FireTuner switch civ


Feb 25, 2023
I've been working on a map with the firetuner, and in order to switch civs mid game, the only way I've found is to use the "Autoplay" panel. This is not ideal because by the time I get to the last civ, many turns will have passed. But the problem I've been running into, is after switching civs and saving the game, when I load the save, sometimes it loads me in as the original civ I started the map as, and the game becomes stuck on the previous civ I was working on.

At this point, the autoplay function no longer works, so I am forced to revert to an old save that is not broken and resume.
I notice also in the firetuner "Players" panel, the civ I load in as is listed as a non-player, and the civ that is stuck is listed as the player.

I loaded in as Canada, however Maya is listed as the human player (the civ I had saved as).
So I was wondering if there were any way to resolve this situation without reverting to an old save. Is there a way to switch civs with the Lua Console? To change the "turn active" boolean. Or maybe force the turn to end for Maya? Change the human setting? Modify the save file? I've been looking into this for a long time now, and can't seem to find anything.
Any help would be appreciated.
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