[NFP] First win on Deity


Sep 10, 2012
I have to share my overwhelming joy and satisfaction as I just accomplished my first ever (all Civ games confounded) win on Deity, as Persia, cultural victory on turn 460-ish. Earth map, huge, epic speed.

Following up on my first Immortal win several years ago, I worked hard to
- Make the most out of my tundra start (somewhere near real-life eastern Russia / northern China) and quickly conquer nearby India
- Expanding quickly thanks to the abundance of Deer (thank you Artemis temple)
- Maintaining an impressive military force, discouraging invaders: nearby Georgia and Maya
- Spamming Mont-St-Michel martyred apostles to collect relics
- Working tirelessly to theme up art and artefacts from everyone
- Working the land intensely towards natural parks, ski resorts, seaside resorts, seasteads, windfarms and geothermal (boosted with Eiffel tower, Biosphere)
- Keeping Dido from snatching the diplo victory through diplomacy
- While Gran Columbia, France, Babylon, Canada and Alexander were racing up towards science victory.

That's pretty much it... I know it's not that impressive for many but to me (casual player) it's a big checkmark.
Looking forward to the next one!

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