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[NFP] First religious victory after 600+ hours played

Discussion in 'Civ6 - General Discussions' started by Jewman, Jun 5, 2020.

  1. Jewman

    Jewman Prince

    Dec 3, 2006
    maryland land of crabs
    As the title says I just won my first religious victory after 600+ hours played. I was playing Georgia on a standard Pangaea with 7 AIs and max city states. I had no intention to go for a religious victory but I wanted to experiment with a faith-based economy possibly into a culture victory... so that was why I picked Georgia. I got a lucky discovering 5 city-states first, who also served as buffer zones and protectorate war instigators to Russia and Rome, and finding a relic early which let me found desert folklore for 3 +6 faith holy sites very early.

    I didn't even consider a religious victory because Russia spawned next to me (and because I find religion tedious) but then a curious thing happened: Russia became friends with me and I dragged them into a protectorate war against Rome which was their northern neighbor. I never gave them open borders so they effectively became boxed in between rome and me and after I made a religious alliance with them, their religion became totally boxed in.

    Having boxed in my only religious competitor, I discovered that the other three religions were not being spread. Two of them never left their holy city and the maori spread theirs to a few neighboring cities but they were doing so poorly (as they always do) that they were never a serious threat.

    Even at this point I still didn't consider a religious victory until in my path to convert all the city-states to my religion to make the most of Georgia's Unique Ability (envoys count as 2 when the city-state is your religion) I ended up converting 4/7 AI. At that point I had railroads and was pumping out like 2,000 faith a turn from protectorate war and was able to convert 4-5 cities EVERY TURN because of the speed of the railroads. Also discovered that you can build railroads in AIs territory even if they arent your ally which was super useful. It was a super interesting game and certainly a welcome change of pace from the last 3 games where I just stomped around as Simon Bolivar lol.

    Anyways, thought I would share since this is rare for me. Do you guys ever go for religious victories or stumble upon them? AI usually is pretty aggressive about religions so I found it strange how passive they were, two of the religions were founded in the medieval era it was bizarre. For reference: the civs with religions were me, russia, mapuche, egypt and maori. Egypt and Mapuche had pretty decently sized civilizations so that made it even weirder that they didnt bother spreading their own religion. PS: Georgia is super fun as a civ too.
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  2. Mr Jon of Cheam

    Mr Jon of Cheam Prince

    Oct 26, 2017
    I think my only religious victory was with Chandragupta where I killed everyone except my two closest neighbors who were following my religion. A fun game all in all!
  3. mdl5000

    mdl5000 Prince

    Sep 21, 2012
    tedious, isn't it?

    I won one as Poland, in like my fourth (full) game. There was a natural wonder shared by my first two or three cities' holy sites which really cranked out the faith and got me a head start.

    I thought I could do one as Arabia in my most recent game, with their free religion...but the holy site bonuses just weren't there. Bare, lots of plains. It seems like it's really hit or miss whether it's possible based on the features of your starting location. For that reason, I'm not a big fan of this victory condition.
  4. kaspergm

    kaspergm Deity

    Aug 19, 2012
    I will consider a religious victory if I spawn next to Yerevan.
  5. Noble Zarkon

    Noble Zarkon Elite Quattromaster - Emperor (BTS) Super Moderator Hall of Fame Staff Supporter GOTM Staff

    Sep 6, 2012
    Religious victory is my most common method!

    Sounds like a fun game.
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  6. AriochIV

    AriochIV Colonial Ninja

    Jul 25, 2006
    I've only won religious victories a few times. It's an extremely tedious exercise in unit micromanagement.
  7. Arithmion

    Arithmion Warlord

    Feb 14, 2020
    Similar thing happened to me. Was going for a domination victory as China (just for kicks), and when all but one civ was annihilated, won with a culture victory. I was happy for the win, but the payoff felt lessened.
  8. AntSou

    AntSou Emperor

    Jun 8, 2019
    He went out of his way to describe a game he had fun with which ended in a Religious Victory and somehow you projected your own negative opinion of this type of victory onto what he wrote.

    "Super interesting game"
    - Jewman
  9. GunsGermsandSteel

    GunsGermsandSteel Warlord

    Feb 27, 2020
    Frankly I don't understand all the dislike towards religious victory. Yes, there's a bit of risk about not acquiring a religion - but it does make it exciting when I get it and I almost always get it. Don't bother with Stonehenge. the AI LOVES it so you'll nearly never get it, and you could even have your religion wiped out early since you can't spawn religious units.

    To me, religious victory is like domination-lite. I still get the feel of combat, but it is a lot less micro than besieging virtually every city on the map. I play on small maps so that helps (6AI), I bet vs 10 AI it could get taxing. Although really, once you start wiping out religions and you have scripture(+25% pressure, +50% after printing) it spreads fairly quickly on its own.
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  10. The Civs 6

    The Civs 6 King

    May 27, 2020
    Religious victory is micro heavy, like conquest, but lacks the delightful little challenges of terrain, unit, and promotion choices that we must make in a conquest victory. For apostles and missionaries every hex is essentially the same as every other hex. Promotion choices are very rarely meaningful. And the AI is pretty incompetent at stifling a determined attempt to win a RV. At least the AI is going to have some sort of military and cities to put up a resistance. On the other hand, just getting a religion is a matter of luck.

    So for me, you either win or lose the RV within the first 30 turns. If you get a religion, you can be persistent and pretty much guarantee a win. The payoff for this is about 200 turns of micro'ing religions units across the map. If you don't get a religion, you just wasted your first 30 turns towards efforts that cannot pay off, putting you so far behind the AI that the game is practically over.
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  11. Muskie

    Muskie Warlord

    Apr 16, 2006
    Calgary AB Canada
    I played my very first game of Civ 6 as Canada and I won a religious victory. I never really focused on it, so my next game I played as Gandhi and ran into several other civs spreading religions. I've played pretty much every version of Civ and I think founding a religion is good as you get some buffs but focusing all your effort into it, isn't my style, doesn't seem to work if the AI also goes heavily into spawning missionaries and apostles. I also don't really understand all the mechanics of version six. But you can use faith for naturalists later, and making a national park was hard, as well as rock bands which seems fun. Does the AI ever complain you send them too many rock bands? You can also use faith to get great people which I generally forget to. I think where you start and what beliefs you get and when you get them has a big effect. Some games a religion can be a big boost, other games not so much. Maybe I'll try to focus on it even more some game, but I have other play styles and leaders I want to try.
  12. Mahi

    Mahi Prince

    Apr 24, 2010
    Currently in a game playing as eleanore. My plan was just to see how fast I could take over a continent with mainly pure loyalty pressure.. Having earth goddess and double bonus to relics (forgot the name) to increase loyalty pressure I also built st mount Michel planning to suicide my apostles for more relics. In my pursue to suicide my apostles I found that I ended up converting the whole continent very quickly. Now I'm torn if I should go for religious, culture or science victory lol.
  13. Mount Suribachi

    Mount Suribachi Prince

    Jul 12, 2014
    Interesting those calling it tedious. It's wayyyy less tedious than domination.

    I find religious victories by far the easiest to win as long as you have plenty of faith generation. Once you get to apostles just spam them like crazy and roll over the ai.

    In fact last week I lost a game on turn 170 - on Emperor - to a Canadian religious victory. Once I realised he was converting cities, it was too late. That's how quick you can win the game.

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