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    Sep 5, 2016
    The first edition of my Fire Emblem civpack for Vox Populi, made in collaboration with the Fire Emblem Civilization Modders group (Discord link), is complete!
    I've posted an earlier draft in the civilization showcase thread, but I thought I'd start a new thread for ease of sharing and publicity. So if anyone wants more fantasy in their Vox Populi, this may be your thing!

    Download link

    Current contents include:
    Halidom of Ylisse (Emmeryn) -- original by codefreak5
    Spoiler :

    UA: Renewal
    +5 :c5happy: Happiness from City-State alliances. During a :c5goldenage: Golden Age, Diplomatic Units give an additional 50 :c5influence: Influence.

    UU: Pegasus Knight (Knight)
    Hovering Unit (Ignores terrain penalties, and can pass through impassable terrain)
    -40% defense against ranged units
    Galeforce (When this unit kills a unit for the first time each turn, it regains all movement points and can attack once again at -30% CS)

    UB: Naga Shrine (Shrine)

    +3 :c5faith: Faith, +1 :c5culture: Culture (up from +2 :c5faith: Faith)
    +1 :c5happy: Happiness
    +20% :c5culture: Culture in city during Golden Ages

    Theocracy of Plegia (Validar) -- original by codefreak5
    Spoiler :

    UA: Grima's Truth
    Gain :c5faith: Faith from kills. Captured cities instantly convert to Plegia's major religion, and gain 30 :c5culture: Culture and :c5gold: Gold for each citizen converted this way, scaling with Era.
    Non-VP version: Faith from kills and yields from conquest reduced

    UU: Dark Mage (Crossbowman)
    Available at Guilds
    +5:c5strength: CS, +1 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    Nosferatu (heal 50 HP when killing an enemy unit)
    Can always be purchased with :c5faith: Faith

    UB: Dragon's Table (Grand Temple)

    Does not require Temple
    Grants free Temple and Great General in city
    All temples get +3 :c5faith: Faith, +3 :c5culture: Culture, +3 :c5gold: Gold, -2 :c5food: Food (up from +2 :c5faith: Faith, +2 :c5culture: Culture)
    +2 :c5food: Food for each owned Temple
    Gain +10 :c5food: Food and +10 :c5production: Production in city when killing an enemy unit, scaling with era

    Sacae (Lyn) -- original by Kobazco
    Spoiler :

    UA: Lady of the Plains
    +1 :c5food: Food from Plains tiles. Cities get +12 :c5production: Production for gaining tiles, scaling with era (doubled for Plains tiles without features).

    UU: Nomadic Trooper (Skirmisher)
    +4:c5strength: CS, +2 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    +1 Movement
    Steppe Hunter (+20% ranged attack strength on open terrain)
    Non-VP version: Replaces Chariot Archer, +4 CS, Steppe Hunter

    UI: Nomad Camp
    Available at Trade (Horseback Riding for non-VP verison)
    Can only be built on flat Grassland and Plains, and not adjace
    +1 :c5food: Food, :c5production: Production, :c5culture: Culture
    +5% border growth rate in city while worked
    Adjacent pastures get +1 :c5food: Food
    +1 :c5gold: Gold and :c5production: Production at Civil Service
    +1 :c5food: Food and :c5culture: Culture at Fertilizer

    Valm (Walhart) -- original by Kobazco
    Spoiler :
    UA: The Sword or the Knee
    No :c5unhappy: Unhappiness from War Weariness. :c5puppet: Puppet yield penalties reduced by 25%. +25% yields from vassals and city-states.

    UU: Dark Knight (Cuirassier)
    Available at Chemistry
    +6 :c5strength: CS, +2 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    Slow Burn (Gain a cumulative +5% CS each turn it starts in enemy territory, up to a maximum of +30%. Resets when starting turn outside of enemy territory.)

    UB: Valm Harbor (Harbor)
    +5 :c5production: Production
    +1 :c5production: Production from sea tiles
    +25% production of all military units
    Naval units trained in the city gain an additional 25 XP

    Nabata (Sophia) -- original by Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou
    Spoiler :

    UA: Arcadian Harmony
    Reveal nearby Ancient Ruins and cities when settling a city. -25% :c5faith: Faith purchase costs, and may purchase any :c5greatperson: Great People with :c5faith: Faith once a religion is founded.

    UU: Shaman (Composite Bowman)
    Available at Philosophy
    +3 :c5strength: CS, +2 :c5strength: RCS
    When garrisoned in a city, reveal all tiles in a 6-tile radius at start of turn

    UI: Dragonstone Monument
    Available at Construction
    Cannot be built adjacent to each other
    Can be built on Desert tiles or any resources
    Improves resources when built
    ++1 :c5science: Science, +2 :c5faith: Faith
    +1 :c5science:/:c5faith: at Education and at Archaeology

    Valentia (Alm) -- original by Lord of Admirals
    Spoiler :

    UA: Spirit of the Deliverance
    +10% Combat Strength in enemy territory, increasing with each conquered city the enemy owns (max 50%). Gain :c5culture: Culture when non-recon units level up.

    UU: Villager (Warrior)
    +2 :c5strength: CS
    Earn a random promotion on first combat
    Cleric: Heal 15 HP on killing an enemy. Adjacent units heal an additional 15 HP per turn.
    Mercenary: +50% flanking combat bonus. Earn :c5gold: Gold from killing enemies and attacking cities.
    Soldier: +25% defense, and another +25% defense against ranged attacks.
    Pegasus Knight: +1 :c5moves: Movement, ignores terrain costs
    Cavalier: +2 :c5moves: Movement, can move after attacking

    UB: Sluice Gate (Aqueduct)
    3 :c5food: Food, 3 :c5production: Production
    Gain 50% of city's :c5production: Production when a citizen is born (up from 25%)
    +1 :c5food: Food from Farms
    +1 :c5production: Production from river tiles

    The Black Fang (Nino) -- Original by TheMH06
    Spoiler :
    UA: Let's Do Our Best!
    For each declaration of friendship, Nino and her friend gain +10 :tourism:Tourism. Gain a portion of each other civ's :c5science: Science based on your :tourism: Influence with them.

    UU: Fang Assassin (Zeppelin)
    Does not have Hovering Unit
    +10 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    Lethality (Has a chance of instantly killing any unit it attacks, proportional to the damage the target has taken)

    UB: Fang's League (Constabulary)
    Available at Education
    Costs 350 :c5production: Production
    +3 :c5science: Science, +3 :c5culture: Culture
    50% :c5unhappy: Crime reduction (up from 30%)
    Grants a Spy when built in the capital
    Gain an additional +3 :c5science: and +3 :c5culture: for each active Diplomat

    Crimea (Elincia) -- original by Kiang
    Spoiler :

    UA: Children of Wisdom
    +3 :c5science: Science from Great Works and Great Person Tile Improvements. When a :c5greatperson: Great Person is expended, gain +1 :c5citizen: Population in the nearest city.

    UU: Greil Mercenary (Longswordsman)
    Cannot be trained with :c5production: Production
    Reduced :c5gold: cost
    Gains full XP from purchase
    When stationed in a city-state territory, gain Influence with the city-state and bonuses depending on the city-state's type

    UB: Crimean Royal Library (University)
    5 :c5science: Science, 2 :c5culture: Culture
    2 :c5citizen: Scientist specialists (up from 1)
    +1 :c5science: Science from Farms
    +10% :c5science: Science from Research Agreements

    All feedback/bug reports/balance suggestions are welcome!
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  2. ScooterDWiebels

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    May 1, 2016
    Cool downloading right now, I love fantasy civs, great for roll playing.
  3. Blue Ghost

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    Sep 5, 2016
    Updated with some bugfixes and balance changes.

    • Lyn's production bonus from border growth reduced to 12 (from 15)
    • Emmeryn's UA now gives +5 happiness from CS alliances (from +3), and 50 influence from diplomatic units during golden ages (from 30). Also is working now (was not working at all in previous version)
    • Elincia now gets a flat +1 population instead of a food bonus from expending Great People
    • Various AI flavor modifications
  4. Blue Ghost

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    Sep 5, 2016
    New addition to the Fire Emblem collection now available on Steam Workshop.

    Macedon (Michalis) -- Original by Kevin

    UA: Iote's Ambition

    Air and Naval units are trained 25% faster and gain experience 50% faster. Gain :c5culture: Culture and :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points when a unit is produced.

    UU: Dragoon
    Air unit, available at Military Science
    40 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    Air Repair promotion
    Upgrades to Bomber

    UB: Aerie (Castle)
    Gives more city defense and HP than the Castle
    +3 :c5production: Production
    +1 :c5production: Production and :c5culture: Culture on Mines, Quarries, Oil Wells, and Offshore Platforms
    +2 air unit capacity
    Allows airlifting once Military Science is researched
  5. Jarula

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    Oct 22, 2016
    Awesome job with this mod thanks for the addition.
  6. CppMaster

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    Feb 13, 2018
    Any plans to make it work with 4UC? :)
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  7. Blue Ghost

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    Sep 5, 2016
    Huh, I didn't think there would be interest. I haven't planned for 4UC compatibility, since that's a lot of extra work. My time and energy for modding is limited, and I'd prefer to focus on getting out more civs to add to the collection. But if people would rather I put that on hold and do 4UC for the existing civs, that is an option I can consider.
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  8. CppMaster

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    Feb 13, 2018
    Do you plan to make a poll for that?
    As for me, I play with 4UC mod and civs that support that. I don't plan to play without 4UC, so that exclude many modded civs. There is 6 civs that works with 4UC and many more that don't, so I guess there is more demand to make more civs compatibile with 4UC.
    I know it requires work to design and implement more unique components, but how about just taking components from other civs at start? JFD Japan, America and England does that. Then you could create completely new components if you fell like.
    What do you think? :)
  9. Blue Ghost

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    Sep 5, 2016
    I think a possible solution is to have the 3/4UC project add a generic bonus for any custom civs that don't have explicit support. I'm no longer working on the project, but I can bring it up with the peeps there and see if we can find a good solution.
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  10. IcyAngel

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    Jan 15, 2016
    Just wanted to say that I am watching your LP on YouTube; I like it, keep going! :)
  11. Blue Ghost

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    Sep 5, 2016
    Oh wow, you found my LP? Pretty impressive; I don't recall ever advertising it! Then again, there are very few Vox Populi LPs out there, and as far as I'm aware, mine is the only one with modded civs, so I don't have much competition in that regard. Glad you like it!

    A link, for anyone else interested.

    The civ I'm playing is one that I haven't released yet. Will be in the next civpack, though I could also release it independently if there's sufficient interest.

    Has anyone played with my civs? Any comments/suggestions/feedback?
  12. Jarula

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    Oct 22, 2016
    Yes their terrible so bad they make me play fantasy civs instead of my historical simulations. No honestly only suggestion why not try your hand at the lotr civs?
  13. Blue Ghost

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    Sep 5, 2016
    Another pair of civs for the series, starring Liliana and Hector of Ostia

    Lilina's Ostia
    Spoiler :
    UA: Gentle Flame of a Noble Heart
    +30% Great Scientist rate. Scientist specialists give +1 :c5culture: Culture and :c5food: Food, scaling with era. When a Great Scientist is expended, gain :c5culture: Culture scaling with your current :c5science: Science output.

    UU: Pupil (Crossbowman)
    Available at Civil Service
    18 :c5strength: CS, 22 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    When garrisoned in a city with a Magic Academy, gain 1 XP per turn (up to level 5), and provides :c5science: Science equals to its level

    UB: Magic Academy (University)
    When built, can choose from one of five specializations.
    Fire Magic: +3 :c5production: Production in the city, and +1 :c5production: Production to Plains tiles. Units trained in the city have the Anima (Fire) promotion (+40% damage against cities). Requires nearby Plains.
    Thunder Magic: +5 :c5gold: Gold in the city, and +1 :c5gold: Gold for each Mountain tile within working range. Units trained in the city have the Anima (Thunder) promotion (+25% damage to wounded units). Requires nearby Mountain.
    Wind Magic: +3 :c5food: Food in the city, and +1 :c5food: Food to Forest tiles. Units trained in the city have the Anima (Wind) promotion (ignore zone of control when moving). Requires nearby Forest.
    Light Magic: +3 :c5happy: Happiness in the city, and +1 :c5goldenage: Golden Age Point to Grassland tiles. Units trained in the city have the Light Magic promotion (heal an additional 10 HP when fortified). Requires nearby Grassland.
    Dark Magic: +4 :c5faith: Faith in the city, and +1 :c5faith: Faith to Jungle tiles. Units trained in the city have the Dark Magic promotion (heal 30 HP when killing a unit). Requires nearby Jungle.

    Hector's Ostia
    Spoiler :

    UA: Ostian Thunder
    All Defensive Buildings provide all trained units with +10 XP. Each city gains :c5production: Production for each friendly unit in or adjacent to the city.

    UU: General (Fusilier)
    40 :c5strength: CS
    Stalwart (+35% CS when defending)
    Distant Counter (inflicts 20 damage to attacker when targeted by a ranged attack)

    UB: Ostian Keep (Forge)
    +3 :c5production: Production
    +10 :c5strength: city defense, +50 city HP
    Melee units are trained 33% faster
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  14. IcyAngel

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    Jan 15, 2016
    Gentle Flame of a Noble Heart sounds undertuned unless the culture bomb is very high. Suggestions:

    1. a buff to academies;
    2. Great Scientist points (on science specialists, or on science buildings/national wonders or academies or whatever);
    3. additional scientist slots;
    4. faster GS generation (though Babylon already has this; could be tied to the UB, but that's putting all of one's eggs in the same basket).

    I think the Dark Magic promotion is outrageous; should be cut in half or so.


    The Ostian Keep is a tad strong (euphemism)? It's effectively a second wall and second barracks. Suggestions:

    1. make the additional city defense & hp conditional on having a garrison (it's a keep after all!);
    2. lower the exp bonus, perhaps even eliminate it (as it already grants exp thank to the UA, I assume?);
    3. increase the production cost;
    3. remove the additional production.
  15. Blue Ghost

    Blue Ghost King

    Sep 5, 2016
    Thanks for the feedback! I always appreciate any balance feedback.
    I agree with all your points above. I will add faster GS generation to Lilina's UA, and remove the XP bonus from the Ostian Keep.

    I'm planning to start a photojournal with my Fire Emblem civs sometime soon. Is there a particular civ that you would like to see me play? Right now I'm leaning toward Plegia, but I'm open to suggestions.
  16. Giza

    Giza Chieftain

    Apr 25, 2017
    Quebec City
    I tried Crimea a couple of times. Very string civ that is fun to play. The bonuses you get from great people are strong. And the extra population allows you to generate more great people.

    Greil Mercenary is one of my favorite UU. You basically are guaranteed alliances with nearby city-states, with some added bonuses on top. You just station them in nearby city-states, and when you neighbors declare war, just recall them back to defend.

    I would be interested if you did a photojournal with Crimea :)
  17. Blue Ghost

    Blue Ghost King

    Sep 5, 2016
    The Civilization of Darkling Woods, led by Myrrh

    An original Fire Emblem civ made from scratch by me!

    UA: Great Dragon's Legacy
    +1 :c5faith: Faith from Forests. Choose from a unique set of Pantheon beliefs.
    Spoiler Myrrh's Pantheons :

    Eirika, Restoration Queen: +25% :c5food: Growth. +5 :c5faith: Faith, :c5culture: Culture, and :c5production: Production when a citizen is born, scaling with era. +3 Great Artist points in capital.
    Ephraim, the Strategist: +15% :c5production: Production toward units. Gain :c5science: Science and :c5faith: Faith from kills. +3 Great General points in capital.
    Innes, Tactician King: +100% city ranged combat strength. +2 :c5faith: Faith, :c5production: Production, and :c5science: Science on Strategic Resources. +3 Great Admiral points in capital.
    Joshua, Tempest King: +2 :c5production: Production in every city. +3 :c5faith: Faith, :c5gold: Gold, and :c5science:Science for every luxury owned or imported. +3 Great Engineer points in capital.
    L'arachel, Queen of Light: +4 :c5happy: Happiness. +1 :c5faith: Faith, :c5culture: Culture, :c5food: Food and :c5production: Production in capital for every 5 followers of your pantheon in owned cities. +3 Great Musician points in capital.
    Lyon, the Dark Scholar: +2 :c5faith: Faith in all cities. +1 :c5faith: Faith and :c5science: Science from Specialists. +3 Great Scientist points in capital.
    Rennac, Merchant Lord: +1 :c5gold: Gold for every 3 citizens. +1:c5faith: Faith and :c5culture: Culture for every 10 :c5gold:Gold per turn. +3 Great Merchant points in capital.
    Saleh, the Well of Wisdom: +4 :c5faith: Faith, :c5culture:Culture and :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points from Great Works. +3 Great Writer points in capital.
    Tana, Winged Princess: +50% rewards from :c5influence: City-State quests. +2 :c5faith: Faith and :c5culture: Culture for each city-state friend, and +4 for each ally. +3 Great Diplomat points in capital.

    UU: Manakete (Longswordsman)
    Does not require Iron
    Starts with 5 dragonstone charges. Can expend a dragonstone charges to assume dragon form until the start of your next turn. While in dragon form, has 30 CS and 4 movement. Lost on upgrade.

    UI: Dragon Shrine
    Requires Calendar
    Must be built on Forest
    Connects resources
    +1 :c5food: Food, +1 :c5faith: Faith
    Whenever Myrrh expends a Great Person, all Dragon Shrines currently worked by the nearest city are upgraded, gaining additional yields. Each Dragon Shrine can be upgraded up to 5 times.
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  18. Blue Ghost

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    Sep 5, 2016
    The Kingdom of Valla, led by Corrin

    UA: Blood of the Dragons
    Special Dragon Veins spawn around the entire map that only Valla can see. Workers and recon units can improve Dragon Veins after Mining is researched.
    Boon: Grants 25 :c5food: Food and :c5faith: Faith in city when activated. +2 :c5food: Food/+1 :c5faith: Faith. +1 :c5food: Food/+1 :c5faith: Faith after Iron Working is researched.
    Excavate: Spawns Horses, Iron or a Luxury Resource on an adjacent tile when activated. +2 :c5production: Production/+1 :c5gold: Gold. +1 :c5production: Production/+2 :c5gold: Gold after Iron Working is researched.
    Expansion: Claims all adjacent tiles when activated. +2 :c5food: Food/+1 :c5culture: Culture. +2 :c5culture: Culture after Iron Working is researched.
    Power: Upgrades the nearest eligible unit within 3 tiles when activated. (To be eligible, the prequisite tech for the unit prior to upgrade must be researched.) +2 :c5production: Production/+1 :c5science: Science. +2 :c5science: Science after Iron Working is researched.

    UU: Astral Dragon (Pathfinder)
    7 :c5strength: CS (up from 5)
    Ignores zone of control
    Grants 10 :c5science: Science when activating a Dragon Vein

    UB: Astral Castle (Castle)
    +2 :c5culture: Culture, +2 :tourism: Tourism
    Gain 7 :c5culture: Culture and :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points, scaling with era, upon constructing a building in the city
    When a National or World Wonder is constructed in the city, city enters We Love the King Day for 10 turns
  19. bigcat88

    bigcat88 King

    Nov 26, 2016
    Very interesting units. Real Unique Abilities :)
    Thanks for this civpack , will try next game. :thumbsup:
  20. Blue Ghost

    Blue Ghost King

    Sep 5, 2016
    The Secret Shop, led by Anna

    UA: Open for Business!
    +2 :c5gold: Gold from Luxury Resources, increased to +5 with a Monopoly. Military Units purchased with :c5gold: Gold receive full XP.

    UU: Merchant Militia (Landsknecht)
    No policy requirement for purchase
    23 :c5strength: CS (up from 20)
    Poison Tactic (Enemy units that battle this unit become poisoned, taking 10 damage each turn for 3 turns)

    UB: Secret Market (Market)
    6 :c5gold: Gold (up from 3)
    2 :c5greatperson: Great Merchant Points
    +1 :c5gold: Gold and :c5culture: Culture from Villages and Towns
    When built, spawn an additional copy of a Luxury Resource within city range

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