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Firaxis or Brainy Persons- Looking for clarification on Appearance ratio

Discussion in 'Civ3 - General Discussions' started by royfurr, Jul 21, 2002.

  1. royfurr

    royfurr "Klotzen, nicht Kleckern"

    Nov 21, 2001
    OK, folks, sorry I am to stupid to figure this out, but I want to be sure I get it, so here goes-

    First off, anyone else have this problem in 1.29? In the editor, looking at the tab for Natural Resources, clicking on help, instead of getting the Natural Resources tab in the help dialog box where one can then click on items and get info, it shows the Improvements and Wonders tab, which makes it harder to get info about Natural Resources issues. The help page does show the blurb at the top descriping the Natural Resources tab, NOT the Improvements and Wonders tab.

    Anyway, by going to the index in the Help system, I get the page describing the Appearance ratio, which is what I want to find out about. It has the same text, I think, as the earlier editors:

    Appearance Ratio (Resource Properties)

    Determines how many instances of the selected resource appear per player in the game. In an eight-player game, a value of 160 would mean 2 of each resource per player. Note that even if this number indicates that there are two resources per player in the game, this does not mean that each player will have access to those two resources. Setting this value to zero means the resource will be distributed at random.

    Now, my question is, how does a change in the value effect the actual appearance of resources? If I use 320, does it mean 4 of each resources per player in a 8 civ game? Or 1/2 as many? What is the effect of differnt number of civs? Is it: divide the Appearance ration by 10, then divide by the number of civs = number of that resource per civ? (160/10, divided by 8, = 2)

    The implication I'd picked up in the max value possible going from 300 to 900 for the Appearance Ratio was that the number of the resource occurances would go up (as one increased the value), but I want to be sure. Also a little unclear exactly how the number of civs effects things- if you had a value of 100 and 12 civs, does that mean there is less occurances of that resources then there are civs? What happes to fractions- truncated? rounded off?


    Brainy types?

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