First Look Video Released: Sumeria

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    Link to video.

    Leader: Gilgamesh

    UA - Epic Quest: When you capture a barbarian outpost, you get a tribal village reward.

    UU - War Cart: No penalties to fighting Spearmen or other anti-cavalry units. Extra movement if starting on flat terrain. 30 strength.

    UI - Ziggurat: Grants science and, if adjacent to a river, culture. Cannot be built on a hill.

    LUA - Adventures with Enkidu: When at war with a common foe, they and their allies share pillage rewards and share combat experience gains with the closest allied unit within 5 tiles. No Warmonger penalty when you declare war on anyone at war with your allies. Can levy City-State military forces at 50% cost.

    Please join us in discussing the video in this thread.
  2. Imploding

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    Aug 5, 2015
    Seems okay I guess! But LUA. I personally don't like this feauture.. did not like it in Civ 5 and im disappointed they keep going with this option in civ 6.

    The problem IMO is that the LUA is just to specific. BUT leadership traits is not a specific matter.
    Bring back the traits from civ 4. PHI, CHA, FIN etc. It gives a much "realer" impression of the different traits of a leader. Let the play style of different players leverage the traits. don't "force" a certain play style down the players troth with a specific "trait". It just kills the fun.
  3. IgorS

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    How does a LUA force you to play in a certain way? It is merely a bonus that makes certain things easier, and is based on a leader's personality. This is so much better, and makes each civ and each leader unique, unlike the system from Civ IV which sometimes gives you two (or more) different leaders with the exact same traits. It is also too general, because a leader can be, say philosophical, in a number of ways that cannot be compared.

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