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Fixed Borders, IDW, and Keeping Plots after Razing opponent or Barb City.

Discussion in 'Bugs and Crashes' started by BlueGenie, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. BlueGenie

    BlueGenie Emperor

    Apr 23, 2009
    Here I was sauntering along thinking that the problem with keeping ownership of plots far from home and any culture points was fixed.
    Then I went into Monarchy and woe and behold, there it was again. Far, far from my nearest city and yet I get to keep the first ring around a Barb City I just razed. But, I don't WANT them and I'm pretty sure *checks*, nay, certain that Influence Driven War is OFF for Barbs.
    Though it does seem that I should redo that battle and remove IDW completely, just to check if that would work. *goes and does just that* Luckily I not only Auto-Save every turn, I safe-save at end of turn too.
    *redoes turn* Changing it at end of turn after the fact of battle did not help. Doing the turn again.
    Now let's see. *checks post-battle effects*
    Still got to keep those plots. That only leaves one option why it's happening: Culture kept on taking over a city stays even if said city is Razed and having Fixed Borders means that if no one else has active control over those plots they are for keeps.


    EDIT: The turn after the fact I lost the plots again due to "only" having 66% culture rather than the 75% needed to keep a plot without military influence, or if that's needed to have city influence. Either way I'm happy to announce that that might be fixed, though if I'd have had IDW for Barbs it might not have been.

    I'm thinking that to keep a plot without Military Presence an owned City should have to have influence over a plot to get ownership. Can that be set?

    Cheers again

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