First Game of Civ BE


Jan 31, 2007
Here is a chronicle of my first game of Civ BE

Terran Small Gemini

I started picking the Africans thinking because of their food bonus they would be good at getting new cities started and growing, I also picked engineers because I thought the extra hammers would help me get a new city started sooner along with coastal survey and a free worker! I love my free worker!

The game started and I was in a poor location inland with lots of deserts around. I had one fungus resource, some hills, and fortunately a river was near by turning some of my deserts into flood plains! My first task was irrigating those floodplains with my friendly worker, I am sure this worker hated me by the end of the game, but right now he still likes me. I explored the area and founded another city on the coast, which was only 4 hexes away from my capital. As I explored around 2 comps landed quite close to me, one to the north west, Cidadela, the other to the north east, Central. Between me and the comp to the north east was a neutral city, due north another neutral city, due west and due east was the ocean, but south was an icy peninsula. I managed to found a city here after a few turns that was fairly profitable, and I built up an army to fight central. Unfortunately I had no experience fighting aliens and on my march to central I passed by the output of 3 alien hives which had been squeezed between Centrals boarders and the mountains to the north. TONS of aliens spewed out, and I had relatively little room to maneuver while fighting them. My first two solders died after killing about 4 aliens each, both making the same mistake. While defending one was attacked by 2 aliens, one of which was killed in the attack and the other left almost dead. My solder didn't want to let the enemy get away so he charged into a miasma filled forest to finish them off. Unfortunately this forest was surrounded by aliens which attacked and killed him with overwhelming force. The second solder died a similar death but he didn't die to the alien attack like his comrade, no he survived the attack only to die to the miasma. My next two solders did much better, both were promoted twice but the shear number of aliens forced a retreat, after running for 3 hexes one was caught by a random siege worm and killed, the other escaped with under 10 life to my capitol. I went back out with reinforcements but they got trapped between the mountains , central, and two marauding siege worms, one became lunch, but that allowed the other 2 to escape. I got central mad at me because I had troops on the border, cowering in fear of the siege worms. About this time the neutral city to the north vanished, so I sent colonists to settle the fertile land. This land was flowing with natural resources and I built 2 cities at first one of which would become an amazing city and fast surpassed my capital. One inland which gave me access to Firaxite, gold, copper, fruit, and float stone, and another on the coast which became so good, it was on the north sea and surrounded by good flat land and xenomass. This costal city exploded. I also tried to sneak in a city on the southern coast directly below central. This upset central quite a bit.

Central asked for open border agreements which I foolishly accepted. Central then moved in an army of 10 troops into my land and declared war on me. My army was north defending my new towns and I started racing them back to my mainland but they were to far away. The computer send 4 units past my capital towards my first expansion to the west, because of the treaty I was unable to fire on them when they entered, however the computer flubbed the attack horribly. Somehow he managed to suicide 10 troops against my defenses in about 5 turns. My returning troops arrived in time to each grab one retreating unit. Since Central was to the east and they were attacking my west most city I got a lot of potshots with my other cities as they fled away, killing several other units. Since I had no army to punish Central I took the moment to expand along Centrals southern border taking one more city on the coast just east of central, this would give me a huge tactical advantage in the battle ahead because now I was to their west, south, and south east. This meant I was able to swing around and hit them from 3 directions at once, and my CNDR's were just about to come online! My southern city on the icy peninsula had 9 faraxite and the city south of central had 3. With these resources I built up 6 CNDR's and had several more building when I launched my attack. The aliens caused trouble but the CNDR's shrugged off the onslaught and gladly accepted the exp. I was amazed to find Central only had 3 cities, two of which had been founded after he launched his attack on me. All 3 fell easy. I discovered a ton of unclaimed land to the east of central and I built 5 cities in the space, while my army kept marching because behind central was Freeland!

Freeland put up a hefty fight, They had a ton of aircraft, and ranged troops, mixed with narrow mountain passes and their own CNDR's. Fortunately I was able to envelop all their towns and take them. When I took Freeland I felt compelled to rename the town Slaveland, because they were no longer free! I was also able to squeeze in 3 more cities once they were destroyed because they were so far apart. Now at this point it is worth talking about my workers. I had one poor worker for quite a while. He nearly died of miasma early on, and I built him a buddy to share the load, but he did die of miasma. I researched the tech that granted him immunity and had him go on miasma clearing duty, while I had another start building roads everywhere. Long story short this poor worker has now spent nearly 50 turns in miasma.

With my military success and the elimination of 2 players I started a massive building program while I redeployed my troops to the west to deal with Cidadela, who had been keeping to himself the entire time. I attacked right after my spys stole some tech from him. I was amazed to see he had abandoned this content for the other leaving only his capitol behind. Once his capitol fell I settled 4 colonies around it, I have no idea why he never took these locations. I explored the west coast of the other continent and found it bare so I settled several cities while I prepared for an invasion of the other content. I landed my troops along the east coast launching from Cidadela. I found 3 of Cidadela's colonies on the coast, and took them all. I moved in on the other two empires taking them without much fight. They fell over with a sneeze, I divided my army up evenly to each of their cities and each was successful.

The turn was 230 when I achieved domination victory, however I was not satisfied. So I reloaded and spared the last capital while I teched to build the emancipation gate. However after getting the tech I couldn't figure out how to build it. Then I randomly built the decoded signal, noticed I could built the beacon and started down that victory path. It took me about half an hour to figure out how to activate the beacon once it was built. About this time I noticed that I had to launch a satellite to contact earth before I could invade it. I assume I felt the need to give them fair warning before I invaded. I built the gate and started my invasion of earth, however the progenitor race showed up before I could finish my invasion. My game ended on turn 260. To greet the Progenitors I had a massive army surrounding the beacon, I was preparing an ambush, because what are the chances they will be friendly? My original worker was also in the area building a second terrascape for all the friendly people in the nearby town. I am convinced the worker is immortal being. He built so much over the coarse of the game, and avoided so many aliens and raiding parties.

That town was amazing, this was the one I had built just south of Central that started my first war. I was amazed that despite little in the way of city development I had a city with 370 production, and 200 bonus food! Globally I was cranking out over 2000 science a turn! This was, mostly because I had gotten fed up managing my cities and about half were building science. The other half were building hypercores, imagine if those had come online :D.

That is the story of how the warlike cyborgs conquered their planet, most of Earth, and ambushed the progenitor race when they arrived. Hopefully they informed me of the location of their home world so my guys would be able to invade there as well, I need more room to expand!
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