FFHOTM 01 Final spoiler

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    FFHOTM 01 Final Spoiler

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    my warior hero Alanus was upgraded to a swardman and helped the assault on Doveilo, leading a force through the mountain pass and striking Dovildo from the north. The Drown across the bay provided some strategic pillaging in the south. The Dovildo was little resistance.

    My investment in zelots converting falamar paid off when he converted to octopus overlords. Making us best buddies. I continued to gift Arendel to stay friends despite the different religion, I took a gamble that it’s not in elven nature to backstab a weaker friend, and so sent my armies off to varn gosham for my next target. He was a good target as he was one of the weaker AI, and I could pill Falamar into a war with him as I had the patriarch.

    Backed up with Govanon, Hemlah and some sward men I began my invasion. Falamar took the brunt of Varn Gosam’s initial forces, and then I moved in with my mages, blasting one city after the next till Varn gosam was nearly toast (I let him live in an arctic city for a whole load of technology).

    By this time my forces had grown, and I was well on the way to omniscience with all the extra land. I built forbidden palace(I forgot about it at the start) and winter palace on the new continent and made good use of the land that used to be inhabited by Varn Gosam

    I could see the elves production charts shooting up, and was worried about them chasing an altar victory. By this time my forces had grown substantially so I wouldn’t need to be scared of the elves as much. I started a war of attribution, burning their forests to slow them down on the altar victory path. I made very little progress past their capitol, the treants were making my life very hard. But at least I managed to slow them down burning their lands and getting in some pillaging. My patriarch also took falamar into the action, he didn’t fight much, but at least it ruined their relation, stopping their trading.

    My next fear was falamar, he had some large cities working lakes, and getting a lot of commerce. So I had a small war of attribution, casting earthquake, and pillaging as much as I could.

    I set up a arcmage with unyielding order in my gp farm, switching to religious discipline and caste system allowed my altar boosted priests to make a lot of gpp. I used druids to improve my already productive lands, giving even more specialists.

    The end was fairly uneventful, another war of attribution on the elves, taking a couple of cities and pillaging everything I could kept them out of the altar race, while I built the altar as fast as I could in the great city on the river bend where the dessert used to be(now productive grasslands).

    Resulting in altar victory on turn 427.
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    Domination victory: 312
    Final game score: 174272

    After the start of wiping out Hippus quickly (about turn 120) I established myself in the hippus area. providing a good civilization foundation

    I founded OO, and then put a large investment (11 zelots) into converting Falamar. This proved a useful investment later in the game.

    About 175 I marched around the top of the mountains and destroyed Caradon. Giving him 10 turns of peace for a lot of technology before eliminating him.

    The elves destroyed the dragon, leaving one elven settlement in the middle of my territory. Govannon came into the picture, teaching raise skeleton to the majoratu of my army. And with the help of hemah I had the power to take on the elves (despite them being 50% more power). I waited about 20 turns for the patriarch, and declared a holy war on the elves with falamar. Falamar didn’t help with the war with the elves, but at least it stopped them from trading and ensured that he wouldn’t backstab me while I’m fighting the elves. In hind sight I didn’t really need the patriarch, and could have started the war 20 turns earlier, moving my victory date 20 turns earlier.

    I split my forces in 3 before the elves war, simultaneously knocking out the old dragon city, the gems on the east coast, and manna island in the north terunda. Meanwhile Hemmah kept the elven invasion force at bay with a army of skeletons and waves of meteors.

    All my forces then simultaneously converged on the elven capitol which put up trivial resistance to my magical superiority.

    WW became a significant problem, with the extended war, WW reached 200%, I had cities of size 22 with 66 unhappy people, forcing me to whip all my cities down to 3-4 population. But that didn’t stop my war effort, I wanted to finish the elves in one swoop, so continued to fight despite the war weariness. I figured the cities could always recover later, and I’d be much better to take all the valuable elven land, and also allowing me to turn my attention onto other targets without having to think of the elves again.

    WW Picture, 66 unhappy in city of 22
    Spoiler :

    I found treants to be a problem, slowing my invasion down, this caused the loss of several highly promoted units, and so I set up a skeleton wall. I have an unlimited supply of skeletons, and the tre-ants can only attack once per turn, and I summon a replacement skeleton each turn. Meaning that the treants can not get past the wall of skeletons and harm my valuable units on the other side of the skeleton wall. Skeletons make excellent cannon fodder, as I have an infinite supply of them, and treants can only last for 3 turns.

    Skeleton wall picture
    Spoiler :

    I would not use my mages to their full magic capability, as I would only chose one or two to cast spells, and save the rest for combat, finishing off the wounded units. This leveled my mages quickly.

    My fireballs started some smoke in some of the ancient forest, but I was quick to put out the smoke with spring, as I wanted to make use of all the ancient forest towns. Later the elven land became very useful, as I made use of all their ancient forest towns.

    I pushed the war through till the elves had only one city left on a little island south of varn gosam. And gave them peace in the year 276 for a lot of technology.

    All this time while fighting the elves and later varn gosham falamar was using mercenaries to attack my workers and pillage. I killed them but they kept coming, so much for someone that was a “friend” with +23 relation.

    After getting patriarchs i had all the technologies i needed for victory, and with all the ancient forest cottages i had all the income i needed. i didnt bother with technologies much more, just focusing on my armies, picking up bowers, commune with nature etc as i had nothing better to do.

    I had a significant amount of manna, meaning I was training experienced adepts (15xp free points near the end)

    4 turns after the war with the elves in 280 I declared war on Varn gosam, bringing in falamar into the holy war (he was still at war with Arendel from the previous holy war).

    My freights shipped my elite force across the small gap from the easter side of the elven continent, while falamar attacked varn gosam from the east. Varn gosam wouldn’t stand a chance.

    declaration on Varn Gosam, and path of entry
    Spoiler :

    Combination of my mages, and then enchanted blade, flaming arrows, stone skin, divine shield, dance of blades, divine hammer etc all added

    I split my forces into 3 groups, literally walking straight over Varn gosam, one group going for the capital and centre, one group going south and one group going north. Each city would have it’s culture taken down by metiors, then crush spell doing 60% damage to all units there, then empwer5 mobility2 meteors destroying the weakened units. Often I’d kill all units with spells without the need of any combat, leaving the city unguarded for my units to walk in.

    Walking over Varn Gosam
    Spoiler :

    I didn’t care about the fires raging as the game would be over before I’d make use of any of these cities.

    Govannon had trained all units with death1, so in each city I took I’d leave half a dozen skeletons for guarding, it didn’t help with military police, making the cities unhappy, but at the rate I was going I conquered the entire civilization before the first captured cities came out of revolution.

    I turned on falamar the very turn I finished varn gosham, sweeping over his land from west with my elite army, and also striking his east coast with wizards unloading from freights.

    I cleaned out falamar by about 305. I had taken this continent so quickly that most of the cities were still in revolution. All I had to do was wait for all the revolution to end to reach the domination victory limit.

    I reached domination victory in 312. (32 turns after starting the first war on the second continent.)

    Domination victory 312
    Spoiler :

    There was only 4 cities left that I had spared, I could have easily got a conquest victory by 320.
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    How are you getting named units, such as Law(archmage)?

  5. Vulcans

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    Aug 9, 2005
    you can re-name your units by clicking on their name in the box. i find this very useful, especially whith magic units, so you know what promotions to give them.

    it makes unit specialization much easier.

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