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FfH2 0.34 Bug Thread

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Fall from Heaven' started by Kael, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002
    Use this thread to post any issues with FfH2 0.34.


    Patch "a":
    1. Timor masks fixed, when the units dead / it used to drop the War sword instead.
    2. Increasing difficulty caused a CtD / because it didn't stop at diety.
    3. When the Dwarf vs Lizardman lair event was found / it will no longer move your unit stacks around.
    4. Fixed an error in lairs when / an unknown unit dwells within.
    5. Upgrades from spells can be bought more frugally / if the leader has ingenuity.
    6. Unexplorable lairs / dens of lions and bears / will autoraze as they did before / we introduced lairs you could explore.
    7. Guardian spawns wont cause you to die / they now use the animal AI.

    Patch "b":
    1. Fixed a problem viewing the unit pedia when playing as the Sidar.
    2. Ritual Armageddon Count requirements are now applied correctly.
    3. Fixed an error earning your trophy if you win with the "Final Five" option enabled.
    4. Ice Mana will now correctly give out adept promotions.
    5. Fixed an issue with Religions learned before techs (such as disciples from explorable lairs).
    6. Fixed an issue that allowed you to research state religion requireing techs even if you didn't have the state religion.
    7. Ice Elementals are immune to cold damage.
    8. Rewrite the Barbarian attack ai to be more flexible and less predictable.
    9. Fixed an error with iPlayer in the Open Chest code.
    10. Fixed an error the the Ascension function.

    Patch "c":
    1. Puppets are no longer alive.
    2. Priests of Winter and High Priests of Winter gain free XP (they weren't supposed to, but its confusing to have them be the only priests that don't).
    3. Glory Everlasting now correctly requires 70 AC.
    4. Fixed an issue displaying the disabled research, production and spellcasting timers (they could sometimes show as 0).
    5. Added a new Trophy for defeating the Leviathan.
    6. Added a new Trophy for killing Auric Ascended with the Godslayer.
    7. New Devout model art by seZereth.

    Patch "d":
    1. Pagan temples cant be captured anymore (to fix an issue with the temple of the hand).
    2. Only the Illians can upgrade to High Priests of Winter (to fix an issue with no ai min levels).
    3. Fixed a python error with Ascension.
    4. You have to have iron working before you can find mithril weapons in a lair and bronze working before you can find iron weapons.
    5. Adjusted all the Boss monster spawns (there was some stuff on the early game list, like ogres, that was bigger than some of the stuff on the late game list).
    6. The Deepening temporary terrain conversion only hits 25% of the worlds tiles and its effect is modified by game speed (for processor and balance reasons).
    7. Adjusted the Dwarf vs Lizardmen lair result so that the dwarves only start with bronze weapons if the barb player has that tech and the lizardmen only start with poisoned if the barb player has the hunting tech.
    8. New Bazaar of Mammon building model by Deon.
    9. New Sheaim Palace model by Deon.

    Patch "e":
    1. Enabled OOS Logging.

    Patch "f":
    1. Held promotion no longer gives -50% strength (since I use it for more than just trapped units).
    2. Great People won't get immortality from Blood of the Phoenix.
    3. Fixed an issue with the Wrath Armageddon event, it wasn't correctly causing units to become enraged.
    4. Fixed an issue that would cause armageddon events to trigger twice on human players (double effected blight, apoclypse, etc).
    5. Performance improvements on large maps (especially in single player games).

    Patch "g":
    1. Fixed a problem with flame graphics on Vista.
    2. Fixed an issue where some calls with the increasing or flexible difficulty options werent being applied.
    3. Puppets can no longer become liches.
    4. The Mutate event now correctly targets non-mutated units.

    Patch "h":
    1. Added the ability to randomize goody huts in scenarios.
    2. Fixed an isNone() python error with the Roar spell.
    3. Fixed an error in the Lichdom spell.
    4. Fixed a python error in the Ascension ritual.
    5. Fixed a python error in the Inquisition spell.
    6. Fixed an issue blocking units form getting promotions if their flanking is over 90%.
    7. Fixed an issue causing defending units to get wopperjawed with the guardsman promotion.
    8. New Brigit model art by MrUnderhill.
    9. New High Priest of Winter unit model by C.Roland.

    Reported Issues that haven't been fixed yet:
    1. Sometimes caged units can be moved and then impossible to free (they are still "held" even though they arent in the tile with the cage). Such as when dying while immortal. I'll probably need to make a separate promotion for being caged rather than just held to fix this.
    2. Temp terrains sometimes keep permanent terrain changes form happening (such as building a temple of the hand while the deepening effect is still going on).
    3. I need to test the explores/open chests with multiple units selected to make sure they work correctly.

    System Issues:
    1. "GFC error: failed to initialaize the primary control theme" error loading the mod. You will recieve this error if FfH isn't installed in the correct location (under Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods). If you don't have Civ4 installed to that location just make sure the FfH is installed in the same directory as Final Frontier, Age of Ice and the other mods that came with BtS. Also make sure you have installed the full mod and not just the patch.
    2. The mod loads okay, but when you go to start a game it crashes. You experience this error if you aren't running BtS patch 3.17.
    3. If you are running BtS 3.17 and the game still crashes when starting your computer could be having problems playing the opening movie. Disabling movies resolves the problem.
    4. If FfH crashes when starting a game and when you look in the Civilopedia from the main menu and you can't see units, then you have only applied the patch and you need to download and install the main mod (then reapply the patch).
    5. While playing if your units look okay when moving but turn back to normal civ4 units when standing still its because you have "Freeze Animations" turned on in your game options.
    6. Vista users have reported crashes if they have UAC (User Account Control) enabled.
    7. Some sites you download the mod from lose the .exe extension on the file, so you just get a file that windows cant use. Renaming the file and putting the .exe back on the end fixes the problem.
    8. If your research is disabled (and not temporarily by the Illian world spell) then you probably have a hidden game option set. This happens because the "saved game options" are shared between mods. So if you enable game option 34 in Fall Further then when you load FfH game option 34 will be enabled (which could be a scenario option that disables research). To fix this load Fall Further and uncheck all the game options.

    Reporting Issues:

    I have five requests before you report issues:

    1. I dont expect anyone to read the whole thread. But please read this post and see if your issue is addressed in patches you don't have applied, in a patch that hasn't been released yet, or is a known issue.

    2. Please don't report cosmetic issues here, use the cosmetic issues thread for that.

    3. Please don't "chat" in this thread. I hate it when real bug reports get lost in other posts, so please try to keep this thread as on task as possible (just for bug reports) and I will try to make sure everything mentioned here gets resolved.

    4. Please don't report issues for other mods in this thread, even FfH modmods.

    5. If you are noticing an issue please make sure you have python popups enabled so we can see what the real error is. To enable python popups in your CivilizationIV.ini change:

    ; Set to 1 for no python exception popups
    HidePythonExceptions = 1

    ; Set to 1 for no python exception popups
    HidePythonExceptions = 0
  2. xienwolf

    xienwolf Deity

    Oct 4, 2007
    Location! Location!
    Listing of Bugs reported and not yet included in the changelog for the upcoming patch:

    • Posted Savegames with Unresolved Issues
      (List cleared if a Patch breaks savegames, as troubleshooting will require maintaining an older version)
      1. Pre-Patch A savegame that still won't load post-patch A (BugReportage - Post 93)
      2. CtD within 4 turns of save (xilr - Post 121)
      3. Long time delay between turns, gets worse each turn from the save point on (Jay Ray - Post 183)
      4. Coastal AI Malakim player is too silly to work the Fish Tiles and grow beyond size 1 ([to_xp]Gekko - Post 186)
      5. Repeating CtD issue (mindlar - Post 241)
      6. Seemingly bottomless Dungeon (AMBusam - Post 269)
      7. CtD turn 239 (elyoun - Post 448)
      8. WoC using Flame Fix (o52 - Post 505)
      9. CtD after Map Trade (Windscion - Post 530)
      10. The Draw ritual is damaging all units, instead of only the Illian's units (Teg_Navanis - Post 544)
      11. Turn 150'ish CtD issue (skydragoon5 - Post 625)
      12. Crown of Brilliance working for Chalid, but not for Luridus (Breunor - Post 657)
      13. Crash on every end of turn, using Vista (Randolph - Post 671)
      14. Luchuirp not fully removedcDuring Final 5 Game (KillerClowns - Post 740
      15. CtD when trading Maps (BeefontheBone - Post 787)

    • Bugs Reported with Fix Reccomended
      1. Final Five does not play nicely with Hyborem since he starts with a small score, and potentially with only 1 turn or so until elimination round. Also his equipment was left behind and so he still counted as being a living team for next round of eliminations (MagisterCultuum - Post 97)
        • maybe set a requirement that (current turn - Player's startdate) is a minimum number to be eliminated? Like (Current Turn - Player Startdate) > (Current Turn / 5).... That would mean if you summon Hyborem on turn 100 he gets 20 turns to crawl out of the "point-pit", but if you summon him on turn 300 he gets 60 turns to crawl up the ladder.
      2. Typo in CvPlot::doImprovementUpgrade(). Want to use setImprovementType(eImprovementUpgrade) instead of setImprovementType(eImprovementUpdrade) (Mailbox - Post 606)

    • Reported Bugs (General)
      1. Temple of the Hand will not terraform when purchased during Advanced Start (MagisterCultuum - Post 81)
      2. Gruesome Murder event chain followed till Axeman with 10 XP was promised, but Axeman started with no XP at all (Y T - Post 95)
      3. CtD when building a Palisades in a City on a Hill, no Python popup accompanies the crash, but converting the city to a flatland does prevent the crash (vivictius - Post 104)
      4. Doviello AI get 2 Lucian units when starting at Deity (ssmage - Post 130)
      5. Gained Crazed, Enraged & Demon from a single Dungeon Exploration, and the unit went "Sticky" (spacebar won't skip to the next unit, selecting new promotions for the unit doesn't update the buttons afterward to remove the promotions from view...) (Glorindel - Post 151)
      6. High-to-Low games choose the lowest player by individual score instead of team score (it-ogo - Post 156)
      7. Over/Under Councils round down, so do not actually require a majority to pass a vote (rusty217 - Post 160)
      8. Unique Features can be placed on top of each other during map generation. This results in an incorrect label (first label stays, last improvement does) and a Brigit that is not in her Ring and easily taken (Avahz Darkwood - Post 208)
      9. Frostlings can spawn on Peaks (ori - Post 243)
      10. Attempting to start a second game for a single load of Civ 4 causes a crash (Skitters - Post 259)
      11. Barbarian World Trophy not granted upon victory in a duel size map (xaliger - Post 270)
      12. Slaves generated from killing a Dragon maintain the Dragon race (Dogfax - Post 272)
        • Presumably you can also get an Avatar Slave from Mulcarn
      13. Sanctify cast on a Hell-Tile-Turned-Ice (by Snowfall) results in the tile thawing out to be Hell Terrain with a Plot Counter under 10, thus it cannot be reverted to non-hell unless you allow the counter to exceed 10 again (which is bloody hard to figure out when it happened) (Valerarren - Post 287)
      14. Healing Potion event can trigger on a dead unit (rusty217 - Post 299)
      15. Withdrawal limit still checks against the withdrawal cap regardless of new promotion providing any extra withdrawal, thus making it impossible to gain any promotions if the limit is exceeded via upgrade or spell effect (the343danny - Post 332)
      16. Double Brigit Spawn (shrike2005 - Post 343)
      17. Killed Orthus, got no Trophy (Arctic Circle - Post 464)
      18. Ancient Forts are not upgrading to Castles (Nimbus - Post 484)
      19. It is possible to steal the Pieces of Barnaxus FROM Barnaxus (jernau - Post 493)
      20. No discount on The Deepening after building the Celestial Compass (uberyeager - Post 502)
      21. In Multiplayer Games Cultural Influence Push between Humans can be calculated incorrectly between teammates (tile is 90% for one team, 10% for the other on mouseover, but the 10% influence owner claims the tile) (Karnja - Post 523)
      22. The Black Mirror is being destroyed as soon as it is created by killing the holder (Domino369 - Post 251)
      23. Possible issue with Translation and Python use of the Landmark Tags. Screenshot of Python Error (euripides - Post 555)
      24. Samhain is spawning all Frostlings on a single continent (Lark - Post 557)
      25. Unique Features can spawn on top of Resources, blocking the ability to gain that resource (shrike2005 - Post 559)
      26. Raising Difficulty does not carry over through saving. Load the game and the difficulty displayed above the scores is what you started the game on and it no longer changes. (Ksi - Post 565)
      27. Liches do not start with Channeling 2 & 3, which makes them only able to gain free Level 1 Spellspheres when an Archmage "upgrades" to a Lich. But also makes Liches spawned from lairs incapable of ever becoming Barbatos equivalents (MagisterCultuum - Post 577)
      28. AI_Animal units which happen to spawn inside your borders (easily done through event or late dungeon popping) just stand still instead of walking out to the nearest unowned territory ([to_xp]Gekko - Post 579)
      29. Infernals capturing a city is causing instant OOS in MP. If a player other than the Infernal saves the game for reload, the Infernals do not get Demonic Citizens in the new city, which may be the cause of the OOS (nimbus011 - Post 599)
      30. The turn after a failed attack against a Spectre (with Fear), the remainder of the stack was displaced 10 tiles to be outside of the borders of the enemy (jaredbb - Post 602)
      31. Elohim can have 2 palaces if the utilize Tolerant to build another Civilization's palace, then go back to a base Elohim city and construct their own palace (EverNoob - Post 7 of Tolerant Questions and Possible Suggestion)
      32. New Lizardman Recon Line doesn't utilize the CivilizationUpgrade tag to ensure that they remain lizardmen upon upgrade when belonging to non-Clan Civs. (Sarisin - Post 609)
      33. Got Mimic Trophy with only 19 promotions on Mimic (Zifnab - Post 651)
      34. Scorpion Clan Goblins upgrade to normal Wolf Riders instead of Scorpion Clan ones after defeating a wild Wolf (Imuratep - Post 663)
      35. Defeated immediately upon refusing to switch to Hyborem (Breunor - Post 675)
      36. CtD when switching from any religion to No Religion (oDDbAlL - Post 688)
      37. Upgrading a unit (ie - Warrior to axeman) causes any free promotions to be lost (ie - from Shrine of Champions) (oDDbAlL - Post 688)
      38. Heartrending Ballad event would not allow second choice selection, even though the only listed requirement (gold) was met (Stormwaltz - Post 693)
      39. Recruit Mercenary is blocked by Arcane Lacuna (Arwon - Post 694)
      40. Religious Victory failed to trigger initially, allowing religious influence to reach 90%, then it did trigger ~100 turns later (possibly after going under, then back over, 80%) (evanb - Post 701)
      41. Enemy resisted Rust, but still lost weapon promotions (avoided gaining Rusted Promo however) (OzzyKP - Post 739)
      42. Entropy Negative Healing rate is affecting the owner's units (pimparel - Post 753)
      43. Oasis blocks Line of Sight like a Forest (Keeper_GFA - Post 763)
      44. Can see the Landmark tags for the map when in Globe View, even if you have not revealed the plot that the landmark is indicating (Exadi - Post 788)

    • Reported as a Bug, but actually a Feature
      1. Cannot build any buildings OR cannot build any Rituals OR I don't get a pop-up after completing a tech asking me to select a new one, I have to go into the F6 screen and manually select a tech to research:
        • You have some options turned on from another Mod which line up with hidden options in Fall from Heaven. You need to load the other mod you were playing and disable all of the options in the Custom Game menu
        • You can also start a game using "Play Now" instead of "Custom Game" and it will clear all options for the next Custom Game you run.
      2. Barbarian Trait Leaders must declare war on the Barbarian State to explore Lairs
      3. It is possible to gain a Disciple for a Religion before anyone discovers the Tech to found that religion, if the Disciple spreads his religion to a city that city becomes the Holy City and the religion is available for use by the player
      4. Skeletons can now gain promotions
      5. Unable to cast any spells with any of your units
        • Amurite Worldspell blocks all other players from casting for a while
      6. Unable to produce anything in any cities
        • Illian Worldspell blocks all players from doing anything in a city.
      7. Deepening has no effect on tiles with Features or Improvements (ie - Forest, Mine)
      8. Lightbringers with Potency (from Spiritual Trait) do not gain free XP
        • Units must be authorized to gain free XP to gain any benefit from potency, so only Priest types gain anything from the promotion. Disciples, Monks, Paladins and Lightbringers are a few examples of Disciple units for whom this promotion means nothing
      9. Bonus to City output from Spirit Mana (GPP) and Governor's Manor (Hammers) do not display in the city screen, but do have an effect overall
      10. Mushroom event can trigger on a Peak, thus making the tile provide yields and be workable
      11. Vassalization involving a Barbarian Trait Leader will cause the Barbarians to declare war on that leader, unless all parties in the vassal agreement are at peace with the Barbarians
      12. Samahain is not required for other Illian Rituals, it is an optional double-edged sword
      13. If a Teammate is building a wonder/hero in one of their cities, you cannot build it in any of yours.

    • More of a Balance Question
      1. No Commerce bonus on Riverside tiles for Illians (Mailbox - Post 14)
      2. Snowfall can be used to terraform non-enemy territory without causing war (as long as no units are in range to get damaged by it) (MagisterCultuum - Post 84)
      3. Should "The White Hand" be repeatable so you can replace lost Priests?
      4. HN Units are granted to a player at the end of their turn, thus allowing them to be destroyed by wandering friendly units before the player is granted an option to disable HN ([to_xp]Gekko - Post 106)
      5. Agnostic Civs are able to found religions by gaining free Disciples from Lairs
      6. Illians building the City of a Thousand Slums cannot Terraform their 3rd workable Ring into Snow (oDDbAlL - Post 128)
      7. High Priest of Winter cannot drag Blizzards (Bitwise - Post 153)
      8. Resources do not distribute very evenly on most all maps for some reason (Lark - Post 184)
        • Possibly this could be due to the latitude prereq field on some resources ([to_xp]Gekko - Post 200)
      9. No Anarchy if you change Civics via Diplomatic demand ([to_xp]Gekko - Post 192)
      10. Could Stasis also freeze Golden Age counter? (TallJimbo - Post 193)
      11. Should The Seven Pines give proximity Happiness bonus like most of the other "nice" Unique Features? (Corlis - Post 207)
      12. AI doesn't pillage enemies lands as much anymore (kumquatelvis - Post 239)
      13. Khazad cannot make a battering ram in an Ancient Forest (ShiftyDave - Post 245)
      14. Seven Pines can allow the Illians to make peace after completion of Draw (Draconian - Post 333)
        • Also some events can grant the Illians Peace (Kadeon - Post 377)
      15. It is possible to move held/move 0 units with an Obsidian Gate (BeefontheBone - Post 355)
      16. Is it possible for Cultural borders in a permanent alliance to never press into the BFC of your teammate's cities? (Karnja - Post 466)
      17. Loyalty does not kill a unit when it would try to become barbarian, it simply keeps it from ever running the risk. (BugReportage - Post 508)
        • Possibly make the promotion be lost which is granting a chance of turning Barbarian if death of the unit is too harsh still for some reason. Or make Loyalty block all promotions with a chance to turn Barbarian involved
      18. Vampire abilities (Feed, Feast, Gift) are not being counted as just an Ability, so get blocked by the Amurite Worldspell (Kolath - Post 516)
      19. Aquae Succelus doesn't clear Plague (Wyrmhero - Post 522)
      20. Should it be possible to get multiple Jade Torc/Timor Mask from Treasure Chests in the course of the game? (numerous)
      21. Barbarian Targetting AI can be manipulated by placing units to block direct pathways to the city (numerous)
      22. Melee Units cannot gain Woodsman II (MacGyverInSpace - Post 699)
      23. Temporary Host of the Einherjar can be sacrificed on Pyre of the Seraphic for Permanent Fire Elementals (KillerClowns - Post 727)
      24. Barbarians ca pillage/loot graveyards (KillerClowns - Post 751)
      25. Divided souls can heal & Fortify while moving via Sever/Call jumps (KillerClowns - Post 752)
      26. Ability to see units is tied to Team status, so ability to open Chests ought to be as well (Vorgen - Post 769)

    • Unconfirmed Reports
      1. Unguarded Lair on turn 30, did the defender leave? (loki1232 - Post 94)
      2. Elohim Sanctuary effect is not wearing off properly (meteore - Post 273)
      3. Casting Bloom on a Pasture caused the resource to be removed (onedreamer - Post 592)
      4. Built The Great Library in a MP game, got an OOS. After reloading from OOS, culture values for cities began to randomly fluctuate to gigantic numbers (Koolhan - Post 658)

    • Cosmetic Issues
      1. Cannot disable the effects on Auric Ascended when choosing "Disable Effects" from options screen (MagisterCultuum - Post 129)
      2. Can transport Airships inside Airships (Imuratep - Post 132)
      3. Azers do not show up in the Pedia (it-ogo - Post 135)
      4. Frostlings do not show up in the pedia, but Frostling Archers and Frostling WolfRiders do
      5. Empty Guilds section is still included in the Pedia
      6. Bonus to City output from Spirit Mana (GPP) and Governor's Manor (Hammers) do not display in the city screen, but do have an effect overall
      7. Health Penalty from Fend for Themselves is applied as loss of 1 Health point, but claims to be applied as plus 1 unhealthy point in the Civic screen(marioflag - Post 147)
      8. Would be nice to have a message announcing that the Godslayer has been used to kill Mulcarn so an unweary player doesn't wonder why a warrior just beat his strength 60 God. (Mailbox - Post 284)
      9. No Combat Odds are displayed when using an HN unit to attack a Barbarian Trait Leader's units (Sarisin - Post 289)
      10. Missing text message for opening an empty treasure chest (it-ogo - Post 298)
      11. Treasure Chests can grant contact with other civilizations (BugReportage - Post 305)
        • It might be possible to grant the chest a sight range of 1 so that it can only see the tile it is "standing on" Pretty sure they are already invisible to other civilizations, so it would at least minimize the chances of making contact
      12. Devouts cannot upgrade to Vicars (Pike the Hands - Post 384)
      13. Penguins found on Grassland (Sofista - Post 395)
      14. Seven Pines found on a Peak (Tsukasa - Post 422)
      15. Tower of Alteration requires Life Mana (Janusi - Post 469)
      16. Barbarian Units are getting funky application of Orc (Orcish Mistform, Fawn, Myconid...) (Pyr0mancer - Post 489)
      17. Summoning while loaded in a ship can exceed cargo capacity, resulting in a summon drifting in the ocean if the boat moves. (jrandrew - Post 501)
      18. Unit Images can cover some of the Unit Info panel (odalrick - Post 509)
      19. Mouseover information on Shadowwalk states that it ignores Terrain Defenses instead of Building Defenses (xalien - Post 564)
      20. Naval Living Units (Kraken, War Tortoise, rare captured Giant Tortoise/sea serpent) can gain Immortality and be transported on "rebirth" to a landlocked capital (Ambreville - Post 597)
        • Obsidian Gate cannot be used to transport the units out of the city (ShiftyDave - Post 670)
      21. Luchuirp can get a Crazed Wood Golem via Serial Killer event (darkuss - Post 668)

    Last Updated as of: Post: #812 and Patch H: Item 9 + Future Fix 3
  3. Deon

    Deon Lt. of Mordor

    Jan 13, 2008
    St.Petersburg, Russian Federation

    Now, back to check what's new with the Malakim and what should I change :).

    P.S. Errr...
    How do I solve it?
  4. Psychic_Llamas

    Psychic_Llamas Wizard in the Making

    Nov 25, 2005
    Western Australia
    WOOT i got the first download hahah (the mirroe is up now btw)
    48 minutes and counting!
  5. Nimbus

    Nimbus Prince

    Mar 9, 2006
    Are Amurites in the game? their world spell was change, and after it is cast no one but Amurites can cast spells for 20 turns.
  6. MagisterCultuum

    MagisterCultuum Great Sage

    Feb 14, 2007
    Kael's head
    1 minute and counting. Georgia Tech has fast internet.

    Edit: Oh yeah, this was only supposed to be for bugs. Well, I have found a couple in my first game (Charadon, with Advanced Start, Final Five, Variable Difficulty, and High to Low) I was unable to purchase any techs before the game began. I also couldn't explore any lairs (or at least not the barrows near by territory).

    I don't seem to be able to build any buildings. At first I thought this was because as the Doviello I had few buildings availible, but I have no buoldings at all, even after switching to the Illians.
  7. Deon

    Deon Lt. of Mordor

    Jan 13, 2008
    St.Petersburg, Russian Federation
    15 minutes to download... Nah, I will stay awaken :).
  8. MiKa523

    MiKa523 Nerdish by Nature

    Apr 5, 2006
    Please guys, this is the bug-thread.
    Release your exitement in the other 0.34-thread :)
  9. Psychic_Llamas

    Psychic_Llamas Wizard in the Making

    Nov 25, 2005
    Western Australia
    WOOT first bug report. :p well second... but anyway...

    I explored a barrow on turn 8, and guess what popped up... Baler Jair! (a strength 8 Ogre with Death magic!?!) and his 3 cronny axemen! TURN 8! i think there should be turn requirements for some of the more deadly powerful exploration results,

    EDIT: Guardian of the pristin Pass Gargoyles can still enter cultural borders (= early death if the dumb ai set it off) i thought they were supposed to be prevented from doing this?
  10. Mailbox

    Mailbox King

    Oct 6, 2007
    Illians don't receive +1 commerce from ice on river tiles, making rivers mostly worthless for them. Agrarianism also has no downside for the Illians as they always have 2 food tiles.

    Another bug, when my scout with the Timor mask was killed, it dropped War (the sword) as well.
  11. Psychic_Llamas

    Psychic_Llamas Wizard in the Making

    Nov 25, 2005
    Western Australia
    My scout was killed by a polar bear as the illians (my unit had just got the fear causing mask piece of equipment from the broken sephulcre) and a new piece of equipment called 'War' (its a sword, increases armageddon counter by 1 when a living unit is killed) was spawned... surely that is not intended???
  12. Yaotzin

    Yaotzin Warlord

    Oct 13, 2007
    Well rivers effectively don't exist in icy conditions...it would be counter-intuitive to have any bonus.

    ETA: Still downloading .34 (stupid South Africa, bleh), can Ilians build farms on ice? That seems pretty whacky..
  13. deadliver

    deadliver Loud Mouth Amateur

    Oct 18, 2003
    several bugs:

    1.) research quick bar does nto show up at top of the main screen so I have to choose tech to research manually (not even a follow up menu to choose next tech).
    2.) I cannot build a granary or obelisk.
  14. DemonMaster

    DemonMaster A.K.A. Fenhorn

    Oct 20, 2003
    This one would probably better belong to a cosmetic bug thread, but here it is: since the screenshot was to large I better describe it then. Mouseover info for the Giant wonder (Pact with ...) there is a /Link text in there.
  15. MagisterCultuum

    MagisterCultuum Great Sage

    Feb 14, 2007
    Kael's head
    I think this is the same problem I had. I believe the game is remembering your saved options from another mod (I'd guess FF, meaning the options would be things like Broader Alignments and Religious interfaces) and so turning on the invisible GAMEOPTION_BUILDING, GAMEOPTION_NO_PROJECTS, and GAMEOPTION_NO_TECHS. You need to play that other mod again to turn the last few options off, or edit CIV4GameOptionInfos.xml to make them <bVisible>1 so you cn turn them off in a normal FfH 0.34 custom game.
  16. Psychic_Llamas

    Psychic_Llamas Wizard in the Making

    Nov 25, 2005
    Western Australia
    once again insanely strong barbs popped out of a ruins, a giant spider with command 1 and 4 wolf riders, i still only have warriors...
  17. philippe

    philippe FYI, I chase trains.

    Mar 24, 2002
    Bourgondische Kreitz
    yay, 0.34! :D. Bug testing soonish
  18. DemonMaster

    DemonMaster A.K.A. Fenhorn

    Oct 20, 2003
    I don't know if this is a feature or not, but my goblin (playing the clan) can't explore dungeons. Tested to declare war on the barbs, then I could explore the dungeon.
  19. Y T

    Y T Kourier

    Mar 28, 2008
    In the original MarnokMod barbfriendly civs like the Clan were able to hire units from the lairs & could only explore them after declaring war.
    Might be either intended or some old code lingering around.
  20. Gigaz

    Gigaz civoholic

    Feb 5, 2007
    I popped a village in turn 27. The three Ork warriors didn't attack my warrior but instead walked straight into my empty capital. Are they supposed to do that??

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