
    17. Fixed a WoC caused by Nox Noctis (fixed by Sto!).
    18. The Guardian can now appear on peaks (fixed by Sto!).

    1. Added the Jungle Altar, Necrototem and Warning Post improvements (for scenarios).
    2. Added the Tolerant trait (captured cities maintain their ethnicity for build orders).
    3. Improvements and Features can trigger a python script when a unit moves onto the tile.
    4. Improvements can trigger a python script when a unit is one tile away.
    5. Added a Letum Frigus event (triggers when the first unit enters Letum Frigus).
    6. Added the Guardian of Pristinus effect (3 gargoyles spawn when the first unit moves within 1 tile).
    7. Added the Rosier Oathtaker unit (for scenarios, art by C.Roland).
    8. Added the Necrototem effect (fear to any unit that comes within 1 tile).
    9. Added the Gallows building (Bannor UB, replaces the Bear Totem, reduces crime and costs half the normal amount).
    10. Removed the Serfdom civic.
    11. Added the TumTum unit (barbarian hero).
    12. Added the Desert Shrine building (Malakim UB, replaces the Pagan Temple, loki).
    13. Added Cephalo's "Creation" mapscript as an "Erebus" mapscript.
    14. Added the Sailors Dirge event.
    15. Removed the Puppet promotion.
    16. Removed the Puppeteer promotion.
    17. Removed the Puppeteer unit, the only thing that differentiated it form the mage was the puppeteer promotion.
    18. Added the Create Puppet spell (available to all Balseraph adepts/mages/archmages).
    19. Added the Puppet unit (puppets have the casting ability of their caster, model by seZereth, idea by loki).
    20. Removed the Gypsy Wagon unit.
    21. Removed the Gypsy Camp building.
    22. Added the Entertain spell (Loki only, boosts happiness and steals gold from the city).
    23. Added the Disrupt spell (Loki only, causes unhappiness and reduces culture of the city, can convert 0 culture cities).
    24. Added the Lunatic event (by JustinianVII).
    25. Added the Wilderness Man event (by JustinianVII).
    26. Added the Farmer event (by JustinianVII).
    27. Added the Pig Giant event (by Orlanth).
    28. Added python callback blocks for the Combat Result, Plot Revealed and Unit Move python functions (for performance).
    29. All spells are now pre-qualified in the SDK to minimize python calls and improve performance.
    30. Removed the Dragonship unit.
    31. Added the Psychopath event (Nikis-Knight).
    32. Added the Sundered promotion (all summons start with Stigmata).
    33. Added the Sundered Sanctum (Sheaim specific Mage Guild, grants the Sundered promotion to all adepts, idea by KillerClowns).
    34. Added the Black Mirror equipment (Alazkan starts with it, allows the Mirror ability).
    35. Challenge your opponents to a game of Somnium (programmed by Sto!).
    36. Promotions can now modify work rate (dwarves are +25%, elves -20%, orcs -10%).
    37. Removed the dwarven, elven and orc slaves and the dwarven, elven and orc worker units. They are now graphical changes from the base worker/slave with modified work rates from thier race promotions. (this is just to simplify, the only functional change from all this is that elven workers/slaves can now remove forests if they are captured by another civ).

    AI Changes:
    1. AI will pick starting locations based on 2 ring cities instead of 3 ring cities.
    2. The AI is more likely to tech toward its favorite wonder.
    3. The AI is more likely to build their favorite wonder.
    4. Good AI's prefer to research Orders from Heaven, Righteousness, Honor and Way of the Wise.
    5. Evil's AI's prefer to research Corruption of Spirit, Malevolent Designs, Decption, Necromany and Way of the Wicked.
    6. Units strength makes up a larger part of players power/score (it will help the AI make more reasonable attack decisions).
    7. Lots of minor AIWeight changes made after watching the AI perform in long autoplay games.

    Balance Changes:
    1. Renamed the Arcane promotion to Potency.
    2. The Spiritual trait now grants the Potency promotion to all disciple units.
    3. Ethne gains the Tolerant trait.
    4. Einion gains the Tolerant trait.
    5. Moved the Pool of Tears and Maelstrom code into the improvement effect code (instead of being in onMove) for performance.
    6. Hyborem loses the Expansive trait and gains the Spiritual trait.
    7. Os-Gabella loses the Spiritual trait and gains the Industrious trait.
    8. Magic Resistance now requires Combat III instead of Combat IV.
    9. Blight health penalthy changed from (rnd(11) + population) to (rnd(15) + population - building health bonuses. Because of this life mana, hebalists, aquaducts, etc will decrease the impact of blight to that city.
    10. Pestilence health penalty changed from (rnd(5) + population/4) to (rnd(9) + population/4 - building health bonuses).
    11. The Crusade civic grants 50% free military units from population.
    12. Bowers are now required to train Crossbowmen instead of Machinists shops.
    13. Machinists shop is now a Luchuirp UB (replaces the bear totem).
    14. The Aristocracy civic now reduces Distance Maintenance by 40%.
    15. The Caste System civic gains +50% worker speed modifer.
    16. Ressurection no longer returns the heroes starting equipment and it now takes 7 turns to cast.
    17. Battering ram reduced from a spell delay of 4 turns to 3 turns.
    18. Units that are Immune to Magic cannot be added to Flesh Golems.
    19. If Barnaxus is ressurected all Pieces of Barnaxus are lost.
    20. Ogres, Stoneskin Ogres and Ogre Warchiefs reduced from 3 to 2 movement.
    21. Temple of the Empyrean loses its -10% military production and gains +10% research (loki).
    22. Beast of Agares doesnt cause rioting or population loss in Infernal cities (loki).
    23. Water bonuses won't spawn 3 tiles away from the coast.
    24. Sacrifice the Weak no longer gives a +10% research bonus.
    25. Alchemy Lab gives a +10% research bonus.
    26. Barbatos won't spawn until a non-barbarian unit enters the Broken Sepulcher.
    27. Loki gets a special Create Puppet spell that creates a puppet with 100% defensive withdrawl, 2 movement and the ability to enter rival territory.
    28. Loki loses the ability to cast Mutate.
    29. Governors Manor cost increased from 120 to 180.
    30. Domination is slightly easier to resist and dominated units start immobile (they can't cast, move or attack on the turn they are dominated).
    31. Blinding Light is slightly harder to resist.
    32. Agriculture civic renamed to Agrarianism and moved from Agriculture to Calendar tech.
    33. City States civic moved from Education to Cartography.
    34. Trade tech is available with Writing and (Horseback Riding OR Sailing), instead of just Writing and Horseback Riding.
    35. Constellation events aren't global (so you will only be hit by yours).
    36. Added effects to the Amathaon, Camulos, Dagda, Mammon, Oghma and Tali constellation events.
    37. Freaks don't have a building requirement anymore.
    38. Freak Shows can only be created by sacrificing a freak in a city, they now grant +1 happiness, +1 Great Bard GPP and +2 culture instead of their prior benifits (aka: freaks make freak shows, freak shows dont make freaks).
    39. Taskmasters require a hunting lodge instead of a freak show.
    40. The "Add to Freak Show" ability doesn't require a Freak show in the city.
    41. Basium gets +300 Culture in his starting city (to expand the borders out).
    42. Angels, Angels of Death and Heralds can all use weapons now.
    43. Valkyrie minimum level reduced from 9 to 6.
    44. Angel of Death, Seraph, Herald and Ophanim's minimum level reduced from 6 to 4.
    45. Maelstrom spell can now injure neutral and friendly units (and will cause war).
    46. Galley's can't explore rival territory anymore and can be upgraded to Frigates.
    47. Moved the Ancient Forest treant protector code form OnMove into the Feature check for performance.
    48. Units that can see invisible can see units hidden by Nox Noctis.
    49. Pirate Coves are built by Lanun workboats instead of workers (and don't terraform the tile).
    50. Pirate Coves yields improved from 0/0/0 to 0/0/2 (food/hammer/trade).
    51. Pirate Harbors yields improved from 0/0/2 to 1/1/4 (food/hammer/trade).
    52. Pirate Ports yields improved from 1/1/2 to 2/2/6 (food/hammer/trade).

    Cosmetic changes:
    1. Unique Features will start with Landmark tags.
    2. Added Lutefish Mafia's rotating camera (Ctrl-Left spins the camera to the left, Ctrl-Right spins it to the right).
    3. New Rosier model by C.Roland.
    4. New Yvain model (and Yvain is now a treant instead of an elf).
    5. New Yersinia model.
    6. New Chalid model.
    7. New Great Commander model art by Chuggi.
    8. New Malakim Adept model.
    9. Fixed the Airlift, Rebase and Recon buttons.
    10. New Fyrdwell model.
    11. New building model art for the Dies Diei.
    12. New building model art for the Machinists Shop.
    13. New building model art for the Necronomicon.
    14. New building model art for the Nox Noctis.
    15. New building model art for the Amurite Palace.
    16. New building model art for the Clan of Embers Palace.
    17. New building model art for the Ljosalfar Palace.
    18. New building model art for the Sculptors Stuido.
    19. New building model art for the Temple of Leaves.
    20. New building model art for the Demonic Citizens.
    21. New building model art for the Mage Guild.
    22. New building model art for the Grigori Tavern.
    23. New building model art for the Temple of the Empyrean.
    24. New building model art for the Malakim Palace.
    25. New building model art for the Blasting Workshop.
    26. New building model art for the Warrens.
    27. New Malakim Hunter model.
    28. New Ars Morendi model by seZereth.
    29. New War Elephant models for the Amurites, Balseraphs, Bannor, Clan of Embers, Elohim, Khazad/Luchuirp, Kuriotates, Lanun, Ljosalfar, Malakim, Sheaim, Sidar and the Svartalfar (replaced the existing war elephant driver with a more civ specific version).
    30. Straightened out the research icons on all resolutions.
    31. New "Action" interface (more room for action icons).
    32. Druid, disciples, priests and high priests gain attack animations.
    33. High Priests all get new staves to help differentiate them from priests.
    34. Buildings with bonus prereqs are now correctly listed as AND reqs instead of OR reqs.
    35. New Stepahnos model art by seZereth.
    36. New Pit Beast model art by C.Roland, animations by Refar.
    37. New building model art for the Balseraph Palace.
    38. New Mud Golem model by seZereth.
    39. Old Fire Elemental graphic brought back, new fire elemental graphic is an infernal unit now.
    40. Promotion prereqs are listed completly in the pedia (even for promotions with an And prereq but no Or prereq).
    41. Obelisk renamed to Monument.
    42. New Orcish Slave model by seZereth.
    43. New Svartalfar Worker model by seZereth.
    44. New Ancient Forest graphics by Xienwolf.

  2. Grey Fox

    Grey Fox Master of Points

    Dec 19, 2001

    Ok time to read this through.
  3. MacGyverInSpace

    MacGyverInSpace Monarch

    Mar 30, 2007
    a.k.a. a.a.5, toasters. . . .
    Oooh, the Elohim are getting assimilation...
  4. ophite

    ophite Chieftain

    Oct 18, 2007
    Interesting. I may actually play the Elohim now -- and Loki's changes have been a long time coming.
  5. stp

    stp Warlord

    Mar 9, 2008
    Sounds, great. Especially the new building art, these resized barracks and standard palaces annoyed me every time I saw them.
  6. ophite

    ophite Chieftain

    Oct 18, 2007
    Anyone notice that every new release, there's something that appears totally out of left field? The Elohim change, for instance, totally floored me.
  7. nihonjeff

    nihonjeff Chieftain

    Dec 14, 2007
    Los Angeles
    Looks great! I'll be counting the days until next Friday.

    ::and keeping my fingers crossed that the Choose Religion option fix pops up in the changelog soon::
  8. Maniac

    Maniac Apolyton Sage

    Nov 27, 2004
    Gent, Belgium
    Unit maintenace is split up in two parts:
    Unit cost &
    Military Unit cost

    You only ever have a Military Unit cost if you're running a civic which increases military unit cost:


    The only civic which does this is Pacifism.

    Now there are two tags in XML which decrease unit maintenance:


    <iFreeUnitsPopulationPercent> decreases Unit cost.
    <iFreeMilitaryUnitsPopulationPercent> decreases Military Unit cost.

    The consequence is that <iFreeMilitaryUnitsPopulationPercent> will only ever have an effect if you're also running Pacifism.

    Since Crusade is in the same Civic category as Pacifism, this means this new change won't have any effect. You should change to using the <iFreeUnitsPopulationPercent> tag. The same holds true for the Military State civic, which is kinda useless right now.

    Attached is a screenshot showing the breakdown of unit maintenance. Note I'm not paying any Military Unit cost.
  9. Fafnir13

    Fafnir13 King

    May 15, 2008
    Shoreline, WA
    A special thank you for fixing the blight trouble and for adding stuff to the constellations. I will be eagerly awaiting this patch.
  10. JustinianVII

    JustinianVII Prince

    Nov 5, 2007
    :goodjob: Awesome. Glad that I could contribute :cheers:
  11. Marksman77

    Marksman77 Aethernaut

    Jan 16, 2007
    I'm glad you're forcing new opening strategies with Education debuffed and some civics changed :)
    Elohim are becoming much more interesting with the Tolerant trait!
  12. MiKa523

    MiKa523 Nerdish by Nature

    Apr 5, 2006
    Great Changelog!
    I agree, I'll finally check out a game with Elohim :)
  13. Sensemann

    Sensemann Chieftain

    Feb 1, 2008
    so is it possible, that blight creates +x :health: (e.g. rnd(15) = 1, pop = 3, building health bonuses = 5 => -1 ) or is it capped by zero? Or in the other case reduce the unhealthy in the city about -1?
  14. Ahwaric

    Ahwaric Shrubbery-hugger

    Nov 12, 2005
    Kraków, Poland
    Wow, some great things there. I will be able to make my modmod smaller, too :)
    Now to be patient... Be strong... Survive... :crazyeye: it is almost 2 weeks...:cry:

    One thing - removing serfdom does not seem to be that great. I like mechanist's shops flavor, too. Too much simplifying is not good in my opinion...
    Also, Yvain the wooden woodelf? I agree that he needed new model, but still prefered the old one to this change... Not that treant hero is a bad idea, just it does not fit Yvain imho
  15. Marksman77

    Marksman77 Aethernaut

    Jan 16, 2007
  16. Skitters

    Skitters Prince

    Aug 14, 2006
    Birmingham, UK
    blimey....the development of this mod seems quite frenetic!

    having had a little dabble of Fall Further, one thing I do like is the option to be able to add a desktop shortcut that loads the mod up directly rather than loading the mod from the Load Mod screen

    ...hmmm....although on reflection I'm now wondering if the option was there for FFH2 and I just didn't add it, as when I first downloaded the mod I'd thought it would be a distraction and not the main event that it has now turned out to be!
  17. MagisterCultuum

    MagisterCultuum Great Sage

    Feb 14, 2007
    Kael's head
    Very nice!!

    I'm especially looking forward to all the new python calls. I'm tempted to put off making my modmod for (xienwolf's modcomp of) 0.33, but if you keep improving things and I keep putting things off then I might never get it done. I guess it would be better to have a 0.32 version of my modmod to borrow from for my 0.33 version.
  18. TheJopa

    TheJopa Šumar

    Dec 29, 2005
    No more big-headed Balseraph summons :) I hope we can see them back in some form and shape, I will probably miss big-headed Chaos Marauders and Balors.

    I figured that a guy riding a boar is Tum-Tum.

    Love the civic changes, except that Serfdom should be reworked, rather than be removed. One option more is better than one less.

    Can't wait to try the tolerant Elohim and a new interface!
  19. Grey Fox

    Grey Fox Master of Points

    Dec 19, 2001
    That doesn't sound like life mana would affect it from what you write here, unless health from resources are counted with the building health bonuses.
  20. Indiansmoke

    Indiansmoke Deity

    Dec 12, 2006
    Athens, Greece

    What are these 119 units you have if not military? Workers?

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