FfH2 0.40 Changelog


May 6, 2002
Release date: December 16th, 2008.

Special thanks to Woodelf and Loki who have been testing and retesting these scenarios, making them better with every pass. This isn't always fun play testing, a lot of times they have to play the same scenario over and over with only minor (but significant balance) changes between them. They did a great job.

Special thanks to Nikis-Knight who is the lead designer for the Decius path scenarios (Fall of Cuantine, Into the Desert, Wages of Sin, Against the Grey).

Special thanks to Lutefisk-Mafia for his amazing dungeon adventures work. Much of which we stole for some of the scenarios. Its very cool stuff and I'm glad we got to use it in the main game.

Special thanks to Killer-Clowns who wrote all the game text for Keelyn in the Lord of the Balors scenario.

This will be the final version of Fall from Heaven II. Form this point on we will patch indefinitly. That isn't to say that we are done, but as developers our job is largely finished. Not its your turn as playtesters to help us fine tune, and we will be focusing on AI and documentation more than new features. The game is, more or less, locked as far as major feature changes go. But thats good, we have a real hard time fine tuning with major shifts between versions. Its no longer about creating a game, its about perfecting a game and playtest feedback is more important than ever.

1. Fixed a CtD with the Ascension ritual.
2. Fixed an OOS when a human Infernal player captures and keeps a city.

1. Added the Lord of the Balors scenario.
2. Added the Splintered Court scenario.
3. Added the Barbarian Assault scenario.
4. Added the Return of Winter scenario.
5. Added the Beneath the Heel scenario.
6. Added the Blood of Angels scenario.
7. Added the Against the Wall scenario.
8. Added the Momus scenario.
9. Added the Cult scenario.
10. Added the Gift of Kylorin scenario.
11. Added the Radiant Guard scenario.
12. Added the Grand Menagerie scenario.

1. Added the Rivanna the Wraith Lord leader (Svartalfar minor leader, great commander unit).
2. Added the Volanna leader (Svartalfar minor leader, hero hunter unit).
3. Added the Baron Duin Halfmorn leader (Doviello minor leader).
4. Added the Hafgan the Purger leader (Clan of Embers minor leader).
5. Added the Tormented Souls feature (graphic for the Fane of Lessers).
6. Added the Judecca leader (Infernal minor leader).
7. Added the Duke Sallos leader (Infernal minor leader).
8. Added the Ouzza leader (Infernal minor leader).
9. Added the Meresin leader (Infernal minor leader).
10. Added the Statius the Redeemer leader (Infernal minor leader).
11. Added the Lethe, queen of sorrow leader (Infernal minor leader).
12. Added trophies for all the Scenarios.
13. Added the Defensive Strike ability (a unit with defensive strike gets the chance to do damage to any enemy unit attacking his stack).
14. Added the Immune to Defensive Strike ability.
15. Added the Precision promotion (archer only, requires drill 4, +10% defensive strike damage).
16. Added the Keen Eyes promotion (archer only, requires drill 4, +20% defensive strike chance).
17. Added the Supplies unit (for scenarios, can be sacrificed to build a variety of buildings).
18. Added the Monster Skeleton improvement (for scenarios).
19. Added the Supplies explore lair result.
20. Added the Thessalonica leader (Elohim minor leader).
21. Added the Tethira leader (Bannor minor leader).
22. Added the Braeden the Laconic leader (Illian minor leader).
23. Added the Weak trait (negative trait for minor leaders).
24. Added the Foolish trait (negative trait for minor leaders).
25. Added the Anagantios leader (Illian minor leader).
26. Added the Riuros leader (Illian minor leader).
27. Added the Dumannios leader (Illian minor leader).
28. Added the Mohan the Butcher leader (Calabim minor leader).
29. Added the Bounty Hunter promotion (+1 gold for every enemy unit killed).
30. Added Captain Ostanes leader (Hippus minor leader).
31. Added Captain Uldanor leader (Hippus minor leader).
32. Added Tya Kiri leader (Amurite minor leader).
33. Added the Weevil, Pickle and Hyde leader (Balseraph minor leader).
34. Added the Furia the Mad leader (Balseraph minor leader).
35. Added the Melisandre leader (Balseraph minor leader).
36. Added the Averax the cambion leader (Sheaim minor leader).
37. Added the Gosea leader (Sheaim minor leader).
38. Added the Malchavic leader (Sheaim minor leader).
39. Added the Taunt spell (enemy units within 1 tile attack the casters stack, resistable).
40. Added the Kane leader (Malakim minor leader).
41. Removed the Bowyer building (all building requirements moved to Archery Range).
42. Removed the Bear Totem building (all building requirements moved to Training Yard).
43. Removed the Gallows building (all building requirements moved to Training Yard).
44. Removed the Machinists Shop building (all building requirements moved to the Sculptors Studio).
45. Removed the Hippodrome building (all building requirements moved to the Stable).
46. Removed the Caminus Aurelus wonder.
47. Added the Perfect Sight promotion (requires Sentry 2, grants +50% vs illusions and the ability to see invisible).
48. Removed the Gridlines building.
49. Added the Adularia Chamber building (Luchuirp only, golems built in the city start invisible until their first combat).
50. Add the Pallens Engine building (Luchuirp only, golems built in the city start with the Perfect Sight promotion).
51. Added the Ale resource (+1 happy).
52. Added the Fine Clothes resource (+1 happy).
53. Added the Jewelry resource (+1 happy).
54. Removed the Brewery building.
55. Added the Deruptus Brewing House national wonder (produces 2 Ale resources).
56. Added the Shekinah leader (Sidar minor leader).
57. Removed the Compassion civic category (all civics removed except for Sacrifice the Weak, which is now a Social Values civic).

AI Changes:
1. AI will now sacrifice units to build buildings correctly (caging animals, etc).
2. AI will now adopt more effective war strategies when drawn into war from FfH functions (previously we had always pushed limited wars which caused the AI to be piddle around and not do much, now expect to see more aggressive responses from them when war begins).
3. AI wont be an inclined to tech towards military goals if it hasn't met any other players yet.
4. AI will be more inclined to tech towards military goals when at war.
5. AI will be much more aggressive with summons.
6. Fixed an issue that could cause the AI to stop moving when surrounded by enemies.
7. Naval unit AI logic rewritten (previously if a ship had cargo capacity it wasnt valid for attack, reserve or escort functions).
8. Rewrote the Dagger strategy hash to account for FfH functions (the biggest change being that an AI player values his high level units more when considering attacks).
9. Rewrote the AI upgrade logic to consider more FfH mechanics (heavy preference for more experienced units).

Balance Changes:
1. Archers (and UU's), horse archers (and UU's) and frostling archers get 20% defensive strike chance, 10% defensive strike damage.
2. Longbowmen (and UU's) and arquebus get 30% defensive strike chance, 15% defensive strike damage.
3. Crossbowmen (and UU's) get 40% defensive strike chance, 20% defensive strike damage.
4. All archer heroes get applicable defensive strike abilities.
5. Assassins (and UU's), Shadows (and UU's), Alazkan, Rathus and Shadowriders all get immunity to defensive strikes.
6. Each of the Drill promotions gives +10% defensive strike chance and +5% defensive strike damage (this can even get non-archers some defensive strike ability).
7. Shadowwalk also gives immunity to defensive strike.
8. Performing a Defensive Strike that successfully deals damage grants the unit +1 xp (to a max of 100).
9. Angels gifted to Mercurian cities also have their weapon set (instead of having to wait a turn for them).
10. Magnadine can hire a variety of units in any Hippus city.
11. Werewolves are now unitcombat beast instead of unitcombat animal.
12. Mokkas Cauldron makes demonic units based on the original units unit type rather than flesh golems.
13. Barbarian units heal every turn (as if they had march).
14. Healing Salve's now also heal the unit of poison, disease, plague and withering.
15. Remove Forest moved form Bronze Working to Mining.
16. Remove Jungle moved from Sanitation to Bronze Working.
17. Harlequin's lose mind and chaos magic and gain the Taunt ability instead.
18. Flesh golems cant get multiple weapons promotions at the same time anymore.
19. Boarding Parties gain +25% vs Naval units.
20. Mimics lose their +25% vs Melee units.
21. Dragon Slayers gain +25% vs Melee units.
22. City Attack and City Garrison promotions reduced from +30%/+40%/+50% to +30%/+30%/+30%.
23. Govannon's training ability consolidated to 1 spell (called Teach Spellcasting) that trains all units int he stack all rank 1 spells that Govannon knows.
24. Evened out the barb spawn rate by difficulty. So they are a little more common on easy difficulty and less common than before on higher difficulty. Example: Settler difficulty went from 150upb to 120upb, Diety went from 15upb to 25upb.
25. Units level 2 and higher are immune to the death explore lair result ("you unit goes into the lair and never returns").
26. Explore lair results are slightly modified by the explorers level (the higher the level of the explorer the better chances of good results).
27. Crown of Brillance allows the caster to see invisible, damage reduced from 40% max 80% holy damage to 30% max 60% damage.
28. Units in cities are +10% resistant to spells.
29. Tailors building bonus trade per resource increased from +5% to +10% and it produces the Fine Clothes resource.
30. Jewelers building bonus trade per resource increased from +5% to +10% and it produces the Jewels resource.
31. Expansive trait grants +100% to Settler build rate.
32. A unit always gets +1 xp for exploring a lair, reagrdless of the other effects ([NWO]_Valis).
33. Mercenary price increased from 120 to 180.

Cosmetic Changes:
1. Fixed an issue with line wrap with the Civ Traits display.
2. Renamed the Forbidden Palace to the Summer Palace.

Defensive strike:
Whenever any unit attacks the game checks for any enemy unit with defensive strike in the defending stack. Only units with Blitz or haven't attacked can make defensive strikes. Each unit that qualifies has a chance equal to his defensive strike chance to be able to make the attack. If multiple defending units can make a defensive strike only the one that does the most damage is used (so an attacking unit will only face one strike).

A defensive strike does an average of the units Defensive Strike damage. But it is randomize and could be as little as 0 damage or twice that average. The number is modified based on the attacking units defensive strength and level and the unit performing the defensive strike is marked as having attacked.

An example:

A level 4 Clan of Embers champion with bronze weapons (str 7/7) attacks a stack with a Bannor champion and three Malakim longbowmen, one of the longbowmen has Drill 1 and Drill 2. The clan is at war with both the Bannor and the Malakim, since the Bannor champion has higher defensive strength he is selected to defend. None of the Malakim Longbowmen have attacked so they are all valid for defensive strikes. The three individually check to see if they can make a defensive strike with (30%, 30% and 50%) and one of the normal longbowmen and the one with drill 1 & 2 both succeed.

The game takes the longbowman with drill 1 & 2 because he can do more damage (average 25 instead of average 15). The game rolls on the average 25 (0-50 weighted toward the middle) and comes up with 34 damage. The Clan of Embers Champion subtracts double his level (8) and double is defensive strength (14) so the damage is reduced from 34 to 12.

The Clan of Embers champion takes 12% damage and then fights the Bannor champion as normal.​

Oh what the hell, I so rarely do this...



Looks like it'll be fun (and a pain to merge :p Minor leaders that need squeezed into the manual somehow...)

EDIT: Nevermind, I forgot they have their own section already, current population: Koun
51. Added the Ale resource (+1 happy).
52. Added the Fine Clothes resource (+1 happy).
53. Added the Jewels resource (+1 happy).
55. Added the Deruptus Brewing House national wonder (produces 2 Ale resources).

12. Mokkas Cauldron makes demonic units based on the original units unit type rather than flesh golems.

All great additions, especially the cool new wonder. Now we just need more wonders.

13. Barbarian units heal every turn (as if they had march).
15. Remove Forest moved form Bronze Working to Mining.

Great minds think alike? :lol:

I love the changelog, I really think the change to archery units is brilliant and even thought some of the changes are unexpected (brewery being removed), they're things that greatly improve the game imo. :goodjob:
Will the AI be taught to make defensive strike specialists and include them in their stacks?

Will combat odds factor in defensive strikes at all?

Overall, I look forward to this new mechanic. Now, I'm going to actually use archers and horsemen - on offense, at that, to give a nice discouragement to units trying to intercept my stack.
Minor leaders are only for scenarios, then?

Yes. Im going to try to get colony break to grab a minor leader for that civ, so its the same civ as the parent with a lesser leader. But that hasnt been done yet.
Love the defensive strike and bounty hunter promotions. Can't wait.
Yes. Im going to try to get colony break to grab a minor leader for that civ, so its the same civ as the parent with a lesser leader. But that hasnt been done yet.

Sounds awesome. I haven't actually experienced any colony breaks yet . . . maybe because my computer is too feeble for the bigger map sizes to be playable.
Shodden't it be Jewelery, not Jewles?
13. Barbarian units heal every turn (as if they had march).

This one made me laugh for some reason...

And it'd be insulting to have either of those new traits.
So hey, doesn't Blitz require a unit with more than a base move of one, and therefore your average archer can't ever get blitz?
Also, the Brewery getting removed is a pretty big blow to both dwarf Players, as it gave their units +2 XP.

Could we make the new Brewery wonder require X breweries, instead of just removing the brewery building?
It did a while back, but now it is available to units with total movement more than 1, including movement from mobility promotions.
No, I think that got changed. I'm not sure whether it requires having a modified move higher than 1 or that requirement was simply removed, but I know I've had blitzing archers in this version.

You are correct, and I am much relieved. In fact, now I'm sad I've been avoiding the drill line with my melee heroes.
Damnation, looks like I owe RLAF $20.
Luckily, I'll be paying that in Balseraph, not American. :p

EDIT: I gotta stop skim reading.
27. Crown of Brillance allows the caster to see invisible, damage reduced from 40% max 80% holy damage to 30% max 60% damage.
Not the hammer dropping dispensation of indiscriminate justice I was expecting, but still...

Anyways, it's gonna be a l o n g week. But then... *rubs hands manically* the destiny of Erebus' legendary figures... will be within my wretched claws.




Sometimes, mere words are not enough, so you must (ab)use smilies instead.

EDIT: To pass the time... Civs getting minor leaders:
Svartalfar - 2
Doviello - 1
Clan - 1
Infernal - 6
Elohim - 1
Bannor - 1
Illians - 4
Calabim - 1
Hippus - 2
Amurites - 1
Balseraph - 3 (I'm assuming Weevil, Pickle and Hyde operate as one leader)
Sheaim - 3
Malakim - 1
Sidar - 1
Grigori - 1 (The already in-game Minister Koun)
So, what does all of this mean? :dunno: Just felt like counting.

That leaves the following unaccounted, minor-leader-wise:
Again, this could mean anything.
can't wait to dive into the scenarios ...

and I especially like the Mokka's cauldron change .. there's just something about having a pet deamon that I like ...
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