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First regent win, Domination turned Space race

Discussion in 'Civ3 - General Discussions' started by jb1964, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. jb1964

    jb1964 Hunter of Fish

    Jul 10, 2003
    Dork Chester, Ohio
    I went random on a continents map against 7 AI's and got Iroquois. I really like that religious trait!

    I immediately found the Americans and went for the throat. I left them with one city in exchange for their souls. The Aztecs wiped them out.

    I cruised along until the Middle Ages expanding and then picked a fight with the Aztecs to trigger my GA. I rolled them back until my GA was over on the same turn I captured their Iron.

    I eventually went to war with Rome, China, Greece, and Egypt. I did attack Japan but only to take their last city that was rich with wines.

    I was going for a domination victory but my spies started telling me that Egypt and Rome were getting busy on the spaceship. I took the capitol of each destroying the ship and setting them back to square one.

    The Aztecs died at my hands, the Greeks got rolled back to a little outcropping on the other big continent and China was hopelessly backwards the entire game.

    I launched the ship in the early 1800's.

    The turn prior I blessed Egyptss new capitol with 5 ICBM's. It went to a size 2 city w/ zero defenders. Muhahahahaha!

    Anyway, time to fire up Monarch.
  2. lbhhh

    lbhhh Chieftain

    Jun 17, 2003
    Montreal, QC
  3. RegentMan

    RegentMan Chieftain

    May 7, 2003
    Washington State
    I remember my first regent win... well actually I don't but great job!

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