First game on Deity

Bill Odie

Doctor Who Mad!
Jun 22, 2007
Take this game report as a warning to those who have yet to play on deity:

I played on deity for the first time the other night and all I can say is I can see why the description is 'Ha Ha, good luck sucker'. I'm actually fairly new to civ4 and currently play on warlord most of the time, I just went on deity to see how hard it really is, so I expected to fail miserably and I was right, I lost in the first 30 or so turns.

I'd just sent my scouts out when they were attacked by lions and almost killed, and while they were healing they were attacked by wolves and killed. I trained a second lot and they get to the same place as my first scouts and what happens? They get attacked and killed by barbarian warriors. As I'm training my third lot my only city is attacked by barbarian warriors which are defeated by my warriors. I then send out my third lot of scouts and do I need to say what happens to them? I decide to use warriors instead of scouts when my city is attacked by barbarian archers (I haven't researched archery yet) my warriors are defeated but I just manage to train a second lot of warriors to defeat them. A few turns later I'm attacked by more barb archers who defeat my new warriors and despite my efforts to train some of my own archers they capture my city and I lose. And I got Dan Quayle.

As I say take this as a warning.
Zhuge, no need to be so harsh! He already said he normally plays Warlord, and not everyone is a supposed "Civ 4 Awesome Star Player of the Year who likes to Rag on New Players".

Well, all I can say is, I feel your pain. I'm too scared to even think about ratcheting it up to Deity, let alone Monarch, the level above Prince, which I play at...:lol: :lol: Well, read the ALCS, look at the War...blah..blah...blah. You know the drill. Just remember practice makes better, and have fun at the same time!
Deity? Pfft. They need to bring back the Sid level :)
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