Firaxis: Any "cool" ideas for Culture?


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Dec 8, 2001
The Civ3 website says that you (Firaxis) have "some cool multiplayer concepts." I know that you're loathe to speak about the contents of future patchs/products. However, since you've already gone so far as to confess to "cool multiplayer concepts"... do you have any cool Culture concepts that'd exapand the role of Culture in the game? Just a "Yes/No" question... I was wondering if I could look forward to the _possibiliy_ of more Cultural features.

And since a Firaxis rep is (hopefully) already reading this, I have a question about Culture: I'd like to make Cultural border "wars" more active in the game.... in one of my first games a particular city switched back and forth between my civ and an AI civ 4 times during a game (all without any warfare or Propaganda), but I've never seen anywhere near that many switches again.

I've tried fiddling with the Cultural variables in the editor, but it's difficult to tell if I'm doing anything that'd make flipping peacetime flipping more common. (I've got plenty of just-conqured city flipping, thanks.) Should adjusting the "Level Multiplier" or the "Border factor" make switching more frequent? If so, in which direction? Is there some other variable I could adjust that'd effect peacefull (Resistance not a factor), non-Propaganda cultural "flipping"?
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