[C3C] First Large Map Win


Nov 16, 2011
OK so it was only on Emperor and it was just a second attempt; the first was a loss on Demigod some years ago when Genghis won a Cultural two turns before Xerxes launched his SS after 80(!) hours of grueling play (this one lasted 38-plus). Having experienced such disappointment, and erroneously blaming it on someone who'd advised that Large maps were better for expansion room at higher levels instead of my own unfocused play, I'd gone back to Standard. Wouldn't have played on one except for a senior moment on setup when absent-mindedly clicking Random for Maps along with everything else. Didn't realize it---initially thought there was a weird bug after meeting seven Civs and being informed that unmet Genghis had built the Temple of Zeus---until the Middle Ages. Silly me!

Catherine didn't make the same mistakes this time, going for the jugular instead of pussy-footing around. She fought two wars against Hiawatha and Joan, pausing after picking up Gems and Horses from them respectively due to War Weariness. After practically finishing them off to secure the north and grab Saltpeter while spawning a GML she secured a RoP agreement with Gandhi to get at Brennus further south. His Knights and Muskets were no match for her Knight Army and Cossacks so they were banished to Tundra in less than 20 turns. Gandhi was next with similar results. Renewing hostilities after brief intervals the entire Continent was soon under benign Russian rule :lol:.

Unfortunately there were only 4 Luxuries in her empire so Catherine plotted to secure more. Likewise she remembered that Xerxes had wasted energy by invading puny island Civs (like Ragnar and Shaka on this occasion) instead of confronting his primary foes on their own Continent. Plus her immense Tech lead---researching Flight while Genghis and Mao were still working on Steam Power---guaranteed easy pickings. Consequently a great invasion fleet of 11 Transports and 3 Destroyers was assembled to bear 4 Tank Armies, 1 Cossack Army (all at Pentagon size of 4 units each), 18 each of Artillery and Infantry, along with assorted Cav, Tank, Settler and Worker units. They sailed around 1500 (IIRC) to attack Genghis, who had Wines around his near-Coastal northern capital and Ivory further inland. About a dozen Elite Cossacks, a few Artillery, a Cossack Army and a polyglot Knight-Cossack Army were left behind to guard the almost entirely Railroaded homeland from an invasion which never materialized. Meanwhile fully industrialized Core Cities spewed out Tanks and Infantry as reinforcements with relentless regularity.

Upon landing Karakorum was destroyed in a hail of Artillery shells and direct assault by Tank Armies while a nearby Town which survived pillage to provide a Harbor was secured. An unstoppable flood of invaders soon controlled the Mongol core, sparing most settlements to provide immediate refreshment and healing for the troops. There was one anxious moment when 8 to 10 Cavalry attacked an isolated Tank Army in a recently conquered city; it was reduced to a single hit point before their counteroffensive halted. Otherwise, except for one Culture flip this first war with Genghis met with almost complete success. Cash-rushing Libraries in conquered territory soon provided Cultural control over a wide area. However Mao declared war before the Mongols' distant Towns could be secured so a peace treaty was duly agreed. Mao had good reason to regret his rash action soon afterwards as all his settlements up to England's northern and eastern borders fell under Russian control. After making peace with Mao the Mongol war was resumed but a Domination Victory was gained in 1770 AD before it was completed. By that time Catherine had 1 Modern Armor, 6 Tank, and 2 Cossack Armies executing a swift conquest.

So that kind fellow who advised me to go for Demigod on Large Maps was apparently correct after all. This unexpected, serendipitous win has encouraged me to try another Demigod. All in good time though as this one is worth savoring for awhile.

That's about it. Thanks for your kind attention A couple pics and final turn save are provided for illustration. Cheers!


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