Fight for Generals/Admirals


May 30, 2017
Germany, Nürnberg
Fight for Generals or Admirals

I wanted to make the battle for getting Great Admirals or Great Generals a bit more offensive.
If you fight on battefields your chance to get these Great People is higher than without.
Therefore I decided to make this mod.

What it does
If you kill someones unit you get points for Great General or the Great Admiral depending on the unit you control.
That means, if you have an ancient Spearmen you get points for the Great General if you kill the enemy unit and if you attack with a Battleship, you'll get points to the Great Admiral.

The units will not gain the same points the whole time, because that would be too much in early game and not enough in late games.
Therefore it depends on your unit's era and your configured game speed if you get more or less points.

This mod is compatible with all unit mods, if they use the ingame classes.

I tested with MOAR Units

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