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First buildings

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by lasombra1984, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. lasombra1984

    lasombra1984 Prince

    Mar 19, 2010
    Several question about 1st buildings/units in a city.
    When you settle your first city what to start first?
    1. Worker
    2. Warrior(or Archer if you get Archery from hut) for defense settler escort
    3. Settler
    4. Warrior(or Scout with Hunting from hut) for exploration
    What to build in my next cities until Drama? (I prefer Theater for culture & happiness)
    1. Worker
    2. Granary for growth
    3. Library for culture
  2. DooMeeR

    DooMeeR Chieftain

    Mar 22, 2010
    For the capital, usually I build a worker, then warriors until size 3 or 4 depending on the tiles, then only settlers and workers for a while. If I have fishing and seafood I might go work boat first though. If my worker would not be able to work anything for a few turns, I might consider warrior first, then worker at size 2.

    For other cities, it depends. Most cities need border pops and growth, i.e. monuments and granaries. If my city has no good tile to work before border pop, I'll build a monument (unless I'm creative, a very nice trait) first. If the city is close to the opponents, this is another incentive to go monument first. If culture is less an issue, I'll usually build a granary first. Then culture will be dealt with using other tricks (usually a library). Of course if I have stonehedge I'll go straight to granary, but I usually don't.

    Then, depending on the city, I'll build a lighthouse (if I'll have to work water tiles), a library (for science cities) or a barracks (for production cities). If I have code of laws, I might consider a courthouse before, especially in a production city.
  3. lymond

    lymond Rise Up! (Phoenix Style!) Hall of Fame Staff

    Mar 11, 2008
    Your cap line-up is okay. However, you need to monitor the growth. Your cap should grow to size 3 usually before starting a settler while at that point you have improved resources/tiles to post growth/production. You may want to throw in an extra early worker, especially if you are Expansive. You can chop the second worker out if BW is in in time. As DooMeer mentioned, coastal cities may require a different approach. Regardless, your cap should focus mainly on defense, workers, settlers.

    Now, all other new cities really get more situational. The constant is getting a granary up asap, but generally you need to take care of your border pop. Creative - no problem, ignore monuments unless there is some bonus like charismatic/UB in which case you may not need it everywhere (eg., Hatsheput/Zara) Otherwise, build a monument and whip it at size 2. Then granary. From there, it really depends on what this city is design to do. If you are setting it up to be high prod with food/mines, then libraries may not be a concern (unless there are commerce boosting resource that would be optimized by the library (research) or if cultural pressure will be a concern). You primary purpose for libraries is to post research - not culture - granted though, libraries to have a culture bonus.

    Later, theatres are nice. However, note that if you are in Caste System you can run artists to quickly pop borders and, therefore, build a granary first. However, if it's a newly conquered city with some pop, I like to whip in the theatre first thing when the city recovers. I generally like to pump workers from more productive cities - the 2 pop whip overflow method for workers is also nice not only to get out worker quick but use the overflow to produce other things quicker. Yeah, building a worker first at the start of the game is recommended, but later in new cities it will just stifle their growth when you can get them out quicker elsewhere.
  4. gfm

    gfm Refuses to Talk!!!

    Mar 6, 2008
    Paris Area
    I try to improve the resources (especially food) in my capital BFC as soon as possible in so my first build is usually a Worker (or a Work Boat). From then on, I'll build Warriors (even if I start with Hunting, because actual Scouts are too fragile) to scout the land. Once my capital's population allows me to work all the improved resource tiles (at size 3-4 usually), I'll build a Settler to claim a strategic resource (Horse/Copper) or an economic one (Gold/Gems) - in that order.

    Then, I'll build mostly workers, settlers and spawnbusters (warriors), with a couple of actual defenders thrown in for good measure (axemen/archers - if there's no strategic resource in sight, I'll research Archery). My other cities will usually start by building a monument (if their resources are not within the original square, in which case I'll skip building it) and then a granary. Of course, I don't usually build a monument if I'm Creative.

    Then I'll prioritize according to :
    1. The map : spawnbusting units, more settlers if there are great sites/blocking opportunities
    2. The rivals : more military if I'm next to a warmonger
    3. The traits : library early if I'm Creative, etc.

    I play mostly on Emperor, so your mileage may vary.
  5. Woobi

    Woobi ...

    Jun 25, 2005
    In my cap I like to go worker or workboat first, making sure that I have enough tiles/tech to keep that worker busy. Then I build a warrior while my city gets to size 2 or 3, and then a settler.

    In the second city I usually go warrior until I get some growth, then a granary or worker depending what the city needs. But a granary is usually the first building I build in most of my cities.

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